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June 20 - July 13, 2019

Intentional Spaces

Juror: Laura Moya
Prints Deadline: Jun 06, 2019

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

BAC30944 61933 juror
Sandra Bacchi
Untitled 51 from the series "Watermelons Are Not Strawberries"
BEE99614 27669 juror
Gary Beeber
Planetarium, Dayton, Ohio
BEG14976 72637 juror
Michael Beganyi
BER21341 96697 juror
Bruce Berzin
Homage to  Escher 1, Pantheon Vaults
BOT04471 29063 juror
Liza Hennessey Botkin
Night Lights/Tunnel
CRO31402 10216 juror
Karen Crouse
The Gardens
DIC09827 53012 juror
Brett Leigh Dicks
Kiva, Pecos, NM
FIS32335 49216 juror
Keith Fishman
Cats Alley, Hong Kong
FLO31441 19913 juror
Pat Floyd
Sunday Walk
GAR82471 06405 juror
Catiana Garcia-Kilroy
GOL23859 06908 juror
Steve Goldband and Ellen Konar
April 7 12-06
GRE19156 64391 juror
Cynthia Greig
Ron Nagle/Matthew Marks, from the series "Threshold"
GST79528 31824 juror
Eva Gstoettner
HOL55689 51871 juror
Sharlene Holliday
Hearth & Home
HOR59739 86623 juror
Garin Horner
Our Ancestors Guide Us and Protect Us
KAT97995 80568 juror
Rick Kattelmann
Disney Concert Hall
KEN15113 26985 juror
Richard K. Kent
Emerging from the Om Hut
KIM43195 51647 juror
John Kimmich-Javier
King's Bedroom, Drottningholm Palace, Sweden, from the series "Ghosts of Suecia Antiqua"
KIN55859 56096 juror
Wayne King
Light Fades on Broadacres Farm
LEW83549 86823 juror
Howard Lewis
Inside Giraffes
LEZ25121 57559 juror
Sue Lezon
Tomb, Saqquara, Egypt
LOW07231 71313 juror
Connie Lowell
MAN31193 02941 juror
John Manno
A Royal Courtyard
MIL57734 58023 juror
Dolph Miller
Fake Stonehenge
MOO57752 85046 juror
Melissa Moore
MUR07136 07327 juror
Owen Murphy
Solace for the Lonely
OCO77825 39325 juror
Julie O'Connor
We Will Always Have the Hotel de Medicis, Paris
PLO64766 96561 juror
Gretchen Plotkin
Urban Inspired
REN69012 77341 juror
Eric Rennie
Alex among the Lilliputians
ROS51901 57873 juror
Paul Rose
Honoring Detroit
RUS96867 62171 juror
Lawrence Russ
Mother and Child and Mary Cassatt
SWI47887 74302 juror
Edie Swift
THO73858 74371 juror
Ashton Thornhill
Sam and Sasha bathing
VER18587 32204 juror
Dineke Versluis
AGN24234 77815 juror
Don Agnello
ARC04982 61566 juror
Roger Archibald
Labyrinth, Boston College
BEN63911 51802 juror
Autumn Bennett
BER21341 51834 juror
Bruce Berzin
Life Imitates Art
BLO69219 22098 juror
Xavier Blondeau
Ailleurs, Untitled
BUT79747 28327 juror
Ronald Butler
Uncle Buddy's Deer Stand, Maben, MS
CAO84423 27903 juror
Luning Cao
CAS43654 33138 juror
Lisa Cassell-Arms
Coimbra University
CHA75327 39574 juror
Larry Chait
All-White Boutique, Venice
CHA75327 87758 juror
Larry Chait
Van Abbemuseum
COL15415 83583 juror
Mark Collins
FIL62506 45957 juror
Victor Filepp
Down and to the Right
FIS86201 34328 juror
Louis Fischer
Aztec Kiva
GER89012 46145 juror
Kathleen Gerber
Maria's Bedroom
GRE65902 72084 juror
Richard Greene
GST79528 80907 juror
Eva Gstoettner
Touch of the past
HOL82742 45664 juror
Susan Holtz
The Hammock
HOR59739 40294 juror
Garin Horner
Harmony, Balance, and Unity
KEL25781 21093 juror
John E. Kelly
Sagrada Spiral
LIL13099 67199 juror
Sarah Lilja
Light Passes On
MAR11993 72748 juror
Fruma Markowitz
Westport Oasis
MOO33794 52764 juror
Christa Joyner Moody
Eternal Sanctuary
MOO57752 14819 juror
Melissa Moore
Lloyd House
MUR07136 19043 juror
Owen Murphy
Inside the War Machine
NEE23351 82796 juror
Karen Neems
RUB81473 28465 juror
Marian Rubin
SMI45965 36177 juror
TR Smith
Oculus 3
SOL89728 10757 juror
Eduardo Soler
STU19075 35109 juror
Todd Stuart
Copper Women
SWI47887 00214 juror
Edie Swift
A place to go in the evening
THO73858 83829 juror
Ashton Thornhill
Terlingua Church
VER18587 04489 juror
Dineke Versluis
Trellis room
WEE08378 62676 juror
Charter Weeks
Johanna Turbine room
YOU28092 13407 juror
Beamie Young

