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March 23 - April 22, 2016


Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ALB97238_51944-Envira gallery
Nancy Albright, Laguna Niguel CA / Horse Portrait 7
ALV43894_14901-Envira gallery
Will Alvarez, Milford MA / Ox Portrait
BRA40713_29073-Envira gallery
Abbey Bratcher, Collierville TN / Equine Landscape
BUY50724_15668-Envira gallery
Tracey Buyce, Saratoga Springs NY / A Street Dog Named Luna
CHA75327_73094-Envira gallery
Larry Chait, Chicago IL / Close Encounter
CHA80859_74602-Envira gallery
DIRECTOR'S AWARD: Tom Chambers, Richmond VA / Daybreakers
CHE49583_38354-Envira gallery
Laurence Chellali, Nanjing, Jiantsu, China / The flower kisser
Alberto Conti, Bagno a Ripoli, Toscana, Italy / Zoography #5
COR73115_72383-Envira gallery
Sarah Corbin, New York NY / Rearing Stallion
DRI93486_37177-Envira gallery
Megan Driving Hawk, Gilbert AZ / Lizard
DUR47626_54327-Envira gallery
Diane Durant, Fort Worth TX / Reach
sofa bear
Carol Erb, Pacific Palisades CA / Environmental Enrichment
FRY88638_61868-Envira gallery
Essi Frydenlund, Oslo, Norway / Virgenes
GIF09515_19442-Envira gallery
KJ Gifford, Bethel VT / Wild Thing
GRI94176_59787-Envira gallery
Lisa Griffiths, La Mesa, CA / Octopus II
GUI07273_87181-Envira gallery
Theresa Guise, Indianapolis IN / Night-time hammer-time
HER49112_35388-Envira gallery
Elaine Jones Heron, Portola Valley, CA / Greenland Sled Dog Protecting Her Pups
JOH20025_65172-Envira gallery
Shannon Johnstone, Cary NC / Mistletoe, Impoundment #81087
KAR95765_09466-Envira gallery
Daniel Kariko, Greenville NC / Kitchen Window Screen, July 3rd and July 14th (Two Weevils)
The Musk Ox
Siobhan Keleher, Denver CO / The Musk Ox
KNO99197_62824-Envira gallery
Carolyn Knorr, Middleton WI / Young Buck
LAV40056_13223-Envira gallery
Dick Lavine, Austin TX / Black Cat
MAD19359_06825-Envira gallery
Sharon Madden Harkness, Santa Barbara CA / Gorilla
Great Blue Heron With Chicks Revisited
JUROR'S AWARD: Cheryl Medow, Santa Monica CA / Great Blue Heron With Chicks Revisited
MEN63015_85572-Envira gallery
Peggy Plummer-Menapace, Collegeville PA / MeMe, 2011
coyote hunter... hardscrabble road
john d moyers, Bristol VT / coyote hunter... hardscrabble road...
Sandhill Crane in a New Mexico Landscape - Bosque del Apache Wil
Carol Brooks Parker, Tucson AZ / Sandhill Crane in a New Mexico Landscape – Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge
REY15891_50754-Envira gallery
Peggy Reynolds, Essex Junction VT / Wild Jelly
ROS40775_63418-Envira gallery
Barbara Rosenberg, New York, NY / Mehitabel Impressionistic
ROW57128_99612-Envira gallery
Russ Rowland, New York NY / Beach Day
RUS14982_10842-Envira gallery
Bailey Russel and Jonny Armstrong, Laramie WY / Cougar with Mule Deer 1
SEI11943_68319-Envira gallery
Michael Seif, Watertown MA / Trunks
SHA42966_64213-Envira gallery
Keith Shapiro, State College PA / Camouflaged and Waiting
STA13283_23024-Envira gallery
Tamara Staples, Brooklyn NY / Lemon Blue Modern Game Bantam Pullet
TER01846_03866-Envira gallery
JP Terlizzi, New York NY / Dexter and Doe
AHL96583_63003-Envira gallery
Dirk Ahlgrim, Boston MA / 3 Cows
BAR68996_56115-Envira gallery
Ben Barnes, Columbus OH / Nolacat
BER92945_08375-Envira gallery
Eduardo Bermudez, San Juan Puerto Rico / Hands
BER92945_83263-Envira gallery
Eduardo Bermudez, San Juan, Puerto Rico / Spoonbill
BIG43431_31857-Envira gallery
Ivy Bigbee, Centreville VA / Male cardinal in full flight
BOW97943_81518-Envira gallery
Jessica Bowser, Denver CO / Gene
BRO98698_99159-Envira gallery
Judy Brown, Natick MA / Snow Scramble
BUY50724_72365-Envira gallery
Tracey Buyce, Saratoga Springs NY / Horse Parts - 1
BUZ78625_05729-Envira gallery
Andrea Buzzichelli, Colle di Val d'Elsa, Siena, Italy / Inhabitants
DES67843_99716-Envira gallery
Hedi B. Desuyo, Benicia CA / Memento Mori
DOY82799_23626-Envira gallery
Barbara Ford Doyle, Chatham MA / Garrett
DUR33966_63704-Envira gallery
Dobutsu, Newton Abbot, Devon, United Kingdom / Pan troglodytes: Observed through glass
DWY26548_79684-Envira gallery
Meagan Dwyer, Eastchester NY / Loved
FRY88638_92383-Envira gallery
Essi Frydenlund, Oslo, Norway / GAMLA
GIF09515_40779-Envira gallery
KJ Gifford, Bethel VT / Whatcha Lookin' At?
GUI07273_66418-Envira gallery
Theresa Guise, Indianapolis IN / The Diva
HOP82688_34978-Envira gallery
Mark Hopkins, Lincoln MA / Spring Peeper on My Windowpane
HOP82688_65525-Envira gallery
Mark Hopkins, Lincoln MA / Zoo Blues
LEW64686_81836-Envira gallery
Lane Lewis, Fort Mill SC / Can you see me now?
LYL80862_18169-Envira gallery
Kevin Lyle, Chicago IL / Evidence 8228
MAC71389_37218-Envira gallery
Lisa Mac, Austin TX / Madame Pilar Thailand Grand Palace Bangkok, Thailand, photo credit Andy Marchand
MAS35177_57805-Envira gallery
Erika Masterson, Satellite Beach FL / Refuge
MCK37479_37196-Envira gallery
Jim McKinniss, Santa Maria CA / Cavalier 2007 #4
MEC70276_05141-Envira gallery
Fran Meckler, San Francisco CA / Mongolia's Highway
MED25253_37819-Envira gallery
Cheryl Medow, Santa Monica CA / White Ibis With Fish
MIT17363_88331-Envira gallery
Andrew Mitchell, Middlebury VT / Dead Leopard
NEW47409_45373-Envira gallery
Ginny Newton, Erving MA / Cool Breezes
PAN87544_79617-Envira gallery
Catherine Panebianco, Jamestown NY / Lake Dog
Exhale #2 - Southern California Coastal Waters 2014
Carol Brooks Parker, Tucson AZ / Exhale #2 – Southern California Coastal Waters 2014
PRI92855_44892-Envira gallery
Shelly Priest, Calgary, AB, Canada / Intensity
ROF27553_97949-Envira gallery
Deborah Roffel, Leek, Groningen, The Netherlands / Owl (DoeZoo)
SEI11943_57317-Envira gallery
Michael Seif, Watertown MA / Hand on Bars
SHA42966_66833-Envira gallery
Keith Shapiro, State College PA / Alone
STA13283_00137-Envira gallery
Tamara Staples, Brooklyn NY / Bearded White Silkie Pullet
Sally on The Sofa, from the series of Re-Homed Dogs, "Canine Pal
Kathleen Taylor, Santa Fe NM / Sally's Sofa
TEA09432_22959-Envira gallery
Hal Tearse, Independence MN / Tranquility During Chaos
TER01846_09165-Envira gallery
JP Terlizzi, New York NY / The Release
VAS61067_84635-Envira gallery
Cindy Vasko, Leesburg VA / The Night Shift is a Killer
WIL12101_91736-Envira gallery
Catherine Wilcox-Titus, Jefferson MA / Cat (Unbearable Lightness of Being)
Kaye_Nancy_revision for web
Nancy Kaye, Los Angeles CA / Park Bench Conversation

