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Celebrating the Creative Process

Deadline for submissions: Oct 16, 2017
Juror: Kat Kiernan
Prints due: Nov 24, 2017
Exhibition: December 6 - December 30, 2017

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

BAG85337_98695 - juror
Dutch Bagley / The Three
BAR97661_63629 - juror
Jen Kiaba /
Hold Your Peace
One Night I dreamed...Escape
Karla Bernstein /
One Night I Dreamed... Escape
May 07, 2017 #059 Beacon, NY
Michael Bogdanffy-Kriegh /
May 07, 2017 #059 Beacon, NY
CAN34423_73714 - juror
Ellen Cantor /
I Have No Way to See Them
CAR19602_76782 - juror
Theo Carol /
Portraits at Table, Ithaca 2017
CRO93276_19823 - juror
Marian Crostic / Alchemy
FED71593_23184 - juror
Nicholas Fedak II / Outside In
FIL80953_26364 - juror
Vanessa Filley /
Coronation Day:
Queen of the Unicorns
GRE65902_01369 - juror
Richard Greene /
New Orleans, LA #4
HER72716_87597 - juror
Andrew Hersey /
Keep the Setting.
Keep the Characters.
Give Away the Plot.
JOH17957_29345 - juror
Marianne Johnston /
Livestock Auction 5
KAL12642_59743 - juror
Candi S Kalinsky /
Of Glass and Bone
KOR72789_16443 - juror
Pam Korman / True North
LYL80862_08855 - juror
Kevin Lyle /
Evidence 13488
MAL79433_45209 - juror
Monika Malewska /
"5" Key 4
MCC78309_32177 - juror
Molly McCall / Deep Delight
NIK81644_26664 - juror
Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer /
NOS49169_27527 - juror
Dick Nosbisch / Brown Naiad
PET30144_51535 - juror
Angelica Petryshyn /
Peony Season
RAJ52478_11996 - juror
Michel Rajkovic /
Broken Wall
REE55555_08706 - juror
Jerry Reed /
Paper Work 4
ROS75537_81461 - juror
Jane Rosemont /
Quivering Whiskers in Sea Urchin
SCH90942_60418 - juror
Elliot Schildkrout /
Agave 8
WAT52358_95958 - juror
Dawn Watson /
Earth's Fire
WAT69182_45867 - juror
Charlotte Watts /
Road Kill #1 - Barn Owl In My Hands
WIL57704_01837 - juror
Jane A. Wiley /
Water Nymph
WNE29539_78265 - juror
Cate Wnek / Untitled
Marthanna Yater / Connected
YOU14561_78228 - juror
Daren You / A Rainy Night
BAK78106_54869 - juror
Wendy Baker / Cherub in Venice <
BAN17825_91126.jpeg - juror
Jaycee Bannigan / Bottoms Up
BUN50679_90895 - juror
Nancy Stalnaker Bundy /
Fallen Beauty
BUR79847_23044 - juror
Suzy Burleson /
Strict, Distorted View of Religion
BUR79847_25021 - juror
Suzy Burleson /
Reality Distorted by Light
CAM03162_58411 - juror
Nicole Campanello /
Past Present Future
CAR19602_81492 - juror
Theo Carol /
Cars Racing, New York 2017
CHE54605_58935 - juror
Amethyst Chen / Rose Skirt
CRO65507_48286 - juror
Jim Crowley /
Aboard The S.S. Columbia 01
DOR47337_04735 - juror
Nina Weinberg Doran /
Untitled 2
ERD48848_76179 - juror
Lisa Erdberg / Earthly Paradise
FIL80953_00441 - juror
Vanessa Filley /
Remember that I Love You... Madly
GAR75603_51573 - juror
Rheana Gardner / Untitled
GAR75603_73305 - juror
Rheana Gardner / Nov.13, 2015
GAY40535_37587 - juror
Rick Gayle / Caged Bird
HAL54795_73718 - juror
Norm Halm /
Bison, Above & Below
HAR61948_30022 - juror
Melinda Green Harvey /
Like looking through glass
Mark Hobson / Picture Windows # 14
JOH17957_96637 - juror
Marianne Johnston /
Livestock Auction 1
JON44133_10493 - juror
Morrow Jones / Summer House
KAL12642_22724 - juror
Candi S. Kalinsky /
Somewhere, Nowhere
KAT90565_15796 - juror
Richard Katz / Protest 4
KNI35368_69452 - juror
Steve Knight / Plug 'n Play
KOR72789_78071 - juror
Pam Korman / See No Evil
LAU90184_58705 - juror
Anne E Launcelott /
Loading The Cabbages, Myanmar
LYL80862_12144 - juror
Kevin Lyle / Evidence 13470
LYO00633_77843 - juror
Carol Lyon / Fountain
MCC78309_78145 - juror
Molly McCall / True North
NIK81644_68133 - juror
Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer /
Hänsel und Gretel
Astrid Reischwitz /
Hänsel und Gretel,
from the series "Stories from the Kitchen Table"
ROS75537_34999 - juror
Jane Rosemont / Stroll at Taj Mahal
SHA71684_78004 - juror
Johnny Sharian / Cindy
SIB03745_02018 - juror
Lisa Sibley / The Look
ST 94743_32682 - juror
Louisa St. Aubyn /
Heads twirling on necks spinning on
a blue marble called earth, which is brown
TRI16694_10371 - juror
Christopher W. Luhar-Trice /
Pegasus, Bomarzo, Italy
VAN61894_70694 - juror
Brian Van de Wetering /
WAT69182_40647 - juror
Charlotte Watts /
Road Kill #12 - Asleep
In My Mother's Arms
WNE29539_32414 - juror
Cate Wnek / Untitled
WRI34002_22126 - juror
Dok Wright / Nidarzana
Joan Zachary / The Big Chair

