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April 4 - April 28, 2018

Capturing the Light

Juror: Laura Moya

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ADA62043_19452- juror
Lisa Elizabeth Adams /
Winter Catchlights
AGR01391_31125- juror

Geoffrey Agrons / Elixirs

ARM99029_96441- juror
Nelson W. Armour / Bache
BAR12499_12171- juror
Kristen Bartley / Bangs Street
BRA24121_15432- juror
Cody Bratt / Untitled (1:46 PM)
BRI68128_90446- juror
Makala Brinkley-Seitz /
The Tet Offensive
BRY58258_19466- juror
Susan Bryant / Sunset, Florence
CHO95922_76527- juror
Gina Cholick / Burst
CHU43545_25199- juror
Gigi Chung / Sails
CLA81351_18867- juror
David Clarkson /
WTC Labyrinth
COL73801_70448- juror
Ashleigh Coleman / Reading
DAV00937_54113- juror
Laura Beth Davidson /
Oh My Darlin'
DUN88621_44553- juror
Michael Duncan / Enchanted Tree
FIS86162_26131- juror
Kathleen Fischer / Zabriskie Road
GOR70699_94257- juror
Laurie Gordon / Childhood Dreams
Norm Halm /
Banyan Tree, Vizcaya,
HAN20794_52056- juror
Eric L. Hansen / Morning Light
HAR83289_11061- juror
Bill Harbin / Ground Cherry
HOL94057_10511- juror
Susan Holstein /
Expectant Dusk
KEE17091_45721- juror
Angela Keene /
Untitled 8
KNO99197_45358- juror
Carolyn Knorr /
Late Night - Lincoln Center
KUM71265_30136- juror
Archana Kumar /
Into the Light
James Lattanzio /
MAR17954_90523- juror
Allan Markman /
MOR37867_30206- juror
Tom Morin /
Night Flight Seven,
from the series "Airplane"
NEM06648_31594- juror
Gene Nemeth / The Light
NES96576_64767- juror
Hannah Nesbeda /
Billy's Walk
NEW04966_83715- juror
Bob Newman /
Holi Hands
POW40311_04351- juror
Michael Powers / Caitlin
PRE37109_44434- juror
Conrad Pressma /
Honeymoon on the Beach
QIN55152_44363- juror
Tianran Qin /
Auto Nation, Subway & Pilot
SHE46485_24126- juror
Li Shen / The Stairwell
TED11545_64332- juror
Rayna Manger Tedford /
Bubble Stack
THO48975_12268- juror
Abigail Thompson /
VIE28545_79744- juror
Carlos Bueno /
At the Beach
WIL75417_53837- juror
Kirk Williams /
La Perouse Bay, Maui
DEN83681_87288- juror
David Dennard / Monk, Tibet
ABD13201_19097- juror
Madiha Abdo / Dark Composition
AGR01391_55083- juror
Geoffrey Agrons /
Isiah (The Condominium)
AZI03449_34382- juror
Moose Azim / Tulie
BAR12499_59099- juror
Kristen Bartley / Sunset Park
BEL35085_49158- juror
Dominique Belanger Angle /
The Bus Stop
BER10275_56107- juror
Ana Bernstein /
Night Traveling
BLA64084_75723- juror
James Black / Camel Wrangler
BRA24121_03389- juror
Cody Bratt / Untitled (5:21 PM)
BUT96173_35263- juror
Joel Butler /
Still Life with Lemon
CHA90955_84383- juror
Jo Ann Chaus / Party Dress
COR56569_88824- juror
Melissa Cormican /
Snow Leopard
DAV00937_70768- juror
Laura Beth Davidson /
Sunny Side Up
FAN17679_56964- juror
Michael Fanelli /
FIS86162_24894- juror
Kathleen Fischer /
We the People
GAY40535_18544- juror
Rick Gayle / Nicole
GOK42819_84806- juror
Nadide Goksun /
GOL23859_86772- juror
Steve Goldband and Ellen Konar /
Be Seated
GOR70699_48834- juror
Laurie Gordon /
GUV46619_77991- juror
Pelin Guven /
Labor of Love
KNO99197_75062- juror
Carolyn Knorr / Happy Hour
LAN51416_56791- juror
John Langford /
LIN17046_64954- juror
Jing Lin / Untitled
MAC33571_44018- juror
Scott MacEachern /
Walking Kids, Havana
MAR00793_48925- juror
Carol Marshall / Luminosity
MUL05391_84566- juror
Jenna Mulhall-Brereton /
Late Afternoon in the Doorway,
Wii Atoo Village, Gulu, Uganda
NEM06648_69182- juror
Gene Nemeth /
Time in Motion
RIC58954_12158- juror
Sascha Richter /
Monk at Bodhgaya
ROS02957_24135- juror
Susan Rosenberg Jones /
Second Time Around: Reading
RUB81473_65889- juror
Marian Rubin /
A Winter's Day
SCH77049_03754- juror
Wendi Schneider /
Lily Pads
SHE46485_82653- juror
Li Shen /
A Candle by the Water
SIM10207_05822- juror
Larry Simon /
Figures Against an Orange Wall / 1
STA64259_35133- juror
Kitty Stanley /
In Spite Of Everything-Paloma, Rancho De Taos Church
Charlotte Watts /
In Spite Of Everything -
Paloma, Rancho De Taos Church
WIN86681_98478- juror
Caren Winnall / Glowing, Istanbul
ZIM75575_70256- juror
Steve Ziman /
Young Monks in Prayer,
Bagan, Myanmar

