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Alternative Processes: Handmade

Deadline for submissions: Feb 27, 2017
Prints due: Mar 31, 2017
Exhibition: April 12 - May 6, 2017

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391_95053 - website
Geoffrey Agrons / Needle and Thread
AND17895_29427 - website
Ron Anderson /
Longview Farm, South Dairy Barn 2016
AND80553_57063 - website
Sasha Andruzheychik /
My Greatest Fear
BEN41632_86892 - website
Matthew Beniamino /
Untitled (Magpie)
BEN81849_02726 - website
Juror's Award
David Bendiksen /
Snowfall, Du Bois Library
BOW17872_34334 - website
Joan Bowers /
Coos Bay Bridge
BOW40029_73817 - website
Bruce Bowman /
Self-Portrait Burnt Negative
BRY58258_00823 - website
Susan Bryant /
Sunset, Florence
BRZ33511_01614 - website
Radosław Brzozowski /
Storm Gathering
DEI25646_05294 - website
Chris Dei / Sacred Ibis
DIE90667_11164 - website
Amber Dietz / Joseph
DRA80728_23582 - website
William Drake / Spanish Steps
ETH34596_69087 - website
Douglas Ethridge /
Omar's Parakeet
GOO37775_59511 - website
Ellen Goodman /
Dorothy & The Dark Panther
GOO98714_23586 - website
Marita Gootee / Sand Shadow
HEI90624_99335 - website
Jackie Kerns Heigle / Arrival
HUN25339_28475 - website
John Huneycutt /
Portrait of Rehabilitated
Eastern Screech Owl
HWA72553_86023 - website
Tsu-Han Hwang / Recover
KAN67938_20714 - website
Robert Kanich / Reims in Gold
KAR92432_49943 - website
Paul Karabinis /
KEN91173_91719 - website
Jenny Kennedy / Rose
KRE66815_54697 - website
Deb Kreimborg /
Leap of Faith
LOV19683_87726 - website
Travis Lovell / Birdhouse
MAT08002_01245 - website
Lloyd Matthews / Thieves
MEL51553_14918 - website
Kevin J Mellis /
Human Complexity
MET72243_23406 - website
Suzanne Metzel /
Two Dog Night
MIL24069_13893 - website
Director's Award
Vera Miljkovic / Itana
ROS34004_98121 - website
Denise Ross /
Considering Her Options
SHE07854_69824 - website
Stephen Sheffield / Orb
SIL95654_62984 - website
Sara Silks /
Emergence 1
STA29391_61286 - website
Nina Staff / Another Dimension
VEN64158_61175 - website
Pamela Venz /
Reliquary I
2017_Ann_Wenzel_Blind Climbing.jpeg
Ann Wenzel /
Blind Climbing
ZEM20575_38118 - website
Tami Crupi Zemen / Susannah and Jerry
Dandelions on Monhegan, 12x18
David Aimone / Dandelions in Meadow
BAR09303_51845 - website
Daniel Barter /
Power Plant, from the Series:
Remove, Replace, Restore.
BAR56593_38337 - website
David Bartlett /
License Plates
BAU94739_27183 - website
Frank Baudino / Nude III
BER04915_24306 - website
Charles Berger /
Freya: Norse Goddess whose
Tears Created the Fjords
BYR17019_50394 - website
Carol Byron /
CUR42587_63001 - website
Marie M. Curtis /
Radiator with Plant
DAN06759_22811 - website
Joshua Dancause /
Figure no.31
DAR25765_96792 - website
Robert Dart /
In My Footsteps
DEN49252_31375 - website
Shelly Denes /
Haitians in the Window
DEN83681_27135 - website
David Dennard /
Tibetan Woman
DRA80728_65291 - website
William Drake /
Ascha in Manchester Doorway
EPS63746_11233 - website
Joanna Epstein / Molly
ETH34596_37292 - website
Douglas Ethridge /
Sunrise Fisherman, Havana
FEN00426_18812 - website
Diane Fenster /
Merlin the Shapeshifter
FIS58143_00949.jpeg - website
Gail Fischer /
Field Goal Shrouded in Fog.
GAR76471_10985 - website
Michael Vaile Garner /
HAS27596_99696 - website
Wolfgang Hastert /
HEI90624_52831 - website
Jackie Kerns Heigle /
Boteroäó»s Horse,
from the series, Big Things
MAC27461_09888 - website
Leah Macdonald /
Untitled 26
MAR74749_78085 - website
Chuck Martin / 45th (Pizza Box)
Roger Matsumoto / 16-25
MIN80579_12801 - website
Danielle Minett /
Do I Know You Alice?
MOT73656_62364 - website
Olivia Motley /
It ain't gon fall.
NEI43258_86771 - website
Eric J Neilsen /
Bell on Wood
OPI47759_15392 - website
Alexandra Opie /
Memento Mori #142
RAE40863_64516 - website
Paula Rae Gibson /
Rachelle Raymer-Gilbert /
New Year's Eve Hostess
RIL83813_78705 - website
Barbra Riley /
The Seven Deadly Sins - Envy
SAU80174_27409 - website
Bill Saul / Cyano #3a
SCH87931_89497 - website
Mark Schoon & Casey McGuire /
STA56986_81452 - website
Eugene Starobinskiy /
Botanicals, Untitled #4
SWA11448_39537 - website
Patricia Swanson /
This Small House I
TIM93349_93376 - website
Benjamin Timpson /
Abandoned Farm and Church ND
Alan Vlach /
Abandoned Farm and Church ND
WOO82973_11531 - website
Kent Wood / Spirit Song
WRI37248_58394 - website
Lauren Brooke Wright /
Kingdom Playground
ZAZ11133_02727 - website
Tony Zara /
Sunprint Wheat
ROS95289_93939 - website, siloed
Amanda Rosenblatt /
The Moon and Tides 3
Dianne Duenzl / Vintage Spoons

