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Black and White 2017

Deadline for submissions: May 22, 2017
Prints due: Jun 30, 2017
Exhibition: July 12 - August 12, 2017

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391_37711- website
Geoffrey Agrons /
Low Hanging Fruit
BEL72387_65994- website
Jan Bell / Balance Rock
BEN00108_33817- website
Laura J. Bennett / Yen
BLE94206_37255- website
Lesley Nowlin Blessing /
Aground, Twin Elements
BUR63248_68585- website
David Burnett /
Sahel Refugee Children
DEB68369_45496- website
Iris Debelder /
Mrs Robinson
DUF60567_27424- website
Linda Duffy / Cisco Living
EAR00898_35063- website
William Earle / The Other Side
ELL42827_68068- website
Dodi Ellis /in Hiding
FIS86162_52845- website
Kathleen Fischer /
Road to Darwin Falls
GAR10698_04049- website
Rilee Garrett / Church Window
GEM04108_40384- website
Dan Gemkow / Center
GOL95345_50618- website
Christie Goldstein / Beach Babe
GOO37775_19739- website
Ellen Goodman / Serenity Shadow
HAL54795_74115- website
Norm Halm / Shadow Work
HAN03322_96392- website
Lynne Hann /
Reflection of the Heart
HEA66923_30112- website
Lorraine Healy / Gondole
HEN44052_34138- website
Anne Henning / Mannequin
JAR44698_41472- website
Allison Jarek / The Tributary
JEO80872_92506- website
Diana Nicholette Jeon /
I, Orfeo 5
JET24185_09785- website
Paul Jett /
Four Birds (Bird Series)
JOH07356_76983- website
Deb Johnson / Santiago's Soul
KRA83396_91502- website
Diane Kravetz / Emergence
LAN75881_55524- website
Lonnie Landrey / Secluded #3
LAU90184_77809- website
Anne E Launcelott /
Leading The Herd to Drink,
Omo River, S.Ethiopia
MIL57734_65509- website
Dolph Miller / Answered Prayers
MUS55853_69873- website
Alicia Music /
Bradley House (Untitled)
NOY88596_49643- website
Petrea Noyes /
Miss Willa's Parlour
PAR89285_11332- website
Keith Parks /
And God Created Sticks
PAV94102_52395- website
Celeste Pavlik / Trampoline Net
PHO12952_19729- website
Shannon Alexander Photography /
ROB28309_89158- juror- website
Gabrielle Robinson / Freckles 2
RUC05028_82787- website
Angie Rucker /
Possession from series
Hic Sunt Dracones
VAU73203_89554- website
Karen L Vaughan /
Highway 93 #2
Grand Landscapes are large format black and white landscape prints by Kent Wood for sale
Kent Wood /
Solar Eclipse and Saguaro
AGR01391_35653- website
Geoffrey Agrons /
Election Day Across the Universe
Photo by: Asia Arias
Asia Arias /
Naiad of the Lake #1
BAR51884_59894- website
Elizabeth Barnes /
Crossed Wires
BAU56582_83754- website
Frank Baudino /
Oaxaca: Days of the Dead IV
BEN00108_96707- website
Laura J. Bennett / Interim
BOW80316_44583- website
Steven Bowers /
Soar Winners II
Dawn Currie / Angels
Fog in the park
Julie Chapa /
Fog in the park
COO46255_06732- website
Pierre Cook /
Death Valley No 2
DEB68369_89609- website
Iris Debelder /
The Girl with the Hula Hoop
David Dennard /
Returning Home
DON82031_12762- website
Alexandria Donovan /
A Door for Alice
ELL42827_42983- website
Dodi Ellis / Locked
FER85482_55586- website
Henry Fernando /
Ready for Bed
FIS86201_25184- website
Louis Fischer /
Winding Road Door County
FOR43833_73234- website
DeAnna Foran /
Strolling in Paris
GAB01315_17941- website
James Gabbard /
Beauty Behind the Veil
GAR10698_36996- website
Rilee Garrett /
Blood Gang
GHE12146_92529- website
Christine Ghezzo /
GIN60649_85522- website
Anne Ginsburgh Hofkin /
GOO37775_83738- website
Ellen Goodman /
HAR32713_15344- website
Charlene Hardy / Leap of Faith
HOL58005_29794- website
Kimberly Holtyn / BodyScape1
HOL58005_88574- website
Kimberly Holtyn / See Me
HUT98528_89985- website
Laura Hutton /
A Private Grief
JAR44698_01013- website
Allison Jarek / The Trailhead
JEO80872_84646- website
Diana Nicholette Jeon /
I, Orfeo 1
KHO04459_37652- website
Mohsen Khosravi /
KNO99197_84784- website
Carolyn Knorr /
Flight Simulator
KUM71265_69873- website
Archana Kumar /
Birds and Boats
MCC02461_35573- website
Pete McCutchen /
Springtime in Paris
MON56318_80881- website
Emmanuel Monzon /
MUS55853_02058- website
Alicia Music / Bradley House
Neptunian's World
Lori Pond /
Neptunian's World
ROB28309_39399- website
Gabrielle Robinson / Reserved
SAG20018_33979- website
Rony Sagy /
Midway (San Francisco
Oakland Bay Bridge)
SCH77049_35967- website
Wendi Schneider /
Lily Pads
STA92637_25098- website
Melissa Stanton / Tree #2
VAN35903_93228- website
Tyler Vance / Cart at Sunrise
WAT69182_70225- website
Charlotte Watts /
In Other Worlds -
The Mountain Faraway

