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January 2 - January 25, 2020


Prints Deadline: Dec 19, 2019

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ADA95975 14215 juror
Hugh Adams
Two Bridges
BEA84395 68198 juror
Kay Beausoleil
Wednesday Market
BEC51858 86151 juror
Danielle Beck
To Feel Again
BRO15624 03987 juror
John Christopher Brooks
Cage of fenders
BUN50679 23051 juror
Nancy Stalnaker Bundy
CHE03359 35661 juror
Magali Chesnel
Oyster culture
DUP84236 88713 juror
David Duplessie
Abstract Realities 4581
FAI75036 57201 juror
Catherine Fairchild
FER81079 36867 juror
Christopher N. Ferreria
I ain't a player, I just crush a lot (Green)
FLO31441 41551 juror
Pat Floyd
GUI39087 06927 juror
Nicholas Guilbert
HUT49456 22503 juror
Steve Huth
In the Garden, from the series Persistence of Vision
IRV01902 17846 juror
Tom Irvin
Chicago Highrise
JOH97957 75863 juror
Lisa Johnston
Rainbow Behind the Moon
KAP28869 64313 juror
Wendy Kappy
Green Crackle
KAY99245 80172 juror
Elizabeth Kayl
Blue Marble
KRA98165 98508 juror
Stephen Krasner
Mars Next Door
LAB64588 88485 juror
Nanci & Allen Einstein
LAV40056 08076 juror
Dick Lavine
LEA76466 56499 juror
Ana Leal
MAN31193 15292 juror
John Manno
Color Burst
MAT88373 71387 juror
Lawrence Matthews
MAZ11362 39952 juror
Charles Mazel
Light under Light: Fluorescence Study 1
MOL54766 75071 juror
Marcia Molnar
Window of Opportunity
MON90947 44825 juror
Deirdre Monk
Crumpled Plastic Curves and Points
PET55039 70368 juror
Tom Peterson
POD55452 36181 juror
Beata Podwysocka
Polka Dot
RAE68932 00019 juror
Abby Raeder
Heart Flame
REI75364 80913 juror
David Reinfeld
Abstraction #2
SCH68895 85949 juror
Joanne Scherf
Venus Delight
SHE46485 07782 juror
Li Shen
Prism View #3; Colored Squares, Wire, Light Fixture
SHU85025 49263 juror
Carl Shubs
SPR53087 63851 juror
Brion Sprinsock
The row
TAY13962 25631 juror
Mary Taylor
Soft Cloud of Anxiety
WIL04345 39341 juror
RJ Wilner
Imperturbable 004
AGR01391 18455 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
ARM40589 68186 juror
Frank Armstrong
Socorro NM 2017
BUR40329 58773 juror
Stephen Burdett
DOE20964 09917 juror
Mary Doering
Star Dust
GRA89951 53792 juror
Nira Granott Fox
Fluid Colors 2
HAI56344 46086 juror
Gail Haile
Marina Reflections 8
HAL51331 12204 juror
Maureen Haldeman
Defining Shadows IV
HER94044 47168 juror
Alexander Hernandez
Lavender sunrise
HOC30812 47042 juror
Nicol Hockett
Green Sound
HOL99893 94352 juror
Wanda Holmes Oliver
POP Chemigram #5
HOR68827 08249 juror
William Horton
Ice Cave
IMF61226 23111 juror
Irene Imfeld
With A Crane's Eye 4386
JEA92498 55147 juror
Leslie Jean-Bart
Motivation of Imbalance
KAU07099 76894 juror
Kim Kauffman
KEL25781 20255 juror
John E. Kelly
LAN14688 10716 juror
Lori Lankford
LAR22634 57228 juror
Kathleen Larsen
Day of Regret
LEN92906 11807 juror
Martha Lentz
MAJ91207 67302 juror
Megan Major
Dirty Snow
MIL55919 70815 juror
Bruno Militelli
MOR99268 61428 juror
C E Morse
Eliot #11
MUR24676 58994 juror
Candace Murphy
Fishing for Color
NEE23351 30535 juror
Karen Neems
In the Balance VI
OVE62927 73658 juror
Patricia Overmoyer
Dreamy Leaves-10
PFI34682 61541 juror
Peggy Jones Pfister
PLU34105 19156 juror
Evan William Plunkett
Orange #19
RIL38835 93098 juror
Megan Riley
ROA45603 75706 juror
Jan Roald
SEP81477 18751 juror
Eric Seplowitz
Positive Energy
SMI40149 53881 juror
Lee Smith
SOO40255 40729 juror
Jane Soodalter
STA36968 24683 juror
Steven Stanger
TOW86024 81405 juror
Shellye Tow
Light Test Strip 1
VAN08375 87283 juror
Bruce Van Valen
Layered Composition, Double Round Gold
VER48135 52087 juror
John Verner
How Do I Know?
VOG53682 91433 juror
David E. Vogel
WAT60948 57693 juror
Cyndy B. Waters
WEB60422 58684 juror
Rachel Weber
Shore Pebbles
WER82206 23828 juror
Mark C. Werner
WID91568 25747 juror
Curtis Widem

