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Black and White 2016

Deadline for submissions: Jun 27, 2016
Juror: Dean Brierly
Prints due: Jul 30, 2016
Exhibition: August 10 - September 2, 2016

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ARR81066_67888 for web
Nelson Arruda / Ghosting
BOU89142_93084 for web
George Bouret
Middlebury Falls and Bridge
BYK88048_90846 for web
Ekaterina Bykhovskaya
Jerusalem, Old City, 1
CAR14934_74419 for web
Patrick Carr / Distortion #1
CHA82716_61451 for web
Robi Chakraborty / Waiting
COO07482_31248 for web
Jim Cook / Who Am I
CRO65507_42489 for web
Jim Crowley / The Moment Before Ascension
DEM26375_08032 for web
Bob Demchuk
U.S. Internment Camp Survivor
DIG29289_46907 for web
George Digalakis
Meeting my Shadow
DOY82799_23328 for web
Barbara Ford Doyle
I Siciliani: Roberto
FEH32144_60663 for web
Tom Feher / Untitled 5
GER15754_27158 for web
Bob Gervais / Williamsburg, NYC
GER66225_82032 for web
Stephanie Gerhart / Instinctual
GLI56873_07888 for web
Bud Glick
Chinese New Year, Bayard St., 1984
GRE05258_21363 for web
Paul Greenberg / Cafe Morocco
GRI13994_54064 for web
Susan Griffith / Odds and Ends
HAN28533_50949 for web
Betsey Hansell / Suburban View
HAR15147_48171 for web
Debra Harder / Lewis
HAR61948_57716 for web
Melinda Green Harvey
All Alone on Soledad Street
"Prayerpoem ~ Humankindness"
Linda Hirsch
Prayerpoem ~ Humankindness
HOF71896_19422 for web
R. Andrew Hoff /
Circles in Squares
HOY56578_21723 for web
Scott Hoyle / A Walk Along the Beach
MAN74539_40005 for web
Romina Mandrini / First Home
MAU21328_68663 for web
Susanne Maude / Hiding
MCK37479_66417 for web
Jim McKinniss / Denise No10
MER63555_56008 for web
Jana Rose Arts / Letting Go
MER74055_53455 for web
Ralph Mercer / Dialectics_Untitled 1
MES94187_70482 for web
George Messaritakis
Made In Berlin #3
MON56318_93666 for web
Emmanuel Monzon
Urban Sprawl Seattle-Emptiness
SCH29415_70109 for web
Paul Schot / Geese over Lange Lacke
SOV66486_04856 for web
Andrew Sovjani
Fabrication of Space XIII, 2016
STE46625_86122 for web
Robert Steffen / Passage 1
Steve Stokan / Dive
WOO62172_70797 for web
Alan Wood / Letter Perfect
ALB54019_06028 for web
Syd Alberg / Moments of Reflection
AND43919_15992 for web
David Anderson / Early Coffee
BAR64277_91005 for web
Bruce Barshop
Tantrum(s),New York, NY, 2014
BAR68996_31576 for web
Ben Barnes / Slip
BAS59803_35728 for web
Lee Bass / Beth's Spoons
Light Through Venetian Blinds. Somers, NY
Bruce Berkow
Light Through Venetian Blinds
BOR95223_85177 for web
Cecilia Christina Borgenstam
Tennessee Valley.
April. Flowers. Change.
BOT04471_49647 for web
Liza Hennessey Botkin
Night Lights/Tunnel
BOY83502_52696 for web
David G. Boyd
Lonely Climb
BRO82636_33882 for web
Caroline E Brown / Fading Memories
BUR63248_99444 for web
David Burnett
Abraham Lincoln Presenters Convention
Lorraine Castillo / Lost Islands
CHE08909_56202 for web
Diane Chenault / What Lurks Beneath
COM37352_61269 for web
Karen Commings / Gram's Hands
COM46333_76518 for web
John Comito / Soda Box #25
COX60516_94006 for web
P. Rochelle Cox / True
CRO31402_81257 for web
Karen Crouse / On the Edge
DEA63425_80595 for web
John Deamond
Smyrna: Earliest Record
DOU61802_57162 for web
Jordan Douglas
Light & Shadow, Central Havana
David J Gallipoli / 6
GEM04108_90786 for web
Dan Gemkow / Tilted
GIN60649_98573 for web
Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin / Sicily_05_2
GRE45495_97318 for web
Mgreig / The Actor, Cuba. 2015
GUI88491_00827 for web
David Guidas / Floating Sticks
KIS41574_69296 for web
Nina Kiseleva
The Architectural Abstraction
LYL80862_48545 for web
Kevin Lyle / Evidence 11854
MAC50186_18845 for web
Douglas Mack / Falling Through
MAN26286_51568 for web
Jessica Manelis / Have A Seat
MAS35177_59822 for web
Erika Masterson / Secret Garden
PAR89285_80772 for web
Keith Parks / Half Moon
Mississippi: The Place I Live
Betty Press
Rev. Jo Baldwin, AME, Kosciusko, Mississippi
REY15891_14078 for web
Peggy Reynolds / Silent Fountain
ROW57128_manual2 for web
Russ Rowland / Nightskate
SAN14439_28523 for web
Patricia Sandler / Every Day
SHI26023_41631 for web
Allen E. Shifrin / America
SIM13115_13838 for web
Heather Ross / Vache Fille
STA64259_47057 for web
Kitty Stanley / Granite 5
she and her shadow walk away from me
Michael Sullivan
She and Her Shadow
Walk Away From Me
WES67508_41334 for web
Merethe Wessel-Berg / Untitled 4
WOO62172_46312 for web
Alan Wood / Ghost Chair