Juror: Laura Moya
Gallery exhibition: June 20 - July 13, 2019
Exhibition prints due: June 6, 2019

Juror’s statement

 Environmental Psychology is the study of the relationship between an environment and how that environment affects its inhabitants. It examines the way in which both built and natural environments shape us as individuals. The field defines the term “environment” broadly, considering built and natural environments, social settings, and informational environments. Environmental psychology was not recognized as its own field until the late 1960s, when scientists began to question the tie between human behavior and our environments.

Intentional Spaces is an exhibition that examines how people arrange spaces with purpose, and examines how these spaces evoke an emotional response with the viewer. The imagery curated into this exhibition truly runs the range of environments: places of worship (modern and historical), architectural spaces that emphasize the smallness of human scale, ginormous sculpted garden topiary…down to very intimate scenarios: a man who built a nest for himself in the woods, a young monk addressing the Buddah in a cave-like temple, murals painted on walls of zoo cages.

Jurying this call-for-entries was a true pleasure; I was surprised at the variance of interpretation of the curatorial theme. There was a large amount of strong imagery submitted, but a real percentage strayed from the descriptive intent of the exhibition. Thank you so much for allowing me to think deeply about this topic (an intriguing one for sure!) while spending time with some amazing imagery.       

– Laura Moya

About the Juror

Laura Moya is Director of Photolucida, based in Portland, Oregon. She organizes Photolucida’s biennial Portfolio Reviews event, as well as Portland Photo Month. She has juried for Lensculture’s Art Photography Awards, Critical Mass, Blue Sky Gallery’s Northwest Drawers, Newspace Center for Photography, Photo District News, United Photo Industries, PhotoPlace Gallery, and the John Chervinsky Scholarship award.

Laura has participated in reviews events including PhotoAlliance, LensCulture and SPE, and she has participated in panels at international festivals such as Pinyao International Photo Festival and GuatePhoto Festival. Laura co-curated The Early Works Project, which was shown at Newspace Center for Photography, Rayko Photo Center, the Center for Fine Art Photography, and the Photographic Resource Center, as well as The Elevated Selfie: Beyond the Bathroom Mirror, which exhibited at LightBox Photographic Gallery and the Griffin Museum of Photography. Most recently, she curated photography + science for the Yixian International Photography Festival, and Hypermedia in Critical Mass for the Lishui International Photography Festival in China.

Call for Entries

Humans create spaces to serve many purposes: to make us feel safe, comforted, fearful, humbled, awestruck, or inspired. The space may be a cozy reading nook in the corner, the inspirational size of a vast public building, the cold impersonality of an examination room, or a space that exists only in your imagination. We respond in some emotional way to all of them.

For this exhibition, we seek images of spaces that evoke an emotional response. All capture methods and processes are welcome. 
Click to see images enlarged.
Brown Jason 4RadialAscension
© Jason Brown
KOS09097 94239 juror
© Armin Kososki
PRI96989 10331 for website
© Douglas Prince
FRI74102 88361 for website
© Dennis Fritsche

We are very pleased that Laura Moya will jury and curate this exhibition. She will select approximately 35 images for the Gallery Exhibition, and 35 for our Online Gallery. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and the Director’s Award will each be entitled to a personal portfolio review by Ms. Moya.

All 70 selected images will be reproduced in the exhibition print catalog and remain permanently on our website, with links to photographer’s URL. Gallery exhibition June 20 to July 13, 2019.

Information about our printing service and free matting and framing here.