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Finding the Light

Deadline for submissions: Nov 09, 2020
Juror: Laura Moya
Prints due: Dec 17, 2020
Exhibition: December 31, 2020 - January 21, 2021

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ANO97377 28916 juror
Mitchell Anolik
A Walk on the Bridge
BAM72542 80086 juror
Gerhard Bamler
BER71587 53197 juror
Sarajane Berge
In the Shadows
BIR39366 31194 juror
Hannah Birenz
Taranaki, New Zealand, 2018
BRO75725 74739 juror
Harriet Brocket
Dandelion Bulbs
CAK96927 65207 juror
Art of a Moment
CHA46418 44926 juror
Skott Chandler
FIE26277 58323 juror
Jo Fields
HAL54795 12812 juror
Norm Halm
Nativity Figure, Black Friday, San Diego
HEL53287 30639 juror
Janique Helson
Window on Friends
HIL20746 68494 juror
Karen Hillier
HOL82742 13209 juror
Susan Holtz
JON93314 43044 juror
Kathryn Jones
The Present Moment
KNI35368 12718 juror
Steve Knight
Moonrise Ranchos de Taos
LEC14997 57905 juror
France Leclerc
LIC10909 17855 juror
Susan Licht
Edge of Night
MAY34468 56858 juror
Honorable Mention
MCC35348 25894 juror
Charlie McCullers
Where the Light Enters, Study No. 707
MIL08732 67215 juror
Honorable Mention
Kate Miller-Wilson
Light Whisper
MOU11209 42258 juror
Samuel Moulin
Sterile Slope
NIC11937 89911 juror
Nancy Nichols
PON06934 72712 juror
Tom Ponessa
PSI52331 96755 juror
Keron Psillas
Voyeur Filhos do Vento
RAZ70532 00163 juror
Rania Razek
Birth of Light
REE76024 25542 juror2
Director's Award
Alfield Reeves
Just Joy
REE85366 47707 juror2
Marea Reed
The Woods No. 1
RHY59724 02291 juror
Joel Rhymer
Court Square 15
RIC26625 45204 juror
Honorable Mention
Jim Richards
ROB60639 24147 juror
Life Robinson
Hill Country 109
ROL71486 69636 juror
Honorable Mention
Suzanne Roland
Train 9
RUB48621 70331 juror
Joe Rubino
Light 6
SMA57024 55598 juror
Gavin Smart
When The Rain Stops Falling
SMI40149 09972 juror
Lee Smith
SOM14137 82891 juror
Dora Somosi
Inside Looking Out from Isolation
THI10132 98056 juror
Mirja Maria Thiel
Winter Morning
TUR97322 30493 juror
Jim Turner
VAN75242 48323 juror
Santiago Vanegas
Antarctica #1588
VER07817 18321 juror
Juror's Award
Eddy Verloes
Foggy Flemish Landscape
WIN12275 28944 juror
Thomas Winter
Snowmelt Rivulet, Tioga Pass, California
YOU28092 60349 juror
Beamie Young
BAB93734 86719 juror
Steve Babbitt
BAM72542 15607 juror
Gerhard Bamler
BEL43924 86609 juror
Jamie Belden
Moon Shine
BER37139 89537 juror
Dan Bernard
Painted Hills No. 2
Urban Wondering 03 by XavierBlondeau final
Xavier Blondeau
Urban Wondering #3
BON70914 96836 juror
Maureen Bond
BRI41878 10941 juror
Joe Brindisi
Heaven's Walk
BRO75725 38586 juror
Harriet Brocket
We Will Remember Them
CAK96927 35929 juror
Chasing the Light
CHA90802 56972 juror
Rupert Chambers
Sunset, Lobatos Bridge
CIU24372 84499 juror
Mary Ciullo
Lunar Landing
DAN51605 14751 juror
Darcy Dangremond
Window Shade
DIP27788 30468 juror
Lisette Morales
DOD85035 05792 juror
Janki Dodiya
Midnight Flora / Midnight Nursery 2
DON82031 51406 juror
Alexandria Donovan
FIE26277 58821 juror
Jo Fields
Blackberry Blossoms
GET51541 68191 juror
Marcia L Getto
Enter the Light
GIB36794 49188 juror
JP Gibson
GIN60649 28945 juror
Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin
Chile 77
HEL53287 51767 juror
Janique Helson
Light on Greyhound
HOL07184 47372 juror
Maureen Holland
Quiet in the Barn
JOH96256 68721 juror
Cince Johnston
Before Everything Changed
KAT97995 16533 juror
Rick Kattelmann
Upper Yosemite Falls
KIS49417 77566 juror
John Duke Kisch
Billie Sunset
LEW40035 52046 juror
Teresa Lewis
Encroaching Darkness
MIL08732 52777 juror
Kate Miller-Wilson
100 Years of Women Voting and My Great Grandmother's Dress
MUL05391 99447 juror
Jenna Mulhall-Brereton
How the Light Gets In, No. 38
NEE87608 90964 juror
Timothy Needham
NIE37261 82255 juror
Robert Nielsen
Morning Light, Haleakala, House of the Sun
PIE72043 71375 juror
William Pierson
Division of Light and Dark
REE76024 77332 juror
Alfield Reeves
RIC26625 12664 juror
Jim Richards
Book Stack
RIT27928 18719 juror
Magdalena Rittenhouse
Wabi Sabi: Fragile Beauty of Feeble Light
ROG72892 13297 juror
Ralph Rognstad Jr.
SCH02654 83734 juror
Miranda Schmitz
SCH67139 88018 juror
Michael Schenker
Hoi An Courtyard
SLO53746 52863 juror
Lori Sloan
Chase Plaza 2
SMU15855 73006 juror
Larry Smukler
WIL83442 76474 juror
Bernice Williams
In Search of the Light #3
ZHA33716 77847 juror
Cassie Zhang
Finding The Light
Anolik FTL
Bamler FLT
Berge FTL
Birenz FTL
Brocket FTL
Chandler FTL
Fields FTL 1
Halm FTL
Helson FTL 1
Hillier FTL
Holtz FTL
Jones FTL2
Knight FTL
Leclerc FTL 1
Licht FTL
MillerWillson FTL
Moulin FTL
Nichols FTL
Ponessa FTL copy2
Psillas FTL
Razek FTL
Reed FTL
Reeves FTL 1
Rhymer FTL
Robinson FTL
Roland FTL
Rubino FTL 1
Senushka FTL
Smart FTL2
Smith FTL
Somosi FTL
Thiel FTL
Turner FTL
Vanegas FTL
Verloes FTL
Winter FTL 1
Young FTL2