 Jurors' Statement


Ansel Adams famously declared, “you don’t take a photograph, you make it.” We make choices each time we press the shutter. The strongest photographers have always been those who understood their choices and could intuit which variables to hold tightly and which to set wandering. This philosophy is central to my approach to photography as an image-maker, curator, and publisher of Don’t Take Pictures.

Celebrating the Creative Process is an open call, giving artists free range to explore the myriad choices that go into the making of a considered photograph. When jurying this exhibition, I sought works that embraced the idea of photographing with intention and of carefully considering the elements of each image. This exhibition contains imagery in which the photographer meticulously transformed an idea in their mind into a final print. Some of these photographs reflect careful planning. Others rely on choices made in the moment when light, composition, and movement came together for one fraction of a second, just long enough for a photographer with carefully honed instincts to frame and record. Still others were created through the art of post-production, when a group of photographs are transformed into something new and magical through composite imagery. Each is a photograph that is made and not taken, and reflects deliberate choices that make it more than the sum of its parts. 

- Kat Kiernan

About the Juror

Kat Kiernan is the Editor-in-Chief of the photography magazine Don’t Take Pictures, as well as the Director of Panopticon Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts. Her writings have appeared in numerous publications, most recently in the book The Artist as Culture Producer: Living and Sustaining a Creative Life (Intellect Books, 2017). Kat received the Griffin Museum of Photography’s Rising Star Award in 2015 for her contributions to the photographic community. Her photographs have been exhibited across the United States, and Photoboite Agency named her one of 2012’s 30 women photographers under the age of 30 to watch. Kat divides her time between Brooklyn, New York and Boston. She holds a BFA in photography from Lesley University College of Art and Design. Learn more about her work here.

Call for Entries

“I used to say to my students: Don’t take pictures—make them. This subtle change in language highlights the distinction between the widespread use of cameras in the modern world, and the considered act of creating photographic art. I use “Don’t Take Pictures” as a mantra to celebrate photography as a fine art, and to engage as many people as possible with the medium in a thoughtful and articulate way.” - Kat Kiernan

For this exhibition, we seek photographs that reflect the photographer’s careful and conscious choices in making the image – choices that, among others, are the essence of the creative process and what defines photographic art. Any subject, any genre, and any capture or process are welcome.

Recipients of the Juror's Award and Director's Award will be entitled to  a portfolio review by Kat Kiernan.

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