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July 6 - August 5, 2016

Imagined Realities

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

BOL49825_60472for web
JUROR'S AWARD: Marcela Bolivar, Santiago de Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia / Under the Seal
BOR68295_52136for web
Ketil Born, Mo i Rana, Norway / Aftermath
Street Art, downtown,  Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Larry Brownstein, Culver City CA / The Factory Revisited, #12
My Dearest Harriett
Steve Burkett, Centennial CO / Love's Letter Lost
CAM09901_manual 3for web
Jeanne Cameron, Athens NY / Hibernation
DEP43756_38623for web
Rob DePaolo, Newburyport MA / Rhetoric
GEO91744_62433for web
Amy Holmes George, McKinney TX / Nowhere to Go
I Want Knowledge 140616-3055
Suzanne Goodwin, Surrey BC, Canada / I Want Knowledge
GOR19315_40062for web
Beliy Den, Moscow, Russia / Birds
GOT10225_47941for web
Mallory Gottlieb, Tarzana CA / The Reckoning
GRA08007_62394for web
John Grant, Charlottesville VA / Moth At First Light
Denis Hagen, Hiawatha Iowa / Segue
HAR15147_96545for web
Debra Harder, Medford OR / My World
JAC69822_32944for web
Sabine Jacobs, Abtenau, Salzburg, Austria / Birth
JOH00154_04733for web
Karen Johnson, Armonk NY / Science Room
KAL12642_19233for web
Candi S Kalinsky, Bellevue NE / Inside Out, Disarranged
KEZ03415_35266for web
Andrey Kezzyn, Berlin, Germany / Last Hero
KIM01918_80821for web
Kim, Lubbock TX / Trifles
KRA73212_33377for web
Michael Kramer, Macomb MI / Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
LOV06918_96537for web
Trinity M, Little Rock AR / Inside Outside
MAT44042_21252for web
Hisao Matsui, Victoria BC, Canada / Lotus
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Mary McClelland, Dublin, Ireland / Abode
Allow It To Pass
DIRECTOR'S AWARD: Ann Mitchell, Burbank CA / Allow It To Pass
PIE78668_73852for web
Janelle Pietrzak, Basalt CO / Mozart's Mistress
RAD55928_11855for web
Hayley Radel, Salt Lake City UT / Chopping Block No.2, 2016
REI02164_18916for web
Kathryn Reichert, Fairbanks AK / Into the Forest
ROW57128_53217for web
Russ Rowland, New York NY / A Tale of Two
Angie Rucker, Westerville OH / Void, from the series "Heroes"
SAN44914_77479for web
John Sanderson, New York NY / Marquette, Michigan
SHA08885_07543for web
Brook Shaden, Sedona AZ / The Falling of Autumn Darkness
SHE16554_24551for web
Sharon O'Callaghan Shero, Dallas TX / Who Waxed Cock Robin
SPI08327_35448for web
Lucea Spinelli, Brooklyn NY / Passenger
SWA70043_73757for web
Kristen Swartz, Lubbock TX / Taco Tuesday!
Graveyard Spiral
Brian Van de Wetering, Los Angeles CA / Graveyard Spiral
WHI75006_98974for web
Marisa S White, Alexandria VA / In Pursuit of Wonderland
BAL70825_25235 for web
Sam Balukonis, Boston MA / Subtilitas Study #3
BEN14164_62409 for web
Bob Benvenuto, Pueblo CO / Hide and Seek
Hazel Blake, Albany, Australia / The Things Nightmares Are Made Of
BOL49825_67575 for web
Marcela Bolivar, Santiago de Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia / Hydroponic
CAM09901_manual 5 for web
Jeanne Cameron, Athens NY / Rock Lovers
COL01521_47078 for web
Nan Campbell Collins, Wellesley Hills MA / Alien
CON83304_76909 for web
Anne Connor, Madison WI / Blown Away
COV38555_43769 for web
Sharon Covert, Tinton Falls NJ / Once Upon a Time | Self-Portrait
CRU40149_43288 for web
Walter Crump, Boston MA / Dying Mannequin
140412FA-2084 Safe Harbour
Suzanne Goodwin, Surrey BC, Canada / Safe Harbour
GOR19315_80925 for web
Beliy Den, Moscow, Russia / Androgen II
GRA08007_94867 for web
John Grant, Charlottesville VA / Samurai Summer
Pato Hebert, Los Angeles CA / Oscillator in Ecola State Park
HUN25339_43142 for web
John Huneycutt, Oakboro NC / The Exaltation of Bubo Virginianus
KAL12642_82731 for web
Candi S Kalinsky, Bellevue NE / Inside Out, Imminent Fracture
KEZ03415_08346 for web
Andrey Kezzyn, Berlin, Germany / Beauty and the Beast
KLO94132_80633 for web
Cassandra Klos, Brighton MA / Sam the Surveyor
KRA73212_25447 for web
Michael Kramer, Macomb MI / Study Group
MAH75533_03811 for web
Marie Maher, Placitas NM / The Misled: Snake Oil No. 6
MCG41549_64771 for web
Shane McGeehan & Laurie Otto, Waverly PA / The Cloud
Ann Mitchell, Burbank CA / The Path Was Slowly Filling
MOR51083_41289 for web
Oksana Moroziuk, Moscow, Russia / Dining Geometry 4
NEL84948_20466 for web
Loren Nelson, Tigard OR / 3600 NW Olsen Parkway; Hillsboro, Oregon
ONG47818_52812 for web
Ange Ong, Brooklyn NY / Cups and Two Fishballs, from the Hong Kong Cafe series
ROB37065_19616 for web
Hayley Roberts, Narangba, Queensland, Australia / The Endless Delight of Delirium
ROH77591_21776 for web
Jim Rohan, Wakefield MA / Little People #7
ROS33391_86748 for web
Stefynie Rosenfeld, Hawthorne NY / Unaccompanied
Angie Rucker, Westerville OH / Burden, from the series "Heroes"
SAN44914_75931 for web
John Sanderson, New York NY / Chattanooga, Tennessee
SCH87931_68273 for web
Mark Schoon & Dominic Lippillo, Atlanta GA / Christmas Tree
SHA08885_42746 for web
Brooke Shaden, Sedona Arizona / Character Untold
SPI08327_96918 for web
Lucea Spinelli, Brooklyn NY / Conversation
STR95763_45614 for web
Vicky Stromee, Tucson AZ / Other Worlds
SWA70043_96421 for web
Kristen Swartz, Lubbock TX / What Comes Through the Dog Door
TER01846_31689 for web
JP Terlizzi, New York NY / Figure in Window, from the series "Raven's Point"
VAK61122_00218 for web
Sherrie Vakili, Cockeysville MD / Somewhere Inside Me
Crossing Over
Brian Van de Wetering, Los Angeles CA / Crossing Over
WAT63303_91621 for web
Jacob Watts, Chicago IL / Landed
WEI42058_63806 for web
Michael Weiss, Canton OH / Looking For Alyce
WHI75006_46853 for web
Marisa S White, Alexandria VA / Where the World Bleeds White

