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Stories and Secrets

Deadline for submissions: Oct 12, 2015
Prints due: Nov 14, 2015
Exhibition: November 24 - December 18, 2015

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391_74967 copy
Geoffrey Agrons, Philadelphia PA / Tronie
ALB96466_20813 copy
Elizabeth Albert, Belmont MA / Fishing
ALL33424_30522 copy
Jenn Allen, Orlando FL / Earshot
AUG55951_19958 copy
Heidi Augestad, Johannesburg, South Africa / Youth Stories
BAT10409_21441 copy
Edward Bateman, Salt Lake City UT / Sabine + Wolves
BOM00959_93922 copy
Judi Bommarito, Sterling Heights MI / She Fell Again
Gloria DeFilipps Brush, Duluth, MN / 8546 from the series "Silent Pages"
Heidi Clapp-Temple, Lithia, FL / Overboard
CON21845_70879 copy
Mike Conley, Middlebury VT / Broken Light
DEG28928_02009 copy
Audrey DeGroot, Leslie MI / Ascension
DUC88539_29926 copy
Lorin Duckman, Boynton Beach FL / Pick A Card
mojave_march_10A_18 001
Julie Gautier-Downes, Spokane WA / Untitled Diptych
GOS75986_32371 copy
Samantha Goss, Charleston SC / Sleepwalker
GOT10225_52392 copy
Mallory Gottlieb, Tarzana CA / Bycatch
GRE45954_76389 copy
Natalie Fay Green, Bethesda MD / Hide and Seek
HAM51976_49538 copy
Carolyn Hampton, Sherman Oaks CA / The Lonely Bookkeeper
HAM76152_25804 copy
Julie Hamel, Loudon NH / Liam & Booger
HAN20794_13031 copy
Eric L Hansen, Nashville TN / Fractured Phantom #4
HAR59405_58523 copy
Kristen Victoria Harner, Damascus MD / 20,000 Leagues of Solitude
HIL20746_02858 copy
Karen Hillier, Bryan TX / Unforgotten, Child's Play, Doll Dishes
JAC03869_67015 copy
Megan Jacobs, Santa Fe NM / Threads: Wishbone
KAH76132_39666 copy
Kristie Kahns, Chicago IL / Incision
KUC55761_03751 copy
Karalee Kuchar, Salt Lake City UT / Tethered
MAS35177_68424 copy
Erika Masterson, Satellite Beach FL / Looking for Signs
Begin Journey
Vincent Minor, New York NY / Begin Voyage
PAL17157_42187 copy
Yvonne Palkowitsh, Dover OH / In This Place
PAN87544_72623 copy
Catherine Panebianco, Jamestown NY / Illusion of Place
Kartoffelroden (Harvesting Potatoes)
JURORS' CHOICE: Astrid Reischwitz, Bedford MA / Kartoffelroden (Harvesting Potatoes)
RUB41478_27108 copy
Marian Rubin, Montclair NJ / A Winter's Day
SCH13199_07491 copy
DIRECTOR'S AWARD: Thomas Schworer, Seattle WA / Ptarmigan Ridge (Descent)
SCH54449_77484 copy
Deb Schwedhelm, FPO, AP / Jane and Roxanne, St. Petersburg, 2014
SQA66957_70302 copy
Malika Sqalli, London, England / Optimism
Jim Banta,Landgrove
Ron St. Jean, Dover NH / Contemplation
VEN86288_82814 copy
Becky Venteicher, Charlottesville VA / Circling His Prey
WHI13212_74816 copy
Ashley Whitt, Dallas TX / Shrouded in Lace
Cana Atay, Istanbul, Turkey / Solitude
BAR68996_99108 copy
Ben Barnes, Columbus OH / Cemetery
CAS55093_10265 copy
Angela Casagrande, Sacramento CA / What Was Found
DAN23821_90407 copy
Rachel Daniels, Tucson AZ / Drawing, Tucson
DOE20964_20318 copy
Mary Doering, Brewster MA / The Horizon Has Disappeared
EDE42225_73425 copy
Anne Eder, Medford MA / Ruby, The Queen of the Woods, The Messenger
ELL42827_88949 copy
Dodi Ellis, Buda TX / She Didn't Know
ENG36381_21757 copy
Sarah Engel-Barnett, Norman OK / Oil Fires at Night
GRA73461_06383 copy
Ariel Graham, Jacksonville AL / Please, don't find me
GUI07439_41249 copy
Susan Guice, Biloxi MS / Solitary Journey
HAR60469_83728 copy
Amanda Marie Harner, Damascus MD / Cold Kiss
JOH79825_26555 copy
Debbie Johnston, Centereach NY / Misty Traveler
JUR02645_90252 copy
Brittany Juravich, Oswego NY / Fire Goddess
KAL12642_25884 copy
Candi S. Kalinsky, Bellevue NE / Somewhere, Nowhere
KID51792_82936 copy
Angelina Kidd, Redmond WA / the beginning
LAW85391_78825 copy
Philip Lawrence, Kelvin Grove, Queensland, Australia / Masquerade
LIP64875_02911 copy
Robert Lipgar, Rhinebeck NY / Boys on RR Track
MCK37479_50729 copy
Jim McKinniss, Santa Maria CA / Alex in Window #2-A
MEU24286_63635 copy
Leah Meulemans, Signal Mountain TN / Emptiness
MOH03414_37635 copy
Raheleh Mohammad, Cleveland OH / Untold Story 2
MOR51162_05633 copy
John Morris and Christina Ayala, Atlanta GA / Diesel Power from the Telepathy Drawings by John Morris and Christina Ayala
NAU26724_97204 copy
Chrystal Lea Nause, New Orleans LA / shelter
OWE60792_53298 copy
Danielle "DEO" Owensby, Chicago IL / Encyclopedia of Trauma: The House
PRE37109_61404 copy
Conrad Pressma, Louisville KY / Rocks
REY15891_06751 copy
Peggy Reynolds, Essex Junction VT / Winter Tower
RIG69935_82869 copy
Lisa Rigazio, Silver Spring MD / Bridging Day
ROC10513_48986 copy
Sara Roche, Westport CT / Fog Scene
RUS18677_82948 copy
Kristen Russo, Yardley PA / Talking Books
SAL70181_36241 copy
Curtis Salonick, Wilkes-Barre PA / Blue Moon
SAN85631_97111 copy
Kris Sanford, Mount Pleasant MI / Buttons
SPE95789_32398 copy
Len Speier, New York NY / The Secret
SWA70043_14372 copy
Kristen Swartz, Lubbock TX / Playing with the Cows
TRA81679_65285 copy
Paulette Traverso, Piedmont CA / Not Here
TUR87551_00881 copy
Aaron Turner, Memphis TN / Untitled
WAT32163_17827 copy
Adam D. Watkins, Salt Lake City UT / "ChickenShit"
WIS31333_43068 copy
Kent Wisner, Carmel Valley CA / What Do I Do Now 2
WOO62172_56395 copy
Alan Wood, Allentown PA / Your light is still on
ZAF77182_27282 copy
Fred Zafran, Leesburg VA / Paynes
ZAH38426_58581 copy
Bob Zahn, Calipatria CA / Cuervo and Rock 'n' Roll, Slab City
GOH39051-29092 replaced
Katie Gohde-Haase, Deep River CT / Bride Series #6: Le Jardin Du Roi