Juror's Statement

In photography, we know light sets the mood, highlights a subject, creates depth, or gives us the gift of a few seconds of ethereal glimmer when it, say, hits water at a certain angle. Nature gives us light in so many forms – and various types of light carry different emotions. In jurying the imagery for this exhibition, in addition to the usual elements that make a strong image, I was looking for images that gave forth some kind of poetic angle or imagined story. The light had to illuminate details that made me wonder, that made me wish for a short story of sorts to accompany it, or to make one up in my head.

Oh, boy! So many visual gems were to be had – stories of love and loss and optimism and sweetness and the grandeur of nature and the sometimes smallness of man. Thank you to all those who submitted to this call for entries – do you know the importance of your work? It transcends any competition, category or exhibition – you are recording life!

- Laura Moya

In the beginning the light
And the first hour,
when lips still in clay
try out the things of the world
Green blood and things golden in the earth
And the sea, so exquisite in her sleep, spread
unbleached gauze of sky
under the carob trees and the great upright palms.

               - The Axion Esti, by Greek poet Odysseas Elytis

About the Juror

Laura is the Director of Photolucida, in Portland, Oregon. She organizes Photolucida’s biennial Portfolio Reviews event, Portland Photo Month, and is project manager for Photolucida’s Critical Mass book award publications. She has juried for Critical Mass, Blue Sky Gallery’s Northwest Drawers, Newspace Center for Photography, Photo District News, United Photo Industries/The Fence and PhotoPlace Gallery, and has written pieces for Finite Foto, Griffin Museum’s Critic’s Pick, and Photo-eye’s blog.

Laura co-curated an independent project, The Early Works Project, which was shown at Newspace Center for Photography, Rayko Photo Center, The Center for Fine Art Photography, and the Photographic Resource Center, as well as The Elevated Selfie: Beyond the Bathroom Mirror, which exhibited at LightBox Photographic Gallery and the Griffin Museum of Photography. She has been integral in Reviews events including the National Society for Photographic Education and LensCulture in Paris, and has participated in talks and panels at international festivals such as Pinyao International Photo Festival and GuatePhoto Festival. Most recently she curated photography + science for the Yixian International Photography Festival, and Hypermedia in Critical Mass for the Lishui International Photography Festival in China.

Lenscratch published a "Mixtape" on Laura Moya - you'll find it here.

Call for Entries

Photographers understand that the subject of every photograph is the light it reflects, and that the specific quality of that light can profoundly affect the power of the photograph. In essence, intentional mastery of light, both in the “taking” of the photograph and the “making” of the photograph, determines the strength and spirit of an image.

For this exhibit, we seek images whose success depends on the quality of the light. Whether light or dark, bright or dull, natural or artificial, the subject of these images is the magic, the possibilities, and the nuances of the light itself. Give us some thoughtful visual interpretations illustrating the word ‘luminosity’.

Any capture or process is welcome.

Juror Laura Moya will select approximately 35 images for exhibition in the gallery, and 35 for our Online Gallery Annex. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and the Director’s Award will each be entitled to a portfolio review by Laura Moya.

Additionally, five copies of Amy Friend’s book Dare Alle Luce (Italian for To Bring to the Light, published by Photolucida) will be distributed to five finalists.