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November 5 - November 27, 2013

Car Culture

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Mustang Sally
Greg Allikas - West Palm Beach, FL Mustang Sally
Bruce B. Barshop - San Antonio, TX Lowrider Show - The Virgin Mary Makes an Appearance
Karna Basu - New York, NY Calcutta Taxi
Butler_Michael_2_from the series Rodeo Drive
Michael Butler - Pacific Palisades, CA From the series Rodeo Drive
Jonathan Castillo - Long Beach, CA Black Mercedes, Jewelry District, Los Angeles, 2012
Conlin_Ronnie_3 Dreams
Ronnie Conlin - Katy, TX Dreams
Lauren Anne Davis - Providence, RI Out with the Old
Petra Davis - San Francisco, CA Downtown
Megan Douglas - Cabot, AR Untitled
Susan J. Gorbett - Tucson, AZ Explorer
Abigail Gumbiner - Atascader, CA Chrome
Haaning_Lau_2Born to Bust
Lau Haaning - Tahoe Vista, CA Born to Bust
Hall_Philip_1Lead Sled
Phillip Hall - Oakland, CA Lead Sled
Lawrence Hamel-Lambert - Albany, OH Homage to Elliott Erwitt
1969 Dodge Charger - Rio Vista, TX 11/7/2012
Dave Higgins - Albany, NY 1969 Dodge Charger
Holme_Zachery_5Camaro II
Zachery Holme - Seekonk, MA Camaro II
Huppert_Evy_3View from the car, I-90
Evy Huppert - White River Junction, VT View from the car - I-90
Jacoby_Kam_3L.A. Freeway 036
Kam Jacoby - Los Alamos, CA L.A. Freeway 036
Tom M. Johnson - Lakewood, CA DeSoto
Hugh Jones - Arlington, VA Abbey Road
James Keuffner - Omaha, NE Father-Son Bonding
Joan M. Ladendorf - Hanover Park, IL Impala
Robert Llewellyn - Earlysville, VA Road to D.C.
Mark Lyon - Marlboro, NY Purple Parlor, Poughkeepsie, NY 2013
Geoffrey Nichols - Greenwich, CT livery hive
Karin Ott - Kastrup, Denmark Go on, you know you want to
Pearl_Christine_2View From The Pit
Christine Pearl - Washington, DC View from the Pit
submitted VTPPG Cars 9/2/13
Rosalie Post - Cambridge, MA Hunt St. Parking Lot, #4-5
Dorothy Beck Ringler - West Chester, PA "52"
Sara Roche - Weston, CT Winter Commute
Ryan Schude - Los Angeles, CA Emily Shur, Isac Walter and the Baroness, with their 1964 Volkswagen Notchback 1500s. Echo Park, Los Angeles. December, 2012.
Carol Serur - San Marcos, TX Start Your Engines
Punching Through
Stanley Silverman - Rydal, PA The Girl in the Green Car
Stephen Smith - Kihei, HI Carribean
Len Speier - New York, NY VW Bug, NYC
Feeling Groovy
Raina Stinson - Beaverton, OR Feeling Groovy
Mark Taylor - Wilmington, NC Air Force
Andrew M.K. Warren - Roslindale, MA West Roxbury, MA (thunderbird)
Keith Wilson - San Francisco, CA Qualities, from the Models Series
Charles Wright - San Francisco, CA Racing and then Crashing
Mark Collins - Dallas, TX Redland Dreams
Crink_Robert_2Ferrari 275GTB
Robert Crink - Edgecomb, ME Ferrari 275 GTB
Feder_Jack_Kids Playing- Abandoned Car
Jack Feder Kids Playing - Abandoned Car
Fox_Art 5 Chevrolet and Bondo 2
Art Fox - Chicago, IL Chevrolet and Bondo
Kathleen Gerber - Grover Beach, CA Reflecting
Rudy Goldstein - Santa Rosa, CA Running on Empty
Gorman_Brandon_01Collective Self Shanghai Car Culture I
Brandon Gorman - Hoboken, NJ Collective Self Shanghai I
Megan Green - Astoria, NY Pin-Up Girl at Classic Car Show, Las Vegas
Martin Gremm - Houston, TX Untitled, from 24 Hours of Lemons
Jason Griska - Litchfield, CT Summer Night, 1965 Corvette
Daniel Handal - New York, NY Burnout (Pistons), Auto Club Raceway Fontana 2011
Hoffman_Hilary_2Untitled (Red Light D08_08_0535)
Hilary Francis Hoffman - Eugene, OR Untitled (Red Light D08_12_0535)
Jann Huizenga - Santa Fe, NM Tucked Away
Clara James - Holyoke, MA Teal Peel
Robbie Kaye - Santa Ynez, CA Smoking in LA
Jim Kohatsu - Long Beach, CA Aged Interior
John Lawrence - Cypress, CA Moonrise, Chevrolet 1350a2
McCutchen_Pete_4_Emergency Exit
Pete McCutchen - Alexandria, VA Emergency Exit
John Moyers - Bristol, VT Ribbons - Los Angeles Landscape
Alan Pittman - Easton, CT Car
Shane Powers - Middletown, CA Portrait of a Cadillac
Elena Ricci - New Orleans, LA Untitled
Amy Rindskopf - Winchester, MA Road to Napa
Madeline Ring - New York, NY Mumbai Taxi
Linda Sandow - New York, NY Waiting
Wilford Scott - Annapolis, MD Tales of the Road
Shelley Seccombe - New York, NY Merging Traffic
Melissa Simser - Saratoga Springs, NY Wills
Vicky Stromee - Tucson, AZ What I Want You to Know
Emma Swales - Sharpsville, IN Late for School
Jonathan Taylor - Poultney, VT Family Car Portrait
Lynn Thomas - Temple, TX Metro
Tom Vani - Kirkland, WA Place to Park
Leslie J. Yerman - New York, NY Car Reflection

