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October 3 - November 3, 2018

Open Call 2018

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

BAI59468 39955 juror
Juror's Award
Elizabeth Bailey
Remembrance 1
BAR56593 26415 juror
David Bartlett
The White Deer II
BEE99614 06195 juror
Director's Award
Gary Beeber
After the season
BEL43924 59749 juror
Jaime Belden
Stairway to heaven
BER25273 81086 juror
Bruce Berkow
Luxembourg Gardens
BLO69219 29661 juror
Honorable Mention
Xavier Blondeau
the passage - untitled 04
BOW94312 62021 juror
Sally Bowker
3. Ladder
COO48558 29297 juror
Ron Cooper
Clean Sweep, Tokyo
DIS79682 11463 juror
Honorable Mention
Kat DiStefano
FEN00426 13158 juror
Diane Fenster
The Pole Star
GOK42819 53069 juror
Nadide Goksun
GOL27695 27746 juror
J.M. Golding
In the heart of the dream
HAG43507 55954 juror
Stefan Hagen
Diptych No 1
HEI63597 03307 juror
Jackie Heitchue
Both Sides Now
HES27698 63023 juror
Sheryl Hess
Tumbling Out
HIL20746 19646 juror
Karen Hillier
HIL44165 56608 juror
Douglas Hill
House, Hedge, Parking Lot, La Crescenta
HOO05044 99269 juror
Bruce G. Hooke
KIM29669 62732 juror
Valerie Yong Ock Kim
conversations 2
LEA06118 08412 juror
Steve Lease
Lucy #2
MCK37479 35416 juror
Jim McKinniss
Three Horses on the Beach
NAG24517 45185 juror
Jan Nagle
Sign, Devil's Hole, Lewiston, NY
NIE83612 62523 juror 4
Chad Niemeyer
256 shades of grey
OXT93991 96129 juror
David Oxton
Tom the Mailman, Resting
PAN87544 91517 juror
Catherine Panebianco
Stealing Away
PAR95338 81438 juror
Sirous Partovi
In Search of Light
RAM08499 57557 juror
Victor Ramos
REI60408 22717 juror
Astrid Reischwitz
Follow the Roots (from Stories from the Kitchen Table)
ROW57128 09762 juror
Russ Rowland
Water Portrait - Dasha
SCH18645 95449 juror
The Ship
Elizabeth Schaffner
SCH46409 80266 juror
Cody Schlabaugh
Signs, Empty Lot, Cairo, IL
SHI34341 05165 juror
Handsome Shipp
Everyone Is The Way They Are
WAL22067 59473 juror
Anne Walker
ZHA47978 16512 juror
Honorable Mention
Yelena Zhavoronkova
GRANA : 8490
ALP62549 05226 juror copy
Mildred Alpern
Grand Illusion
BEE99614 67788 juror
Gary Beeber
Forgotten Jaguar
BER88437 16865 juror
Karla Bernstein
Coastal Fog
BIS48482 15235 juror
Adrien Bisson
Dried Roses on the Floor
BRE37074 68573 juror
Hayfer Brea Rodriguez
Great Island
CLA62857 38841 juror
John Clarke
Branches in the Fog
COP27903 30625 juror
Myrtie Cope
Storm Over the Blue Ridge
CRU40149 66251 juror
Walter Crump
DES67843 34537 juror
Hedi B. Desuyo
Amazing Grace
DOI42891 10181 juror
Halli Doig
Calvin's Firetruck
DRI92786 18541 juror
Diane Drinnon
Stars and Stripes
EAR00898 09815 juror
William Earle
EAR00898 93056 juror
William Earle
Memory of Trees
EHL74063 47106 juror
Barbara Ehlers
Ithaca Airport
EIN48423 80653 juror
Shana Einhorn
From Destruction Comes Creation
FER53644 94135 juror
Jim Ferguson
Reconstructed Space 9
FIS86162 24388 juror
Kathleen Fischer
Zabriskie Easter
FRI74102 44045 juror
Dennis Fritsche
Teepees in the Rain
HER72716 51222 juror
Andrew Hersey
Pity For the Graceless
HOL82742 48818 juror
Susan Holtz
HOP82688 80608 juror
Mark Hopkins
Miyanoshita Mist
ISA33313 96105 juror
Carol Isaak
Light as Carpet
JOH93644 22135 juror
Michael Johnson
Rayce, dingy
KEF12293 49739 juror
Teo Kefalopoulos
gift of silence
KNO59452 68011 juror
Arie Knoops
Incoming Storm 2
KON33866 95809 juror
Ken Konchel
MAR13599 53061 juror
Vicky Martin
MAT05212 15015 juror
Rose Materdomini
MEA61459 86921 juror
Colleen Meacham
Big Island 1
MIH02356 32761 juror
Julie Mihaly
The Attic: Sex
NAI57111 63752 juror
Chris Nail
Hyde Park, Under Root and Wire
PEL61484 55214 juror
David Pellegrini
Turf Farm Silos
RUI53396 07407 juror
Claudia Ruiz-Gustafson
Seven for a secret never to be told
RUT20664 24942 juror
Ellen Rutchick
Passed Away (by water #2)
SAN94662 63631 juror
Linda Sandow
Energies From Within #3
SIM43845 02003 juror
Melissa Simser
Ava and Mikayla
VER48135 00545 juror
John Verner
Zen Touch
WAL22067 32786 juror
Anne Walker
Preston Castle
WAT69182 16057 juror
Charlotte Watts
Like Icarus-Soaring As High As We Dare
WIC91776 68516 juror
Dennis Wickes
In the Name of Beauty #1

