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July 28 - August 21, 2015

Family Matters

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Richard Bonvissuto - Palm Springs, CA Grandma's Room
Cecilia Borgenstam - San Francisco, CA Funeral Dress
Jennifer Copp - Winter Springs, FL Hide and Seek
Jennifer Copp - Winter Springs, FL Lost in Suburbia
Wesley Corn - Hendersonville, NC Bonding Bonsai Cooking Out
Marie-Pierre Cravedi - Valeyres-sous-Ursins, Vaud, Switzerland Réunion 02
DiTosti_Roy_3Fred and Older Sons
Roy DiTosti - Stow, MA Fred C. & Older Sons
Desiree Edkins - Scottsdale, AZ Pegasus
Desiree Edkins - Scottsdale, AZ Hummer
Daniel Farnum - Tulsa, OK Waterslide, Tulsa, OK
Charlotta Maria Hauksdottir - Palo Alto, CA 1 Roosevelt Circle
Kevin B. Jones - San Francisco, CA Riverbed Wash
Karoliina Kase - Tartu, Estonia Grandma Cutting Hay
Keiser_Susan_5Fire and Ice No.10
Susan Keiser - Ossining, NY Fire and Ice No. 10
Danielle Khoury - Fort Worth, TX Backyard Visitor
Kory Kingsley - Manchester, VT From the Series: To Be Here III
Charlie Koliha - Emeryville, CA Untitled
Kuzub_Alena_4Family Habitat. Self-portrait
Alena Kuzub - Dorchester, MA Family Habitat: Self-Portrait
Lapides_Susan 1_susan_Lapides_©_2015
Susan Lapides - Cambridge, MA The Wilson Sisters
Annabelle Marcovici - Minneapolis, MN Untitled
Ashley McDowell - Arlington, MA Melissa on Mom's Bed
Rebecca Morrison - Jamaica Plain, MA Sarah's Bath
Charlotte Niel - Oakland, CA Family Man
Jaclyn Cori Norman - Savannah, GA "Chapter Two, II"
Jaclyn Cori Norman - Savannah, GA "Chapter Two, V"
Jackson Patterson - Chicago, IL Cradle
Powers_Michael 3. Grandma
Michael Powers - Durham, NC Grandma
Betty Press - Hattiesburg, MS Evening Hunt With Grandchildren, Compromise, Mississippi
Anna Ream - Issaquah, WA Bryn and Bunny with Natalie with Piggy
Amy Royale - East Point, GA Tough Like, Broken Dolls Series, 2012
Andi Schreiber - Scarsdale, NY Summer's Idyll
Susan Swihart - Los Angeles, CA Support
Stephanie Robbins Thulin - Richmond, VA #32: September 1962
Ian Tuttle - San Francisco, CA Dad
Steffanie Halley - Oklahoma City, OK My Father's Hands
Banasiak_John_Lessons at the Bar hires
John Banasiak - Vermillion, SD Lessons at the Bar
Abenaim_Meredith_4_Third Bed
Meredith Abenaim - Boston, MA Third Bed
Meredith Amadee - Phoenix, AZ My Father and Me in Grammy's Hands
Jennifer Copp - Winter Springs, FL Me, Myself & Sophia
Wesley Corn - Hendersonville, NC Tradition Roasting The Homestead
Marie-Pierre Cravedi - Valeyres-sous-Ursins, Vaud, Switzerland Réunion 04
Petra Davis - San Francisco, CA Stockbridge
Sharon Draghi - Scarsdale, NY Pool Games
Daniel Farnum - Tulsa, OK Couple After A Storm, Tulsa, OK
Christopher Ferreria - San Diego, CA Matt, David, and John, Boonville, California (Home is where one begins)
Rebecca Finley - The Woodlands, TX Newlyweds, Huntsville, TX
Melinda Hurst Frye - Seattle, WA Two Pods
Corey Hendrickson - Middlebury, VT Hendrickson_2
Judi Iranyi - San Francisco, CA Untitled
Judge_Vaughan_My brother and me
Vaughan Judge - Bozeman, MT My Brother and Me
Keiser_Susan_1Fire and Ice No.28
Susan Keiser - Ossining, NY Fire and Ice No. 28
Eileen Kennedy - Philadelphia, PA Untitled
Kory Jean Kingsley - Manchester, VT From the Series: To Be Here I
Koshimizu_Curtis_2_Common Thread
Curtis Koshimizu - Whittier, CA Common Thread
Leba Marquez - North Hollywood, CA Like Father, Like Son
Lisa McCord - Pacific Palisades, CA Sheree at My Mother's Gravesite in Arkansas
Ashley McDowell - Arlington, MA Melissa Peering Through the Fence
Hannah Neal - Austin, TX Piano
Dale Niles - Fayetteville, GA Sisters
Jenna Petrone - Brooklyn, NY Mel
Betty Press - Hattiesburg, MS Mother getting her daughter ready for Miss Redneck contest, Baxterville, Mississippi
Camilo Ramirez - Jamaica Plain, MA Untitled (From the Series "Another Eternity")
Reischwitz_Astrid_The Value of Laundry Pins_Stories from the Kitchen Table
Astrid Reischwitz - Bedford, MA The Value of Laundry Pins from the series "Stories From the Kitchen Table"
Anna Rotty - San Francisco, CA Maureen Thinking of Jack
Michael Rubin - San Francisco, CA Christmas Tree Farm
Michael Sakasegawa - San Diego, CA Eva
Kristin Skees - Hampton, VA How to Raise Your Spirited Child
Philippa Stannard - Perugia, Italy Motherhood
Gustavo Valle - Goicoechea, San José, Costa Rica Final Voyage
Sandra Chen Weinstein - Lake Forest, CA Family Album, Rodeo, Texas
Halley_Steffanie_1childs play
Steffanie Halley - Oklahoma City, OK Child's Play
Gerard_Alexis_Foster City hi res
Alexis J. Gerard - Hillsborough, CA Foster City, CA - November 2011