 Juror's Statement

"There is no closed figure in nature. Every shape participates with another. No one thing is independent of another, and one thing rhymes with another, and light gives them shape." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

This quote by Bresson has always struck me as one of the most poignant descriptions of fine photography, and even more so – by a photographer who ultimately understood the elements of what makes a successful photographic composition.

I have always used photography as tool to express metaphor and I personally love seeing juxtaposition, shape, and form mesh with poetic narratives in photography. I enjoyed looking through all the work that was submitted to this exhibition and narrowing it down to 75 photographs was no easy task. But when discerning which images would ultimately land into the gallery exhibition and then into the online exhibition as well, the common thread was looking for that poetic metaphor that I think photography is so keen on exposing. The work that is in the gallery exhibition had these eloquent qualities, and also included what I considered the ability to exhibit beautiful tonal ranges that would lend themselves to a fine photographic print, ready for exhibition. The breadth of work in this exhibition that fulfilled these qualities range from the spectrum of a visual narrative, to the simple contemplative beauty of quiet Zen landscapes and still life, to portraits that tell a story deep within the eyes of the subject.  

The Juror’s Award and the Director’s award were both selected for their unique approach to the medium of photography – both playing on uses of photographic film - The Juror’s Award playing with how the use of film can be used sculpturally to portray a three dimensional quality; and the Director’s Award playing with the concept of multi-layered double exposures in a landscape photograph. I loved how both of these photographs have poetic resonance while also utilizing the poetry of photography as well as interesting composition. 

When jurying and curating exhibitions, sometimes the final selections that culminate into an exhibition wind up taking a life of their own and telling one long story. Because of this, certain images get excluded not because they are not worthy, but because they do not complete the whole picture that the exhibition will tell.  

Kudos to all who entered, and thank you for allowing me into your artistic perspectives.  

- Jennifer Schlesinger

About the Juror

Jennifer Schlesinger is an artist, curator, gallerist, and educator based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She was the Director of VERVE Gallery of Photography from 2005-2017, and is now the owner and Director at Obscura Gallery in Santa Fe. Schlesinger has taught at the College of Santa Fe and continues to teach workshops at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Art Intersection, and other venues.

Schlesinger approaches her fine art photography with an interest in the historical development of photography as an artistic medium - incorporating influences from the age-old camera obscura, to 19th century albumen process, to 20th century gelatin silver printing. She is interested in how the evolution of photography can expand upon the development of photography as an art form. Her artistic media of choice are the 19th century albumen process and gelatin silver printing processes, while both her subject matter and content focus on the landscape and how humans philosophically interact with the natural world. She uses photography as a tool to capture the world around her both poetically and metaphorically, and is highly influenced by the investigation of life through philosophy.

Jennifer has exhibited widely at Southwest regional institutions, as well as national institutions such as the Southeast Museum of Photography and the Chelsea Art Museum. Her work has been published online and in print in international publications such as Black and White Magazine (U.S and UK), the cover article for Diffusion Magazine Volume III, and Fotoritim in Turkey. Schlesinger is represented in many public collections, including the Southeast Museum of Photography, Florida; The New Mexico Museum of Art, and the New Mexico History Museum / Palace of the Governors Photo Archives.

Learn more about Jennifer Schlesinger's work here.

Call for Entries

For this exhibition we are looking for black and white work that tells a story, recites a poem, or simply gives beauty to the viewer, without significant use of the color spectrum. All photo-based capture methods and processes are welcome.

We are honored indeed that Jennifer Schlesinger will be the juror for Black and White. She will select 35 images for exhibition in our Middlebury, Vermont gallery and another 40 for our Online Gallery. All 75 images will be reproduced in the exhibition catalog.

Recipients of the Juror’s Award and Director’s Award will each be entitled to a portfolio review by Jennifer Schlesinger.

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