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December 6, 2018 - January 5, 2019

Fictional Narrative

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All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ALI04957 56479 juror
Diane Alire
AMB30866 17854 juror
Melody Amber
Solemn Retrospective, from the series L'Ecume des Jours
AUC34024 33088 juror
Katrin Auch
Novice: Needlework
BER88437 24202 juror
Karla Bernstein
One Night I Dreamed...Escape
BRA31497 98866 juror
Blind Man's Bluff
BRO76064 27141 juror
Michael Richardson
The Black Undercrypt Of Druma The Woeful
BUT13651 11003 juror
Jade Butay
Bedtime Stories
CAR49137 03974 juror
Victoria Carter
CHA46418 60747 juror
Skott Chandler
CHI87492 13838 juror
Director's Award
Crystal-Anne Chijindu
Touch Not
CIP03125 41488 juror
Jaina Cipriano
CLA10856 55855 juror
Lucy Plato Clark
The keeper
DUA16944 77663 juror
Dora Duan
FAU69622 10325 juror
Jana Fašungová
She Said She'd Marry the Waters
FOX94004 66092 juror
Art Fox
Ten Birds and Ten Men
GIL50127 09637 juror
Heather Gilich
Guided by the Moon
GRI94176 23973 juror
Lisa Griffiths
ING57174 07395 juror
Honorable Mention
Charles Ingham
I Know When to Go out and When to Stay in, Get Things Done
JAC31836 98877 juror
Candice Jean Jacobus
Rumination: North Beach, Head in the Clouds
JAM49168 31865 juror
Nikolaus James
Der Zauberer vom Bodensee
JEO80872 04793 juror
Diana Nicholette Jeon
The Hazards of Hunting While Heartbroken
KAS58473 20024 juror
Kristina Kashtanova
KRE66815 59504 juror
Deb Kreimborg
Spell of the Raven
LIN92297 68385 juror
Honorable Mention
Wen-Hang Lin
Blue Shadow Behind Everything Dazzling
MAN31193 97574 juror
John Manno
Misbegotten Places #5
MCK37479 81202 juror
Jim McKinniss
Man in Black at the Beach with Birds
MEI00735 80048 juror
Juror's Award
Teresa Meier
PAL17157 93637 juror
Yvonne Palkowitsh
Soul Searching
SCO59058 90557 juror
Susan Scott
SHA02681 06993 juror
Kerry Sharkey-Miller
The Catch from the series Baymen
SHA08885 75629 juror
Honorable Mention
Brooke Shaden
SIN94797 03161 juror
Kelly Sinclair
SLI70272 05971 juror
Hanna Renee Sliz
Scattered Peaks
TIS66773 13596 juror
Dariya Tishchenko-Zhuravel
Bicycle riders
VID14984 44437 juror
Nick Vidal-Hall
AMB30866 38416 juror
Melody Amber
Immersion, from the series L'Ecume des Jours
AMB30866 42532 juror
Melody Amber
Chloe, from the series L'Ecume des Jours
BUT79747 05435 juror
Ronald Butler
Glitter Farmer
BUT79747 23414 juror
Ronald Butler
BUT79747 49739 juror
Ronald Butler
CAR91184 98466 juror
Catharine Carter
CHA00882 22193 juror
Noa Chandler
Figments III
CHE49583 64435 juror
Laurence Chellali
Still alive
CLA10856 88285 juror
Lucy Plato Clark
New Gothic
CLE02307 14347 juror
Cheryl Clegg
Halcyon Days
DIA48239 24277 juror
Thomas R. Diaz
The Muster
DIL56234 91808 juror
Shelby Dillon
Self Destruction
DUA16944 40263 juror
Dora Duan
EDE42225 09742 juror
Anne Eder
7 Months 5 Days
FOX94004 67126 juror
Art Fox
FRI08213 07389 juror
Marie-Pier Frigon
The Hero
GER30968 27992 juror
Charlotte Berndsen
Chained Melancholy
GOA44538 79252 juror
Thibaut Goarant
Hachibusekogen 10
GRI94176 50449 juror
Lisa Griffiths
HON49821 76823 juror
Stephen Honicki
No One Came Today (from "The Book of James")
KOU57259 04245 juror
Tina Koufas-Eisbacher
Opening Day at the Races: 23rd Century Racing Series
LAM51529 91197 juror
Eva Lam
100 Years of Solitude 3
LIN17046 85204 juror
Jing Lin
Illusory Contours
MAC24716 34241 juror
Toby MacLennan
The Encounter
MAN74783 31083 juror
Colleen Mann
I Have a Different Heart
PIZ61538 34189 juror
Rino Pizzi
She didn't like the realtor
PRE39794 36018 juror
Bryan Prendeville
In Time 4
SCA82377 66164 juror
Matteo Scarpa
The difficult love between Ulysses and Partenope #2
SCO59058 32361 juror
Susan Scott
Plague of Soles
SHA08885 03938 juror
Brooke Shaden
SHA25788 24859 juror
Alexandra Shanovich
Soul birth
SIM32493 33501 juror
The Elucidation
TAN83057 24166 juror
Jason Tannen
TRU51041 66528 juror
Cherie E. Truesdell
VAR14982 00143 juror
Mae Belle Vargas
Chapter 15, from Strange Fiction series
WHA69744 68719 juror
Mary Whalen
Backyard 1
WHA69744 91126 juror
Mary Whalen
YOU28092 11301 juror
Beamie Young
Side Effects
YOU28092 55734 juror
Beamie Young
Rain Dear
Fictional narrative banner

