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Juror: Laura Valenti
Color Moment icon
Juror: Arthur Meyerson
ALtered Realities icon Armstrong Zanna 1LionInDelft
Juror: Brooke Shaden
Self portrait icon B Trigueros2
Juror: Aline Smithson
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Juror: Emma Powell

What We Do

PhotoPlace Gallery offers monthly, juried photographic exhibitions to photographers worldwide, each with a new topic and internationally recognized juror. Juror selections are exhibited in either our physical gallery in Middlebury, Vermont, or permanently displayed on this website.

Since our founding in 2009, we have gained a reputation for exhibiting photography of a high level of excellence, while promoting photographers and providing them with tools to further promote their own work.



When is the Time Right for a Portfolio Review?
If you read my previous post “An Introduction to Portfolio Reviews”, you no doubt noticed a few references to the fact that the significance investment of time, energy, and money...
An Introduction to Portfolio Reviews
There came a time in my creative journey when I started to want—and really need—critical feedback and unfortunately, the weekly critiques of graduate school were long behind me.