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Infrared: The Invisible Made Visible

Deadline for submissions: Sep 18, 2017
Juror: Laurie Klein
Prints due: Oct 27, 2017
Exhibition: November 8 - December 2, 2017

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391_01214 - juror
Geoffrey Agrons / Essential Oils
ALS57257_24994 - juror
Linda Alschuler /
Beauty in Switchgrass
ALT16115_53357 - juror
Linda Alterwitz /
Linda Alterwitz / Untitled #1 from the series "SIGNATURES OF HEAT" project THERMAL
AND96411_90522 - juror
Ronda Anderson / New Adventures
ARC66808_77724 - juror
Enigmah Archer Hirsch /
Hanging Heads
BAG85337_46333 - juror
Dutch Bagley /
Leaf Explosion #37
BAR56593_12909 - juror
David Bartlett / Elephant Ears
BEE99614_41434 - juror
Gary Beeber / Suburbia, Midnight
Liz Blasingame / Manipede
BUS47452_65523 - juror
Michael Busby / Out There
CAL48838_66449 - juror
Rosi Calderon / Cowgirl
The House of Sticks
Dinorah Capota /
The House of Sticks
Santa Fe Photo Workshop, Picturing Cuba: Havana and Viñales with Joyce Tenneson
Andrew Child /
Tobacco Field and Barn,
Viñales, Cuba
CRO71651_58834 - juror
Debbie Crowell / Timeless Joy
DAV78904_81608 - juror
Jym Davis /
Cassandra the Prophetess
GER51895_61726 - juror
Monte H. Gerlach /
Girl in Boston's Aquarium
GOL59929_33576 - juror
Terri Gold /
Coney Island Mermaid
GOO87398_46251 - juror
Barry Good /
A Waltz at Morris Arboretum
HAR18815_62348 - juror
Cherl Harrison / John's Room
KAT97995_79593 - juror
Rick Kattelmann / Rock Face
KUL89118_18604 - juror
Ivan Kulikov / Inception
MAL61875_Aquatic0 - juror
Francis Malapris / AQUATIC #0
MAR00793_33906 - juror
Carol Marshall /
Light Impression
MOO68665_24961 - juror
Timothy Moon /
Tongan Garden
NYH55431_49174 - juror
Randall Nyhof /
Crop Rows in a Farm Field
PAT71539_18931 - juror
Stephen Paternite /
The Oasis on Lake
Travis (Austin, TX 2011)
PIN32628_29963 - juror
Mary Lee Pinkerton /
Untitled 4
Saguaro at Night.
David Riecks /
Saguaro Cactus at Night,
Superstition Mountains
ROB10975_57822 - juror
Nancy Roberts /
Empty Nest Dream
Norbert Sayou /
Grass Desert and Light
SOW69626_51794 - juror
Hali Sowle /
Caught Between a Tree
and a Hard Place
STO12984_73775 - juror
Carl Stoveland /
Lake Worth Pier
TAY71873_67083 - juror
Penelope Taylor / Palouse Pines
TEL66802_66576 - juror
Michael Teller /
Earth Meets Sky, Nevada, 2016
TKA88486_53767 - juror
Michael Tkach / Transformation
Rockaway Beach
Barbara Alper /
By the Sea
ARC66808_70889 - juror
Enigmah Archer Hirsch /
Vines in IR
ATW20909_65507 - juror
Robert Atwater / Agriturismo
BAR56593_87675 - juror
David Bartlett /
S/he Walks in Beauty
Liz Blasingame /
BUR42586_15204 - juror
Shelley Burger / Bajan Tree
Synch. Swimming Training
Opening Ceremony Rehearsal
(backstage pictures of many participants)
David Burnett /
Egyptian Synchro Swim Team:
Rio Olympics 2016
CLA90788_41987 - juror
David Clark / Submerged
COO07482_06814 - juror
Jim Cook / Soliloquy
CRO71651_56502 - juror
Debbie Crowell / Soft Infrared Reflection
DUC45954_21427 - juror
Ferris Ducker / Summer Sisters
The Park Violinist
Adele Epstein / The Park Violinist
ETL42147_78644 - juror
Jacquelyn Etling / Free to Fly
GAG67115_manual4 - juror
Renée C. Gage / Howdy
GIN60649_29535 - juror
Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin /
GOL59929_31134 - juror
Terri Gold / Rabiri in the Thar Desert
GOL59929_34398 - juror
Terri Gold /
Silent Dune in Sossusvlei
GOO87398_52583 - juror
Barry Good / Hushed
GOO87398_82559 - juror
Barry Good /
A Road Home
GRE65902_90112 - juror
Richard Greene /
Nate Starkman & Son, L.A., CA - 2015
GRI20559_83197 - juror
Michael Griffiths / Sid
HAR15147_41301 - juror
Debra Harder / Leaving
HUR94901_18714 - juror
Wilson Hurst /
Simultaneously Experiencing
JEN39375_07824 - juror
Erin Jennings / Nude #18
Jan Kapoor /
Net of Branches, Sapelo Island
KUL89118_20198 - juror
Ivan Kulikov / Spring
MAL61875_Aquatic3 - juror
Francis Malapris / AQUATIC #3
MAM12689_78648 - juror
Judith Mamiye /
MAR00793_30503 - juror
Carol Marshall /
Edge of Totality
MOO68665_30711 - juror
Timothy Moon /
Observatory Hill
MYE15832_78256 - juror
Laird / Okefenokee, GA
PAT66656_57355 - juror
Ryan Paternite / Starry Night (South Orange, NJ 2016)
PUF87233_71551 - juror
John Puffer / Heidi
ROB10975_32802 - juror
Nancy Roberts /
Trying to Let Go
SAN10789_76035 - juror
Johnathon Santamaria /
Santa Fe
Gary Schubert / Santa Fe
SHE61533_10045 - juror
Pip Shepley / Portal
SIL95281_94009 - juror
Diane Silverman / Garden Path 2
Windy Night
Catherine W Singer /
Windy Night
STO12984_45444 - juror
Carl Stoveland / Rusted Beauty
TKA88486_04709 - juror
Michael Tkach / Bloodlines
VIN21156_62126 - juror
Harold Vincent / Artist Creation
WAL65027_44231 - juror
E.K. Waller / Formal Girl Car
WER82206_85844 - juror
Mark C. Werner / Not Another Storm
YOU48721_61459 - juror
Jocelyn Young / Line Up