Juror: Douglas Beasley
Gallery exhibition: October 3 - November 3, 2018

Juror’s Statement 

My usual approach to judging a photo exhibit or competition is to try to find a broad range of types of photography that fit the theme with a high level of execution. I am personally less interested in, say, photo manipulation or travelogues but do try and find the ‘best’ (subjective to my taste) examples of these I can find to represent as many genres of photography as possible. But without a theme I quickly realized I needed something more to hold the body of work together. I decided to be less inclusive and cater more to the whims of my personal taste. I am interested in photography that has strong emotional connection with the subject over pretty photos or spectacular subject matter. My hope was that this would create a more cohesive body of work.

There were many, many excellent images not chosen. There are more good photographs than there is space to include them. Good and even great images get cut for the benefit of the whole, or even worse, get overlooked in the flurry of seeing so many images at once. We put so much of who we are into our photography and often give way too much power to others to judge our efforts and results. In the end it is only my opinion, not fact. If your photos were not chosen it is your task to figure out if your images are not of sufficient quality or vision to make the cut. If they are, then you can safely assume the judge (in this case me) is a big fat idiot who didn’t see the obvious merits of your work and made a bad decision!

         —  Douglas Beasley

About the Juror

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
     — Antoine de Saint-Exupery, from The Little Prince

Douglas Beasley’s personal vision explores the spiritual and emotional aspects of people and place and is concerned with how the sacred is recognized and expressed in everyday life.  

Doug currently works on fine-art based commercial projects around the world. Much of his personal work is supported by grants and commissions and is widely exhibited and collected. In 2010 he had a permanent installation at the Castillo D’Albertis Cultural Museum on Sacred Places of North America. He has been published internationally and featured in numerous photo magazines such as Zoom, The Sun, B&W, PDN, Shots and PhotoVision. His most recent book, Zen and the Art of Photography, is a collection of Doug’s writing.

As founder and director of Vision Quest Photo Workshops, Doug provides workshops that emphasize personal expression and creative vision over the mechanics of camera use. His workshops are held at art and cultural centers across the US and around the world as well as private workshops at the Trade River Retreat Center, his cabin/retreat center in Northwest Wisconsin.

Doug has recently become the owner and publisher of Shots magazine, a quarterly independent journal of fine-art photography, now in it’s 32nd year of publication. Shots has long been his favorite photo magazine.

Doug continues to explore the notion of what is sacred in his photography and in his life. He lives in a small passive solar home surrounded by rocks and trees in Saint Paul, MN and when not out traveling the world he can be found tending his Japanese gardens or enjoying a strong cup of coffee while listening to loud music. Personal heroes include Jimi Hendrix, the Dalai Lama and whoever invented the espresso machine.

Visit Doug Beasley's website.

The Call for Entries

We want to know how you see the world. Show us photographs you love - portrait, landscape, macro, still life, journalistic, narrative, abstract - anything goes in this open call for submissions. Any and all capture methods, processes and subject matter are welcome. 

We are very pleased to welcome Doug Beasley as juror for Open Call 2018. He’ll select up to 35 images for exhibition in our Middlebury, Vermont gallery, and up to 40 more for our permanent online gallery. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and Director’s Award will each be entitled to a portfolio review with Doug.