Juror's Statement

I made my first platinum/palladium print in 1984 and continue to practice this sensuous medium today. I’ve seen a lot of alternate process prints over the ensuing years. This visual history provides an awareness of why we make alt process prints and what separates the good ones from the less successful. There is no magic bullet in photography. No one camera, lens, technique or printing process will guarantee success in terms of image excellence or appreciation. The most successful images in this exhibition match the process to the subject matter, creating a total that is greater than the individual parts: process and subject.

When jurying exhibitions I ask, “Is there something arresting about this photograph?” Not shocking or off-putting, but rather a unique quality that elevates it above the glut of photographs that appear on our phones, tablets, monitors and televisions every day. Did the maker create something special? Instead of asking, “is this a fine alt-process photograph,” the better question is, “Is this a good photograph that successfully uses an alt process to convey its message and elicit the proper emotional response from viewers?”

When a printed image steps beyond the process, beyond the subject, and beyond the approach, you know the maker has done something special. You might have heard that “It’s not a true photograph until it’s printed.” I’m not sure if this is true or even relevant in the digital age but I can tell you that this exhibition includes some of the finest true photography you’ll find anywhere.

- Dan Burkholder

About the Juror

Dan Burkholder was born in Hagerstown, Maryland, USA, an agri-industrial community in the Appalachian Mountains. He attended Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, where he received his BA and Masters Degrees in Photography.

Dan was one of the first photographic artists to embrace digital technology in the early 1990’s. Melding his unique vision with mastery of both the wet and digital darkrooms, his platinum/palladium and pigmented ink prints are included in museum and private collections internationally.

Dan has taught at the International Center of Photography (New York), The Royal Photographic Society (Spain), The School of the Chicago Art Institute, The Ansel Adams Gallery Workshops (California), Santa Fe Workshops and at his studio in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Active with the Texas Photographic Society for many years, Dan is currently an advisory board member.

Pioneering the digitally enlarged negative process in 1992, Burkholder has helped open doors for all black and white photographers interested in moving into the new electronic technologies. Dan's landmark book, Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing, has become a standard reference in the digital fine art photography field and was awarded “Best Technical Book” by Photo Eye, the world's largest distributor of photography books. Dan’s book, The Color of Loss; An Intimate Portrait of New Orleans after Katrina, (2008, University of Texas Press) presents a stunningly hyper-realistic study of the destruction suffered by the city and its residents. His book, iPhone Artistry (Pixiq Press, 2011) is the essential how-to guide for photographers who want to make fine art photographs with their iPhones.

Dan lives in Palenville, New York, with his wife, Jill Skupin Burkholder and their three cats and one dog.  Learn more about his work by visiting his website:

Call for Entries

As beautiful as a fine inkjet print can be, one thing is missing: the hand of the artist.

For this exhibition we’re asking for hand-made images, made on a traditional silver emulsion or any substrate that has been hand-coated with light-sensitive material. This includes platinum/palladium, cyanotype, Vandyke, salt, Kallitype, photogravure, tintype, Daguerreotype, Polaroid transfer, encaustic … the list goes on. The “print” can be on paper or any other substrate that brings life to a photographic image. The key is not so much the process, but the involvement of the hand of the artist.

As usual, submission is by JPEG, but work selected to hang in the gallery must be an original handmade print. Photographers of those images will have the opportunity to describe their process, which will appear of the gallery label.

"Employing an alternative process in your photography isn’t a magic bullet to recognition or success. But if your heart is in the process and your images are complimented by the treatment, there is room for magic to happen before your eyes. 

I’m so looking forward to witnessing this magic when jurying the exhibition!" 

- Dan Burkholder

We are honored indeed that Dan Burkholder will be the juror for Alternative Processes. He will select 35 images for exhibition in our Middlebury, Vermont gallery and another 40 for our Online Gallery. All 75 images will be reproduced in the exhibition catalog. Cash awards will be offered:

Juror’s Award: $300
Director’s Award: $200
Up to three Honorable Mentions will be given.

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