Juror's Statement

The title of this photo exhibition, "Imagined Realities", encourages the photographer to use his/her imagination to create an image.

Photography could be staged, constructed, or manipulated in some way, in addition to using other methods and processes. Thus, creativity plays strongly in the photography of this exhibition, and almost as important is the impact or “wow” factor the image carries. The photographer must walk a very fine line, so that he or she does not slip into the cornball realm.

My selections in this exhibition have met the criteria and, in many cases, their images are downright beautiful. Please peruse the winners’ individual websites to see what other interesting images they present. Doing so will give you further insight into what contemporary photography has to offer and, if you’re really lucky, a glimpse into another dimension.

- Tom Chambers

About the Juror

Tom Chambers was raised in the Amish farm country of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Tom completed a B.F.A. from Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida in 1985 majoring in graphic design with an emphasis in photography. He worked as a graphic designer for many years, including packaging and magazine design. Since 1998 Tom has exhibited photomontage images from eight photographic series both nationally and internationally in twenty solo exhibitions and over seventy group exhibitions and art fairs.

Tom is represented by a number of galleries in the United States and Europe. His work has been shown nationally and internationally through solo and group exhibitions, as well as in a wide range of print and online publications. His work is in a number of museum and private collections worldwide, and he has received recognition for his photography through a variety of awards. Tom has received fellowships from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Virginia Commission for the Arts.

Learn more about Tom Chambers through his website.

Call for Entries

While photography is often associated with factual representation, its ability to present an illusion of reality can introduce us to imaginary and wonderful new worlds. The well-known work of Gregory Crewdson, the dreamscapes of Susan Burnstine, and the creations of our Imagined Realities juror, Tom Chambers, are three prime examples.

For Imagined Realities, we seek photographs that in some way combine the real world with the photographer's imagination. All capture methods and processes are welcome.