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Finding Joy

Deadline for submissions: Aug 10, 2020
Now closed to submissions
Prints due: Sep 17, 2020
Exhibition: October 1 - October 23, 2020

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ALB63316 08707 juror
Margaret Albaugh
Post-Painting Baths
BAR20953 58413 juror
Carrie Barcomb
Carefree Summer Days
BRI62919 11212 juror
Constance Brinkley
The Embrace Of Friendship
COO48558 21013 juror
Ron Cooper
Across the Dunes
COO48558 42969 juror
Ron Cooper
Single Flower
COT34239 69695 juror
Paul Cotter
Cooling Off
CUT10198 67204 juror
Lisa Cutler
Chasing the Fish
DAN75317 21523 juror
D. Dangott
Playing With The Wind
DAW63045 69608 juror2
Michelle Dawkins
Big Splash
DIP80258 50881 juror
Stephanie DiPerna
Blown away
FAI75036 50987 juror
Catherine Fairchild
GER89012 42847 juror
Kathleen Gerber
Playing in the Water
GOK42819 64979 juror
Nadide Goksun
GOL09028 99455 juror
Danielle L Goldstein
Coney Island
GOO37775 01547 juror
Ellen Goodman
Bringing Home the Tree
HOL07184 51397 juror
Maureen Holland
The Sled Train
HOQ40312 52752 juror
Mahmudul Hoque Moni
HUG63264 64402 juror
Jennifer G. Hughes
The Garden
KES00632 39388 juror
Paul Kessel
LED12262 72694 juror
Joan Lederer
Finding Joy 2
PAR52077 37438 juror
Kristan Parks
Road Trip
PAR34333 31418 juror3
Don Parenta
The Graduation Leap of Joy
RAE68932 02365 juror
Abby Raeder
Unbridled Joy
SHE12114 20426 juror
Cindy Shebley
Bubble Cannon
SMI40149 60045 juror
Lee Smith
Beach Runner
TIC40796 79855 juror
Lisa Tichané
Superman in Training
TIC40796 86927 juror
Lisa Tichané
The Sprinkler Dance
TYR07583 27401 juror
Morgan Tyree
Tethered Flight
WAL84263 79358 juror
Reena Walking
Dancing Flamingos
YUY71975 55266 juror
Kiliii Yuyan
Pandemic Beach Dance
ALB63316 86451 juror
Margaret Albaugh
Hammocks as Boats
BOS72087 72527 juror
Meg Boscov
Nigella on the Half Shell
BUT79747 65201 juror
Ronald Butler
Untermyer Fountain (Three Dancing Maidens)
COO48558 51841 juror
Ron Cooper
CUT10198 54469 juror
Lisa Cutler
A Dream
DAN75317 47236 juror
D. Dangott
Seashore Snowman In July
DOW70508 35386 juror
Robin Downs
GOO37775 59642 juror
Ellen Goodman
The Joy of Summer
HAN75654 46853 juror
Molly Han
HIL43037 45549 juror
Lori Hillsberg
Pre-Covid Celebration
HOL82742 71899 juror
Susan Holtz
All dressed up
HUG63264 17812 juror
Jennifer G. Hughes
JIM43081 57351 juror
Charles Jimenez
KAY99245 72378 juror
Elizabeth Kayl
One Blue Umbrella
MAC58758 99893 juror
Danielle MacInnes
Willa's Joy
COT34239 47665 juror
Paul Cotter
A Taste of Summer
MAR08676 84391 juror
Cristin Martin
Little Girl With Bubbles
MES26184 59858 juror
Allan Mestel
A Son's Love
MUD49043 56464 juror
Abhi Muduganti
Fawn Playing in a Stream
PER72973 52604 juror
Lawrence Perlman
Chasing the Bird
REI44591 78106 juror
Laura Reid
Learning to Fly
ROB02633 91229 juror2
Seth Robbins
Cool Down
SCH02654 12636 juror2
Miranda Schmitz
Shanaya 2
SMU15855 67237 juror2
Larry Smukler

Juror's Statement

Artists, thank you for sharing your delightful work with me during this strange and uncertain time. I applaud PhotoPlace Gallery for hosting such a timely call, as seeing and appreciating truly joyful imagery can help heal our hearts and strengthen our collective spirit. It was personally uplifting to review hundreds and hundreds of photographs that were created with the intent to elicit a smile and bring some form of happiness to the viewer.

I was particularly struck by images that appeared authentically joyful, rather than staged for the camera—summoning giddy memories from childhood or recalling the loving embrace of someone special or experiencing that exhilarating sense of boundless freedom or merely enjoying one of life’s many simple pleasures. For me, these photographic moments captured a tangible and almost contagious feeling of bliss, not just happy subjects. At the same time, I was surprisingly moved by the numerous quiet and unexpected, yet playful, interpretations on the theme of joy. Ultimately, I hope this exhibition serves as a visual reminder to all that we must always try to seek out and hold onto the “happy” in life.

Call for Entries

In these dark days, finding those things that bring us joy is particularly difficult, and never more important. Finding and sharing expressions of joy brings comfort to us all.

So please, make new photographs, or dig through your archives and share those moments of joy with a world that could surely use seeing them as well.

All capture and post processes welcome.

We are very pleased that Amy Holmes George will jury this exhibition. Amy will select 40 images for exhibition in our Middlebury, Vermont gallery and another 50 for our Online Gallery. All 90 images will be reproduced in the exhibition catalog. 

Information about our printing service and free matting and framing here.

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Jim Leisy Pose Gesture B.
Jim Leisy
Shannon Johnson Animalia A
Shannon Johnson
Evie with hose
Georg Krausch

About the Juror

Amy Holmes George is a fine art photographer and a past Executive Director of Texas Photographic Society (2013-2018). As a former tenured professor of photography and digital media at Stephen F. Austin State University, Amy has also held teaching appointments at Collin College, Baylor University and University of North Texas. Amy is a recent member of the National Board of Directors of the Society for Photographic Education (2013-2017) and a 2008 Fulbright grant recipient. She earned an MFA in photography from Clemson University and a BFA cum laude in photography and graphic design from Miami University.

Exhibited widely throughout the U.S. as well as in Italy, England, France and China, Amy's work has been featured in over one hundred exhibitions and is housed in several permanent collections, including The Getty, The Kinsey Institute and the Fratelli Alinari Museum in Florence, Italy. Her work has been published in a variety of texts, including the third edition of The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes [Christopher James, 2015]; Gum Printing and other Amazing Contact Printing Processes [Christina Z. Anderson, 2013]; and the fifth edition of Exploring Color Photography: From Film to Pixels [Robert Hirsch, 2010].  

Visit her website here.

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