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iPhone Imagery

Deadline for submissions: Aug 21, 2017
Juror: Karen Divine
Prints due: Sep 29, 2017
Exhibition: October 11 - November 4, 2017

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AFR89649_64621- website
Ilene Africk / Quickly
Processed with Snapseed.
Chloe Alexander / Homegrown
BAK47883_51155- website
Heather Baker / Tattooed Man
BRO15624_79871- website
John Christopher Brooks /
Westminster 3
CAM89586_20442- website
Lorenka Campos / Short Stories
CAM89586_31203- website
Lorenka Campos /
Way Above the Chimney Tops
COL62714_46575- website
Rita Colantonio /
Release of the Dragonflies
CRO28303_99541- website
Bobbie Crosby /
Bedloe on a Shopping Cart
CUR56962_95089- website
Jana Curcio / The Circus - Untitled
DIRECTOR'S ZAR65875_39607- website
Kate Zari Roberts /
Frame 108
FRE51837_73003- website
John Freeman / Locked Up in Alcatraz
GOT10225_09991- website
Mallory Gottlieb /
Dilemma of the Impervious
HAR25137_48621- website
Sally Harris /
Marrakech Market Place
HAR25137_90619- website
Sally Harris / Ring of Fish
HAU07195_36243- website
Pierre Hauser /
Puddle Series: Rain Walker
Mark Hobson /
The New Snapshot # 1 ~ Bakery Window
HONORABLE MCM35083_24327- website
Bobbi McMurry /
Beginning To Understand
HONORABLE MOO89721_99023- website
Suzi Moore McGregor /
Fog on the Ganges
JOH03327_17494- website
Sean MaryHelen Johnson /
Simple Pleasures
JUROR'S CAC16311_13085- website
Cecily Caceu /
5 ways you want to feel
MOO89721_38134- website
Suzi Moore McGregor /
Igor the Astrologer
PAL14154_68834- website
Liz Palm / Afternoon Light
PIC87282_58403- website
Ronaldo Pichardo /
RUB41478_83033- website
Marian Rubin /
Meadow Reverie
RUD30102_83153- website
Maureen Ruddy Burkhart /
SAN86641_44942- website
Beth Sanders / Going Crazy
SBA96576_82845- website
Linda Sbath /
Etched Landscape
SHI09434_04783- website
KT Shiue /
Something in my mind....
SHI09434_39242- website
KT Shiue /
Shadow Selfie
SIP52634_84743- website
Ahjo K. Sipowicz / Sun Warrior
Beth Sanders / Lady in Red
AFR89649_70101- website
Ilene Africk / Lady In Waiting
BAN24835_66002- website
Greg Banks / Optical Navigation
BEE99614_36544- website
Gary Beeber / Suburbia at Night
BER71587_56991- website
Sarajane Berge / Geometrics
CAM89586_49833- website
Lorenka Campos /
Communicate and hide
COL62714_08977- website
Rita Colantonio / Memento
COS52173_85027- website
Gina Costa / Very Late
CUR56962_03739- website
Jana Curcio /
The Circus - Untitled
CUR56962_63965- website
Jana Curcio / Drowning
FRE51837_68471- website
John Freeman /
Two Roads to Freedom
FRE51837_91221- website
John Freeman /
Little Men on His Shoulder
FRE71513_76584- website
Sandra Freeman / Magnolia
GOT10225_54874- website
Mallory Gottlieb / Oracle
Processed with VSCO with b3 preset
Amy Grace /
Grit and Grace
GRA05149_45159- website
Amy Grace / Fill Your Space
HAU07195_41037- website
Pierre Hauser /
Shadow Grounds, Seoul
HOL08102_25489- website
Linda Hollier / On the Way
MCM35083_18465- website
Bobbi McMurry /
I Feel You Move
PAL14154_04612- website
Liz Palm / Victoria Lake, Uganda
PET22479_34189- website
Jay Petrillo / Boston, Massachusetts 2017
POD81551_17401- website
Shweta Poddar / Rain on My Window
RAM38191_10768- website
Mike Ramsey / Seasons Greetings
SHI09434_17609- website
KT Shiue / Grove
Future Ancestor:Rock Turtle Being
Ahjo K. Sipowicz /
Future Ancestor: Rock Turtle Being
SOK65432_28153- website
Ursula Sokolowska /
Untitled #1, from the series "Map of Tomorrow," 2017
THO49487_87046- website
Beckwith Thompson / Moontime
TRO87575_18632- website
Ilya Trofimenko /
VIE28545_74241- website
Carlos Bueno / Thru the Window
WIL42286_94436- website
Karen Willeto /
The Rabbit Hole
WIN93804_64616.jpeg- website
Doug Winter /
This one's for Selma
ZAR65875_28632- website
Kate Zari Roberts /
I Wanted You To Stand
Here a Moment

Jurors' Statement

 Mobile photography has given us an exciting new tool for creating both innovative single images and multi-layered composites. It has enabled us to tap into our creative spirit at any moment, rather than having to pull out a big camera or sit down at our desktop to use Photoshop.

All of the wonderful submissions to “iPhone Imagery” have proven just how powerful this tool can be. These images also reveal the spirit of those who are open to embracing a new art form and those who are willing to push the limits of photography.

Thank you all so much for sharing your lovely photography. I lived with them daily and chose those that held my attention over time, as well as those that would work together in a group show. I looked for images that push boundaries, and also those that exhibit skill and knowledge of the tools.

Congratulations to all who submitted their work to iPhone Imagery. For those whose images were not selected, I encourage you to continue to develop your personal style, pushing to be better than those whose work you admire. Whether your work was selected or not, I hope competitions like this one will inspire you to keep digging deeper as an artist.

- Karen Divine

About the Juror

Karen Divine was first introduced to photography in the early 1970s and went on to study painting, drawing, and alternative photographic processes. She teaches at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Maine Media Workshops + College, and Anderson Ranch Arts Center, as well as in India and Mexico. She has won awards from many international organizations, including the 2011 Discovery of the Year Nominee from International Photography Awards, the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers, the Prix de la Photographie Gold Award, and a first place WPGA Pollux Award. Her first book, A Small Amount of Courage, won the Independent Publishers Award in 2015.

Learn more about Karen's work here.

Call for Entries

The camera phone is a great tool to capture reality, or to re-create reality in any way you choose. We're looking for your version of reality, shot and edited using a mobile device: iOS or Android, camera phone or tablet. Final adjustments of size and resolution can be made on any device.

Recipients of the Juror's Award and Director's Award will be entitled to a portfolio review by Karen Divine. 

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