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GRE20857 73696 Being Human thumbnail
Juror: Christy Havranek
Pers Narr 1907 thumbnail Olga Rook
Juror: Ralph Hassenpflug
WNE29539 78265 jwater 2019 thumb
Juror: Elizabeth Avedon

What We Do

PhotoPlace Gallery offers monthly, juried photographic exhibitions to photographers worldwide, each with a new topic and internationally recognized juror. Juror selections are exhibited in either our physical gallery in Middlebury, Vermont, and permanently displayed on this website.

We encourage creative interpretation of our themes. Images do need to relate to the theme, but they need not be entirely literal.

We are steadfast supporters of photography and photographers. Photographers retain all rights and ownership of their images.

Since our founding in 2009, we have gained a reputation for exhibiting photography of a high level of excellence, while promoting photographers and providing them with tools to further promote their own work. To that end, we encourage photographers to provide their social media and website addresses when enrolling.



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Sizing, Editioning, and Pricing Your Work
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