Jurors' Statement

Photographing in the non-visible spectrum is both magically haunting and unpredictable. It requires great technical understanding of both capture and post-production. And it takes a great deal of understanding and practice of the craft as well as how the photographer’s specific equipment will capture and interpret reality. Successful IR imagery demands a substantial expertise to master its technical and the aesthetic aspects..

I looked for images that were revealing of the makers hand, telling their story as well as their technical proficiency. My criteria for the selection of the Juror’s and Director’s Award and the honorable mentions were based on image capture and technical skills.

I pondered many of the images for a long time; the limited number I could select made decision-making challenging. I felt it was important to create a cohesive exhibit with images that exemplify the unique process of photographing in the non-visible spectrum.

Thank you all for submitting your images. A big thanks to PhotoPlace Gallery for showcasing the ethereal power of infrared imagery

- Laurie Klein

About the Juror

Laurie Klein began her love affair with infrared photography as a bio-medical photography student at Rochester Institute of Technology.

She found her passion for infrared landscapes and the female form after studying infrared techniques with Ansel Adams. After receiving her MFA from Ohio University she taught college, opened a gallery and portrait studio, and never looked back.

Laurie is recognized worldwide for photographing in the infrared spectrum. A gifted photo educator for over 30 years, Laurie lectures and teaches infrared workshops at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and Maine Media Workshops + College, as well as private workshops all over the world. Her infrared photographs are in the collections of galleries and museums worldwide.

She is the co-author with her son Kyle Klein of Infrared Photography: Artistic Techniques for Brilliant Photography and the author of Photographing the Female Form with Digital Infrared and Hand Coloring Black and White Photography. She has been sponsored by Fuji Film, Kodak, Rubbermaid, Prismacolor, DSI, White House Color Lab, Lensbaby, Macphun and Kolari Vision.

Learn more about Laurie's work here.

Call for Entries

Use the invisible spectrum in new or interesting ways. Photographs can be made with infrared film, digital cameras that have been converted, or non-converted digital cameras using filters — all of which capture infrared light. All genres of infrared photography are welcome: portraiture, landscapes, nature, structures, urban scenes and abstracts.

Recipients of the Juror's Award and Director's Award will be entitled to a portfolio review by Laurie Klein.

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