Juror: Kirsten Hoving
Prints due:  December 19, 2019
Exhibition: January 2 - January 25, 2020

Juror’s Statement

Wow! What a difficult task it was to choose a small selection from the nearly 2,000 photographs submitted. All of the images were intriguing, and I could easily have included twice as many photographs in the exhibition. As I reviewed the images repeatedly, I found myself thinking about approaches to abstraction in photography seen in this work. Many photographers have  turned to the natural or human-built world as a starting point, finding ways to make the familiar strange through unusual viewpoints, soft focus, exaggerated color, and careful consideration of light. I thought of these artists as abstraction “finders.” Others artists were abstraction “makers,” using post-processing to move far beyond what we might normally think of as a recorded image. Photographs ranged from ones that allowed the starting point—an object, a flower, the ocean—to remain clearly discernible, to images that departed entirely from the recognizable. I found myself drawn to ones that hovered between the real and the abstract, where I could guess at what I was looking at, but without being entirely sure.

While I considered the use of color and light, shape and space, texture and composition in all of the photographs, I was especially drawn to those that required a second look, ones that made me wonder how they were made or what, if anything, was being pictured. Juror's Award recipient Marcia Molnar’s eerie photograph of swirling lines and against an almost cosmic background caught my attention on my first pass through the photographs, and it held my attention as I winnowed the images down to the final selection. I loved the organic, sense of frozen, almost microscopic growth conveyed by the shapes in the foreground, offset by the deep, perhaps infinite, space of the background. Near and far working together in this image, in concert with line and shape, result in a photograph that I was pleased to honor with the first place award. 

Director's Award recipient David Duplessie’s architectural abstraction also relies on the power of shape and space, but in a very different way. In place of organic, sinewy lines, there is  hard-edged geometry, with edges, angles, and a grid of the building blocks, offset by the soft clouds above. The elegant simplicity of the subject, with its nod to the heritage of geometric abstraction in the history of modern art, kept me returning for yet another look.

Thanks to everyone who submitted work for this exhibition. And, congratulations to the photographers whose work was selected.

— Kirsten Hoving

Call for Entries

Abstract images  combine shapes, color, pattern, texture and imagination to create an image that is largely independent of visual reality. For this exhibition we seek abstract images made in whatever way you choose, both in and out of camera.
Click to see images enlarged.

© Cary Loving
Winkworth Abstract The Fire Eater
© Nick Winkworth
v stromee free association
© Vicky Stromee
Carol Lyon Dividing Line Amazon parrot edit
© Carol Lyon

We are very pleased that Kirsten Hoving will curate this exhibit. She will select up to 35 images for exhibition in the Middlebury, Vermont gallery, and another 35 images for the Online gallery. All 70 images will appear in the exhibit catalog. 

Information about our printing service and free matting and framing here.

About the Juror

Known for imaginative photographs that challenge the boundaries of the photographic medium, Kirsten Hoving’s work has been displayed in solo and group exhibitions around the world. Having taught art history at Middlebury College for over thirty-five years, she has also curated multiple exhibitions at the College museum and other venues.  In addition to her individual photographic practice, between 2014 and 2017 she has collaborated with her daughter, photographer Emma Powell, on the highly acclaimed photographic fairy tale, “Svala’s Saga.”

Kirsten Hoving's website.