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June 2 - June 25, 2015

The Golden Hours: At Dawn and Dusk

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Geoffrey Agrons - Kensington, CA Gnomon
Agrons_Geoffrey_8Poverty Beach
Geoffrey Agrons - Kensington, CA Poverty Beach
Park Avernue Beach
Nelson Armour - Highland Park, IL Frozen Light
avakian_bob_2Up and Over the Hill
Bob Avakian - Edgartown, MA Up the Hill
Baumbach - sunrise-reflection
Dan Baumbach - Boulder, CO Flatiron Graphic
Cate Brown - North Kingstown, RI North Light at Morning #2
Carnahan_Dawn Mist III
Susan Carnahan - Menlo Park, CA Dawn Mist III
Susan Carnahan - Menlo Park, CA Touch Down At Dawn
A.M. Clark - Weymouth, MA Sunset Pines
Marian Crostic - Venice, CA A New Day
Bill Dodge - Petaluma, CA El Guitaristo
Bill Dodge - Petaluma, CA Day's End
febre_rick_San Leandro, CA
Ricardo Febre - McKinleyville, CA San Leandro, CA
Gallo_Briana Hamer Tribe Sunset_Briana Gallo 1
Briana Gallo - La Jolla, CA Hamer Tribe Sunset
oakwood_beach_2A_0-7 001
Julie Gautier-Downes - Santa Barbara, CA Untitled
Liquid Gold  7948
Marcia Getto - Cedarburg, WI Liquid Gold
Kip Harris - Indian Harbour, NS, Canada South Shore Suite #5
Mark Hopkins - Lincoln, MA Sunset Snack
Morrow Jones - Canton, CT Early Morning Angler
Anna Mae Kamps - Grandville, MI The Artist's Lair
Anna Mae Kamps - Grandville, MI Frost
Amy Kanka - Even Yehuda, Israel Atlantis
Klenke_Sarah Burning Bush
Sarah Klenke - Austin, TX Burning Bush
Michael Knapstein - Middleton, WI Dawn at Wawanissee Point
Pam Korman - Blue Bell, PA Room With A View
Lipgar_Robert_Truckstop at Sundown
Robert Lipgar - Rhinebeck, NY Truckstop At Sundown
Ian MacLellan - Somerville, MA Kisumu, Kenya
JB Manning - Houston, TX Last Light
Jeanne Miller - Tyler, TX Lonely Tree
John Puffer - Vincennes, IN Abandoned Home: Greene County, Indiana
Reynolds Peggy 7Evening's Veil
Peggy Reynolds - Essex Junction, VT Evening's Veil
Russ Rowland - New York, NY Dream
Rubin_Marian_2.At the End of the Day
Marian Rubin - Montclair, NJ At the End of the Day
Wil Scott - Annapolis, MD Sunset Glow
John Stritzinger - Elkins Park, PA Carrboro Carwash
Verner_John_4 Morning_Stillness
John Verner - Rhinebeck, NY Morning Stillness
Trina von Rosenvinge - Canton, MS Golden Hours 4
Dan Baumbach - Boulder, CO Canyons
Russ Rowland - New York, NY End Game
Agrons_Geoffrey_1Beyond Measure
Geoffrey Agrons - Kensington, CA Beyond Measure
Baumbach- western-morning
Dan Baumbach - Boulder, CO Western Morning
Cooke_George_6_Boulder to Boats
George Cooke - Elsah, IL Boulder to Boats - Thomaston, Maine
Tom Deupree - Venice, FL Biddeford Backbay
Fritsche_Dennis_4Cima Joshua Trees
Dennis Fritsche - Plano, TX Cima Joshua Trees
Hinkley_01_06-07 001
Julie Gautier-Downes - Santa Barbara, CA Untitled
Hanson_Suzanne_#4 Toward Whataburger, McAllen, TX
Suzanne Hanson - Berkeley, CA Toward Whataburger, McAllen, TX
Harner_Amanda Marie_4_Rolling Fog
Amanda Harner - Damascus, MD Rolling Fog
Mark Hopkins - Lincoln, MA Sunrise Shadow
Jordan_CJ_6Dawn Mist
CJ Jordan - Bastrop, TX Dawn Mist
Rick Kattelmann - Crowley Lake, CA Unnamed Peak Bhutan
Khuri_Virginia P1080138
Virginia Khuri - Shelter Island Heights, NY Lagoon
Pam Korman - Blue Bell, PA The Swings
Kuss_Gioia_7_blue morning
Gioia Kuss - Weybridge, VT Blue Morning
Lehrer_Sherwin_5 Squam Ripples
Sherwin Lehrer - Dedham, MA Squam Ripples
Christopher W. Luhar-Trice - Jacksonville, FL New Construction,Massa Marittima, Italy
Rodney Mahaffey - Denver, CO Duomo Evening, Florence
Marsili_Paula_3 Morning Paddle
Paula E. Marsili - Casselberry, FL Morning Paddle
Marsili_Paula_7 Morning Chores
Paula E. Marsili - Casselberry, FL Morning Chores
Laurie McCormick - Los Angeles, CA Poppin' Palms
Jeanne Miller - Tyler, TX Reflections
Nemeth_Alexandra_2Sunrise Drops
Alexandra Nemeth - Houston, TX Sunrise Drops
Laszlo Perlaky - Houston, TX Quanah Parker Lake at Dawn
Arpad Petrass - Capistrano Beach, CA Early Morning
Arpad Petrass - Capistrano Beach, CA Desert Sunset
Queen Ann's Lace in a field, backlit by sunset, S. Burlington VT
Ellen Powell - Burlington, VT Queen Anne's Lace
Quinn_David_4Mt Misery Point
David Quinn - Setauket, NY Mt. Misery Point
John Rich - Brookline, MA Where Snow Goes to Die #2
Rubin_Marian_05_Red Farmhouse
Marian Rubin - Montclair, NJ Red Farmhouse
Philip Sager - San Francisco, CA Storm
Meryl Silver - Bethesda, MD Spartina Grass
morning glory
Vicky Stromee - Tucson, AZ Morning Glory
Cindy Vasko - Ashburn, VA Silent Sunset
Paul Vitko - Eden Prairie, MN Rice Lake Sauna

