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Celebrating Women

Deadline for submissions: Mar 12, 2018
Prints due: Apr 20, 2018
Exhibition: May 2 - May 26, 2018

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AEL24999_90866- juror
Jaime Aelavanthara /
Bone Dress

David Aimone / Singer

ARR42559_46582- juror
Natalie Arriola / Lindsay I
BEE99614_66111- juror
Gary Beeber /
Mona with Her Idols
BOU02423_15285- juror
J. Felice Boucher /
Paper Whites
CAR31298_18432- juror
JoAnn Carney /
Theodora "Living Treasure"
CLE02307_66013- juror
Cheryl Clegg / Morna B.
CON56496_36858- juror
Beverly Conley /
Beauty School Students,
from the series
"East 4th St. & Prospect Ave."
CUR56962_71726- juror
Jana Curcio / Fall
David Dennard / Untitled
HOL61112_00475- juror
Janet Holmes /
Why Would Anyone Rescue a Chicken?
(Mel and Harold)
JOS30507_50084- juror
Michael Joseph / Morgan III
KAL62719_22013- juror
Robert Kalman / Tiffany
KIN58727_92147- juror
William King / Vogue
KLE42657_20606- juror
Laurie Klein /
My Mother and Her Portrait
LEW75284_11451- juror
Jeffrey M. Lewis /
Claire in Her Cyr Wheel
Akriti-Napalese Heritage
Melissa Lynn /
Akriti-Nepalese Heritage
MAC27461_05711- juror
Leah Macdonald / Holding On
MAH12536_65252- juror
Patty Maher /
Gauging the Wind
MAR14762_56069- juror
Jenn Martin /
Mighty Girl
MIL57933_54006- juror
Janice Milhem / Gertie
NOR49902_75654- juror
Diane Norman / Beulah
OLS93313_74353- juror
Rosanne Olson / Reflection I
ROB10975_28955- juror
Nancy Roberts /
Photographing Myself
RUS30275_99639- juror
Don Russell & Machelle Baccus / Barrel Racer 2015
Målfrid Sand / Connecting
SCH13199_03547- juror
Thomas Schworer / Reach
STE17517_22335- juror
Ruth Steinberg / Sienna and Alma
SZK20902_65582- juror
Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart /
Hair Envy
YOU28092_10564- juror
Beamie Young / Awakening
THO71669_44353- juror
Judith Thorpe /
The Passions - Ecstasy 6
ECK71784_09062- juror
Susan Eckert / Homage to Klimt
MAR13599_48265- juror
Vicky Martin / Ruby Red
ACE50984_50128- juror
Johnny Acero /Give Silver
ACH20345_76048- juror
Debra Achen /Shifting Into the Dark
AGR01391_16057- juror
Geoffrey Agrons /
Ice Train from Dresden
AIM67866_91225- juror
David Aimone /
Flying to be Free Again
BAR58045_58457- juror
Tabitha Barnard /
Intergenerational Portrait,
Longfellow House
BEN00108_12106- juror
Laura J. Bennett /
The Veil Ensures her Silence
BOU02423_28552- juror
J. Felice Boucher /
Mrs. McGregor
BOU33511_00248- juror
Elena Bouvier /
20:365 / In My Power, I Am Magic
CHA82716_15835- juror
Robi (Anirudha) Chakraborty /
Kutch Mother and Safina
DIL56421_84355- juror
Kristin Dillon /
Laurel and Her Bow
FEN89116_92075- juror
Susan Fenton / Maddalena
FOR43759_24424- juror
Morgan Ford Willingham /
GOD13937_53808- juror
Kevin Godfrey / Waiting
GOF46689_98762- juror
Steve Goff /
Beckwith, New Mexico
HEL94694_62334- juror
Leonard Hellerman /
A Respite from Chores
KRE66815_71262- juror
Deb Kreimborg / Hands of Time
Melissa-Puerto Rican Heritage
Melissa Lynn /
Melissa-Puerto Rican Heritage
MAH12536_57179- juror
Patty Maher /
Concentric Circles
OLS93313_57105- juror
Rosanne Olson / Sister
PAE68521_61233- juror
Inga Pae /Barbie Death March
PES52829_09755- juror
Claude Peschel Dutombe /
Ayutthaya Heritage #05
All rights reserved © 2012
Margaret Rizzuto /
Sweet Surrender
ROZ60579_68347- juror
Karen Rozbicki Stringer /
Pas de Deux
SCH13199_97137- juror
Thomas Schworer / Tidepool
SCH68562_08086- juror
Tony Schwartz /
Recollections of Childhood
SHE46485_53562- juror
Li Shen /
Dick, Holly and Suzanne,
from the series
"The Last Woman Horsepowered Farmer"
SLA59398_63083- juror
Michael Slack /
Smoke and the Maiden
SMI89376_45778- juror
Stacie Ann Smith /Too Much
TRU51041_99066- juror
Cherie E. Truesdell /Story
WIC20558_82736- juror
Patricia Wickes / Untitled #15
WIL92285_08261- juror
Angilee Wilkerson & Jana C. Perez /
Homage to Duccio: Eve and the Maiden
YOU28092_41925- juror
Beamie Young /Fossil Feather
MAH12536_16488- juror
Patty Maher /
The Less Said the Better
EPS63746_04867- juror
Joanna Epstein / August
BOU02423_98803- juror
J. Felice Boucher /
Cardinal Sin
GOO37775_29681- juror
Ellen Goodman / Untitled
CON56496_26835- juror
Beverly Conley /
Woman Smoking a Pipe,
Cape Verde Islands
Douglas Prince hippo