Juror: Emma Powell
Gallery exhibition: December 6, 2018 - January 5, 2019

Juror's Statement

I was honored to review so many remarkable and intriguing photographs. Thank you to all the artists who contributed their work. I believe it is imagination that connects the images in this selection, both the artist’s creative intent as well as the imagination inspired in the viewer.

 When reviewing the images for Fictional Narrative, I found myself particularly drawn to images that made me curious about their greater context or storyline. These images made me want to envision the world they came from. I also looked for the mysterious images that conveyed intimate details while also relating to more universal themes. I was impressed by how aesthetically compelling these images are. From depth of atmosphere to elements of design, these images stood out to me for their visual strength.

 To me, fictional narratives in photography allow us the freedom to explore our own lives through metaphor and fantasy, while also giving us room to nurture our creativity and escape from the mundane. Please take the time to be immersed in the stories these images tell and see where they take you.  

             Emma Powell

Information about our printing service and free matting and framing here.

About the Juror

Emma Powell is an assistant professor of art at Colorado College. Powell graduated from the College of Wooster, and received her MFA in photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. Her work often examines photography's history while incorporating historic processes and other devices within the imagery.

“My photographic work focuses on fictional narrative. I create art that visualizes curious scenarios in order to convey a message or feeling instead of a record of a moment. I utilize a range of hand-applied photographic emulsions in order to visualize the distance between fantasy and reality, as well as to make prints that appear as objects instead of windows. The photographic processes I use are chosen intentionally to evoke another place or time that is removed from the every day, adding layers of narrative meaning through historical references or material qualities.”

Emma Powell's website
Svala's Saga

Call for Entries

Photographic fictional narratives read like fairytales rather than memoirs. They leave clues rather than solve mysteries. At times, they are constructed by the artist with a specific intention in mind – a staged setting, art-directed gazes and gestures, and allegorical metaphors. Other times, the images are found in landscape or through man-made materials that represent universal qualities of the personal, human experience. At its best, personal narratives create curiosity while recounting intimate or imagined stories — with unique endings for each viewer. 

Send us your photographs that tell a story, staged or captured, dreamt or found, whether individual images or a cohesive set of images.

We are very pleased that Emma Powell will be jurying and curating this exhibition. She will select approximately 35 images for exhibition in the gallery, and 35 for our Online Gallery Annex. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and the Director’s Award will each be entitled to a personal portfolio review by Ms. Powell.

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E Powell 8
© Emma Powell
E Powell 6
© Emma Powell
E Powell 5
© Emma Powell
E Powell 3
© Emma Powell