Juror's Statement

I often say that animals make me human. I am eternally captivated and inspired by the beauty, honesty and intelligence found in all corners of the animal kingdom. Unfortunately, as we humans become a bigger, louder and more pervasive animal, many other species are suffering in countless ways. However even as our planet and the animals that inhabit it are perhaps at the peak of crisis, I also believe that as a society, we are at an apex of collective consciousness and compassion.

I was heartened to see so many submissions examining and exploring the relationships we have with animals, celebrating their amazing adaptations and abilities as well as in some cases, their pure and visceral “animal-ness”. My selections for Animalia are images that evoke curiosity, sadness, discomfort, wonder, humor and awe, all of which are emotions that I regularly feel when contemplating the beauty and fragility of the animals that we share our planet with.

- Traer Scott

About the Juror

Traer Scott is an award-winning fine art and commercial photographer and author of six books, including Nocturne: Creatures of the Night (Princeton Architectural Press, 2014) and her newest release, Finding Home: Shelter Dogs and Their Stories (Princeton Architectural Press, Fall 2015). Her work is exhibited around the world and has been featured in National Geographic, Life, Vogue, People, O, on the NY Times Lens Blog, Behold, and dozens of other national and international print and online publications.

Her first solo museum show “Natural History” is at the University of Maine Museum of Art through 2015.

Traer was the recipient of the 2010 Rhode Island State Council for the Arts Photography Fellowship Grant and the 2008 Helen Woodward Humane Award for animal welfare activism.

She lives in Providence, Rhode Island with her husband, daughter and adopted dogs: a pit bull and a baby basset hound. Learn more about Traer's work on her website.

Call for Entries

Reveal the essence of a member of the animal kingdom: its intrinsic nature, its motion, its vulnerability, its power, or the way it relates to humans. All capture methods and processes are welcome.