Juror's Statement

My father always said, “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.” He was right, and yet I wouldn’t trade all the joy, sorrow, pain, tragedy, darkness and light of my own experiences with my family for anyone else’s. The history and the weight of our lives make us who we are. I was honored to be selected to jury the Family Matters exhibition and delighted at the strength of the work submitted for the competition. I have long been interested in people’s stories. And this isn’t because I’m     Read more   [expand] the child of two therapists (with a sibling who became a therapist too). And it isn’t because Emmet Gowin is the reason I became a photographer. By documenting those we know intimately or those who know each other intimately, we not only capture fleeting moments, the moments we were intending to record, but often these images reveal secrets or even become preludes for what is to come. As an example, there is something in Jaclyn Cori Norman’s portrait of her daughter in the backyard where I don’t know if she is yelling in pain or rapture. Or Desiree Edkins’ photograph of her daughter defiantly standing in front of a frozen running truck. Or the family portrait made by Judi Iranyi where two members of that group are clearly not enjoying the occasion one bit. The dynamics of family, yours and others, is fascinating. Thankfully, many talented artists are documenting every aspect of the journey of life from the beginning until the end. This exhibition includes everything from birth (literally, a baby just screaming into life) to death (images of funeral gowns and grave sites being photographed before the casket can be lowered into the ground) and all the stages in between. Bravo!

- Ann M. Jastrab

About the Juror

Ann M. Jastrab is a fine art photographer, master printer, teacher and curator. She is currently Gallery Director at RayKo Photo Center in the SOMA arts district, San Francisco. Ann has curated many exhibitions for RayKo as well as juried exhibitions for the San Francisco Arts Commission, the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Artspan, and SFAI, the Center for Fine Art Photography, and other national and international venues outside of San Francisco. She has reviewed portfolios at the Seoul International Photography Festival in Korea, Fotofest, Photolucida, GuatePhoto, Review Santa Fe, Review LA, PhotoAlliance (Our World), SPE, Medium, Palm Springs Photo Festival, Filter, Lishui International Photography Festival in China, and Click646, as well as being a juror for Critical Mass. In addition to these venues, you'll also find her at Maine Media Workshops, where she has been teaching since 1994. Jastrab has a particular interest in work depicting family, and has a keen eye to the nuances of a genre that has picked up a great deal of momentum in recent years.

Call for Entries

Family. A term that evokes an avalanche of associations – some dear, some fraught, some bearing the weight of tradition and lineage, some the glow of intimacy and trust. "Family" can be defined in many ways, but it always incorporates relationships among people who share common bonds born of friendship, location, loyalty, love, belief, interest, or blood.