Juror's Statement

I have always been fascinated by the female psyche in all of its mysterious dimensions. When PhotoPlace Gallery invited me to curate this exhibit entitled “Celebrating Women,“ I was excited to be part of this process.

After looking at over a great many submissions, I can honestly say I was immensely impressed by their high caliber and variety. There was a wide selection of work in many categories: the classical, the documentary, the spiritual, the conceptual, and the experimental. I must confess that at times it seemed like comparing apples and oranges, so I tried to include the best images from each of these categories.

In the end, we all want to be astonished by a new photograph. We want an exhibition to inspire us and to touch us by revealing parts of the human condition in new ways. This collection of photographs certainly did that for me.

I congratulate all the participating photographers for using their own unique talents and visual voices in recording and celebrating the amazing women in this exhibition and book. 

- Joyce Tenneson

About the Juror

“Every so often an artist comes along who defies the easy labeling that curators and critics feel obliged to stick on everything under their rapacious gaze. In spite of lacking obvious inspirations and role models, these artists manage to create deeply felt, radical works that an extraordinary number of viewers respond to with fervor and pleasure.”

- Karl-Peter Gottschalk, photography critic, on Joyce Tenneson 

Internationally lauded as one of the most influential photographers of her generation, Joyce Tenneson has been published in books and major magazines, and exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. Her portraits have appeared on covers for magazines such as: TimeLifeNewsweekPremiereEsquire and The New York Times Magazine.

Vicki Goldberg, critic and author, writes of Tenneson: “Tenneson possesses a unique vision which makes her photographs immediately recognizable. She creates enigmatic and sensuous images that are timeless and haunting.”

Tenneson is the author of sixteen books including the best seller, Wise Women, which was featured in a six-part Today Show series. She is the recipient of many awards, including Fine Art Photographer of the Year in 2005 (Lucie Awards), and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Professional Photographers of America in 2012. In a poll conducted by American Photo Magazine, readers voted Tenneson among the ten most influential women in the history of photography. In the Fall of 2014, Fotografiska Museum, in Stockholm, Sweden, mounted a large retrospective of her work which was seen by approximately 30,000 people. Tenneson’s work has been exhibited in museums around the globe and is part of many private and public collections.

In addition to her photography exhibits and books, Tenneson has taught master photography classes in the U.S. and Europe for over 40 years. 

Learn more about Joyce Tenneson through her website, here.

Call for Entries

For this exhibition we seek images that will contribute to a mosaic of what it means to be female: the mystery, the diversity, the enduring and the changeable. Photographs of women of any age are encouraged that reveal aspects of the feminine core—its physicality, emotional complexity, strength and vulnerability, and unique place in humanity.

Any capture or process is welcome.

We are immensely pleased that Joyce Tenneson will be jurying and curating this exhibition. She will select approximately 35 images for exhibition in the gallery, and 35 for our Online Gallery Annex. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and the Director’s Award will each be entitled to a personal portfolio review by Ms. Tenneson.

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