Juror's Statement

Photographers most often use the camera to record the facts of the real world as seen at the moment of exposure. And the camera is a wonderful device for doing this. But when those facts are aligned to narratives or fantasies, the potential for deeper meaning is expanded. The photographs submitted for PhotoPlace Gallery’s exhibition, “Stories and Secrets,” offered an amazing variety of ways in which stories can be told with photographs. In some cases, texts were included as part of the images, but in most of the work the images themselves carried the narratives alone, sometimes in quite obvious ways, in other instances through enigmatic and mysterious suggestions.

As jurors we were faced with the difficult task of selecting work from a large body of exceptional work, and there were many deserving photographs that we wished we could have included. Alas, our job was to choose a finite number for exhibition and publication, and in the end we found ourselves most drawn to tantalizing images that told stories or whispered secrets in ways that made us want to know more. We gravitated toward images that were thoughtfully and skillfully conceived to tell subtle stories that hover on the edge of suggestiveness. Our congratulations to all of the artists who were selected, and our thanks to everyone for submitting such fascinating work.

- Emma Powell and Kirsten Hoving

About the Juror's

Mother and daughter Kirsten Hoving and Emma Powell have been working together for many years. Their most recent collaboration is Svala’s Saga, realized after extensive travel to Iceland together.

Emma Powell is an assistant professor of art at Colorado College. Powell graduated from the College of Wooster, and received her MFA in photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. Her work often examines photography’s history while incorporating historic processes and other devices within the imagery.

Kirsten Hoving is a Charles A. Dana Professor of Art History at Middlebury College. In between writing books and articles and teaching courses about modern art and the history of photography at Middlebury College, she makes photographs. She is co-founder of PhotoPlace Gallery. 

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