Juror's Statement

I thought I knew car culture, since I grew up in Southern California, spent time with family in Detroit and have undertaken my fair share of road trips. Yet, the breadth and depth of the work in the nearly 1,000 submissions that I reviewed reminded me of the incredible variety of what we collectively think of as car culture. The best work went beyond just showing me a person, place, or thing within car culture. The outstanding work used the best photographic tools and techniques to make me look at car culture with a new eye.

We know that car culture is global. Before this, I hadn't fully appreciated just how global the culture of photographing the car has become. The work I saw and the show you are viewing remind us that internationally, the car can be a symbol of an freedom, a tool for mobility, a rusting leftover, a mark of wealth, a blight on the urban landscape, or the handiwork of a master craftsperson.

Just as car culture has clearly gone global, so the tools and techniques of photographing that same culture have spread across the planet. The best photographs that I viewed (and selected) had elements of the local culture, great use of the photographic tools and interesting subject matter. Collectively, these elements resulted in images that conveyed a mood as much as they simply "showed me" car culture.

As a photo-educator, I look at moments like this jurying as "teaching moments." If your work did not make it into the final exhibition(s) and you look at the winners and say "my work is as good as that," you may be right. Making the final selection was very, very hard, because images that were of similar strength and drama were often different in very subtle ways. For example, an odd element in one corner of an image or less than perfect lighting another could be the difference between the selected images and the images left behind. The best way to learn from this is to look at your own images and the winning images that are similar and figure out the subtle but important differences. That will help you grow as a photographer, which is what photographers across the globe should all want to do.

The best photographs selected were like any great photographs. They have a universal appeal yet they take us inside the imagination and eye of the photographer. They enable us to partake of some part of car culture through an image that is both intellectually interesting and emotionally evocative.

- David H. Wells

About the Juror

David H. Wells is an award winning freelance photographer/video maker using whatever technology he can to create visual narratives. He is based in Providence, Rhode Island, affiliated with Aurora Photos and is also a photo-educator. One editor described him as a “…specialist in intercultural communication and visual narratives that excel in their creative mastery of light, shadow and sound, stills and video.”

Wells became the photographer he is today by first trying on the styles and/or methods of other well-known and historic photographers. Then he mastered the challenging discipline of color slide film. He fused all of these experiences, over thirty-plus years, to develop his own style, built on a mastery of light, exposure and tonality, framing and composition with predictable and consistent control over focus and depth of field. As a photography educator, he leads students to learn how to consistently master these same elements of photography. He was featured in Photo District News as one of “The Best Workshop Instructors.”

His project on the pesticide poisoning of California farm workers was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize by the Philadelphia Inquirer. Over the years he has worked on assignment for such magazines as Fortune, Life, National Geographic, Newsweek, The Sunday New York Times, Time, etc. He also worked for corporations such as Consolidated Natural Gas and DuPont as well as for non-profits such as the Ford Foundation and the New Israel Fund.

His work has been in over fifty exhibitions and he has taught workshops at the International Center for Photography in NYC and at the Maine Media Workshops. He has received two Fulbright fellowships, a grant from Nikon/N.P.P.A., a fellowship from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and fellowship from the MacArthur Foundation’s Program of Research and Writing on International Peace and Cooperation.

David H. Wells's website.

Call for Entries

Cars play a central role in our global culture. It's hard to image life without them. We hold antique car rallies, NASCAR races, and participate in Sunday drives and drive-in movies. But, we also realize the impact they have on our existence and our environment.

For this exhibition we sought photographs of cars of any type. Abstractions of fenders, social documents of teens behind the wheel, demolition derbies, highway breakdowns, car shows and car graveyards -- the sky (and the open road) was the limit!