Juror's Statement

When sunlight dissolves the black of night, or hours later, when its light gets enveloped by shadows, our hearts open. This magnificent changing of the guard between daytime and nighttime stirs us, compelling us to adventure as well as contemplation. These images are an exciting mix of what people feel and experience during these fleeting hours.

I truly understand the emotional risk of submitting your heartfelt work to the scrutiny of someone else. If a juror selects your piece, he or she is an awesome judge. If your work is not selected, “What do they know?” But if we decide to bring our work into the world, and as we take the step to push our vision in new directions, two good things can happen regardless of whether we win or not. First, we get to show our vision to others, to both friends as we agonize over the selection, and to the viewer if our work is selected. And second, if we are open, we can learn how to get better. There will always be people who just don’t get what we are doing, but there are often times when our vision is rough or our craft not perfected. Putting work next to others is a way to better understand where we are on the creative journey.

I did my best to approach the submitted images with open eyes and an open mind. I love all kinds of photography, way outside the realm of what I personally create. I was looking for images that made me go “WOW,” and especially, a quiet “wow.” I responded to images that resonated about a place or conveyed a feeling. I appreciated images where the craft of photography was supportive and integrated, not overwhelming. Everyone in this show made the first important step in creating the image I saw represented as a digital file. Now the crucial finish occurs where they must rise up to make a beautiful print, the time-honored second half to photography.

- Eddie Soloway

About the Juror

Eddie Soloway explains that he is so completely content surrounded by the natural world that he would be willing to set aside his camera for the opportunity to just be. His commitment to nature is evident in his image-making; his camera is simply the tool he uses to record his devotion. Soloway claims other tools as well: extensive printmaking skills (learned from an apprenticeship in a San Francisco photo lab), pen and pencil to write (he admits that his writing often takes precedence even over making photos!), and teaching (which provides the perfect outlet for inspiring others to use "a natural eye," as he has done with such dedication).

Follow Eddie across landscapes, borders, and seas for one of his renowned seminars or workshops, from Maine Media to Vancouver Photo Workshops. Be inspired by "Eddie Soloway, A Natural Eye" on DVD, the newly released online video series, or "One Thousand Moons," published by Nahmakanta Press, Santa Fe.

Eddie refers to the golden hours as being on "the edge of light." This is the edge that celebrates the transitions of night to day and of day to night, "reveal[ing] the magic of light and color that fleets past us, often unseen." His appreciation for the effects of the golden hours, coupled with a commitment to natural light, makes him the perfect choice for juror of this exhibition.

Call for Entries

The golden hours—the period shortly after dawn and just before dusk, when ambient light is warmer, softer, diffuse. Inside or out, these windows of opportunity can be pure magic through the lens.