Juror’s Statement

I recently geographically transitioned from the Pacific Northwest to the Southwest, and consequently have been very attuned to the differences in light. That, combined with the slow days of pandemic isolation, has given me the space and time to feel how light shifts throughout the hours and how that effects one’s psyche. It was a natural sidestep to immerse myself into the consideration of images submitted to Finding the Light (while some kind of political/cultural metaphor hovered nearby – how does one find the light in these times?).

Illuminate (15thc) is from the Latin illūmināre, to light up; from lumen, light. The Italian language gives us illuminata, illuminare, illuminarsi, illuminazione.

Illuminate means to make lucid or clear, to make shining, to reveal details. In looking at the submissions, I was pulled into scenarios where something was being explained to me, a story was being told with the length of light waves. In the end, images that explored an unknown angle, a fleeting dimension, held my interest – light has power to turn an ordinary spot extraordinary. A great many images used light to craft an image – patience is needed for this. Or, an expert eye that can fit it into a strong composition super-quick. Thank you to the artists for doing the work and bringing so many interpretations of illumination to the table.

     — Laura Moya


Call for Entries

The quality of the light on a subject has a profound effect on the power of a photograph. Its color, direction, and diffusion often define the success or failure of an image. As filmmaker Aaron Rose put it, “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”

For this exhibit, we’re looking for images whose success depends on the quality of the light. Whether light or dark, bright or dull, natural or artificial, the subject of these images is the magic, the possibilities, and the nuances of the light itself. All capture and processing methods are welcome.

We are very pleased that Laura Moya will jury the exhibit. She will select approximately 40 images for exhibition in the Middlebury gallery, and 40 for our Online gallery. All selected images will be published in the exhibit catalog.

Information about our printing service and free matting and framing here.
Banner image: Michel Hersen

Click images to enlarge.

HAR25137 52877 for website
Sally Harris
NEW04966 83715 juror2
Bob Newman
CHU43545 25199 juror2
Gigi Chung
NEM06648 31594 juror2
Gene Nemeth

About the Juror

Laura is the Director of Photolucida, in Portland, Oregon. She organizes Photolucida’s biennial Portfolio Reviews event, Portland Photo Month, and is project manager for Photolucida’s Critical Mass book award publications. She has juried for Critical Mass, Blue Sky Gallery’s Northwest Drawers, Newspace Center for Photography, Photo District News, United Photo Industries/The Fence and PhotoPlace Gallery, and has written pieces for Finite Foto, Griffin Museum’s Critic’s Pick, and Photo-eye’s blog.

Laura co-curated an independent project, The Early Works Project, which was shown at Newspace Center for Photography, Rayko Photo Center, The Center for Fine Art Photography, and the Photographic Resource Center, as well as The Elevated Selfie: Beyond the Bathroom Mirror, which exhibited at LightBox Photographic Gallery and the Griffin Museum of Photography. She has been integral in Reviews events including the National Society for Photographic Education and LensCulture in Paris, and has participated in talks and panels at international festivals such as Pinyao International Photo Festival and GuatePhoto Festival. Most recently she curated photography + science for the Yixian International Photography Festival, and Hypermedia in Critical Mass for the Lishui International Photography Festival in China.

Visit Photolucida's extraordinary website here.
Lenscratch published a "Mixtape" on Laura Moya - you'll find it here.

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