Juror's Statement

In my capacity as editor of Black & White magazine, I am constantly judging images, not only for publication in our regular issues, but also for our Portfolio and Single Image Contest issues. One thing I’ve noticed over time is the tendency (unconscious or not) on the part of many photographers to follow visual templates laid down by others. Happily, this was not the case when I sat down to consider the photographs submitted for this exhibition. I was, in fact, greatly impressed with the originality and quality on display.

From the beginning of my involvement with photography, both as practitioner and editor, I have been drawn to the work of those who go against the status quo, who avidly experiment with the medium, who pioneer their own creative themes and visual parameters. People like Barbara Crane, Mario Giacomelli, James Fee, to name but three. When I look at a photograph in any context—as a judge or simply as a viewer in a gallery—what I look for above all is something that takes me by surprise, that puts me off balance, even upsets me. The cardinal sin in my book is to be boring. This holds true when I look at other types of artwork, listen to music or watch films. It’s always harder to do the unexpected, but invariably it’s more rewarding and meaningful.

I was delighted at how often I found myself surprised while judging these images. It was obvious that a great deal of thought went into their creation, as well as originality, sensitivity and craftsmanship. It’s one thing for a photograph to attract attention, another thing entirely to hold it. The majority of these images, while striking on first glance, also resonated with emotional and thematic depth that revealed additional nuances with repeated views. All of which made it an honor and a pleasure to have been chosen to play a curatorial role with work of such quality.

- Dean Brierly

About the Juror

Detroit native Dean Brierly is a writer, editor and photographer living in Los Angeles. He is the Editor of Black & White magazine and was formerly associated with Camera & Darkroom, PhotoWork and B&W+COLOR.

Dean has written extensively on photography for those publications as well as Photo Metro, Photo Central, Photovision, Color, Far Out, Outré and Cinema Retro. Many of his interviews can be found at his blog Photographers Speak.

Brierly’s fine art photography explores the borderland between representation and abstraction. He works in an analog darkroom using traditional photographic materials in nontraditional, experimental fashion.

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