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September 12 - October 5, 2019

Personal Narrative

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391 08317 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
All Happy Families Are Alike
AGR01391 45985 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
Interfaith House
BAU05218 02127 juror
Karin Bauer
Shadows in the Window
BAU05218 94919 juror
Karin Bauer
BOO95265 33888 juror
Jill Booker
Always an outsider
CHA73738 09501 juror
Alessandra Chaves
Dancing with the wind
CLA73281 75253 juror
Robin E. Clark
The Visitor
DEC78063 22124 juror
JD Camillis
Green House
DEM39394 48776 juror
Lyra de Malmanche
DUN97111 15715 juror
Timothy Dunn
DUN97111 70021 juror
Timothy Dunn
GAY40535 12639 juror
Rick Gayle
I Heart You
GIL74725 06515 juror
Lara Gilks
Untitled image from the series, "Devoid"
GIL74725 78289 juror
Lara Gilks
Untitled image from the series, "Devoid"
GOK42819 32132 juror
Nadide Goksun
Untitled #2
GOO37775 05253 juror
Ellen Goodman
I'll Be Right Here
GOO37775 36005 juror
Ellen Goodman
Gunslinger Hopscotch
GRE28231 59751 juror
Sage Green
GRE28231 89446 juror
Sage Green
HAR54543 55741 juror
Yves Harnois
HAR55646 32878 juror
Joy Hart
Kitchen Prayer
HAY51799 59634 juror
Jessica Hays
I Wish I Could Say I Was Surprised
HER72716 78393 juror
Andrew Hersey
HOV68222 37821 juror
Aimée Hoving
The Smoking Dollhouse
LEA76466 06339 juror
Ana Leal
The Sofa
MCK96149 53243 juror
Dorothy Richardson
Old Age
OHA16541 00936 juror
Michel OHara
Suitcase Sweater
OLI75112 95284 juror
Maria Oliveira
Take a Breath
PED98271 07567 juror
Louise Pedno
Solitude à deux
REI75364 03518 juror 2
David Reinfeld
Personal Narrative #2
ROS77624 91064 juror 2
Emily Ross
Lone Child
RUS95022 52796 juror 2
Richard Anthony Russo
The Sea Room
RUS96867 13151 juror 2
Lawrence Russ
SCH40875 90489 juror 2
Deb Schwedhelm
Past to Present
WAN65705 33327 juror 2
Jennifer Wannen
Sea Callings
BAU05218 38507 juror
Karin Bauer
BAU05218 90723 juror
Karin Bauer
View from my Window
BOK99114 98674 juror
Susan Bokos
Little Bear
BUT79747 09834 juror
Ronald Butler
The Visit
BUT79747 92563 juror
Ronald Butler
Thalia and Melpomene walk into a bar...
CHA73738 91136 juror
Alessandra Chaves
To smell the flowers
CLA76018 58367 juror
Jacob Clayton
In My Skin
COO44927 01035 juror
Lynae Cook
port angeles, washington
COP30303 47301 juror
Marc Copeland
Dead or Alive
DAG81532 46607 juror
Dallas Wingoe
DUN97111 83732 juror
Timothy Dunn
FAI75036 59519 juror
Catherine Fairchild
Secret Club
GOL09028 81605 juror
Danielle L Goldstein
Alone 1
GUV46619 64639 juror
Pelin Guven
Untitled #2
HAR47427 06173 juror
Donald Harbison
Polio Takes My Father Away
JON44133 43455 juror
Morrow Jones
LOW07231 96253 juror
Connie Lowell
Date Night
OLS64504 53708 juror
Olivia Oh
PAM07986 39183 juror
Julie Pamkowski
Afternoon Light
POL70283 96243 juror 2
Bill Polkinhorn
POR00726 07196 juror 2
Paul Porell
Self-Portrait With Statue of Saint Teresa, the Little Flower
SCH40875 88761 juror 2
Deb Schwedhelm
SHU43072 78269 juror 2
Bill Shumaker
STU41771 03822 juror 2
Liz Stubbs
VAP89487 47652 juror 2
Petr Vapenik
Closely Guarded
WAN65705 01795 juror 2
Jennifer Wannen
Hidden Hour

Juror: Ralph Hassenpflug
Gallery exhibition: September 12 - October 5, 2019
Exhibition prints due: August 29, 2019
Opening reception: Saturday, September 14 , 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Workshop with Ralph Hassenpflug: Saturday and Sunday, September 14-15, 2019


Juror's Statement

Personal narrative is a tough subject, since it requires a deep understanding of how our personal existence is connected to the eternal and ongoing narratives of mankind. To show that in a single image is not an easy task, and I am very pleased to see so many good submissions to this call.

Let me start out with a word of caution: My decisions about what to include or exclude from this show are purely personal ones and, I am sure, a different juror would have made different decisions. What I do see in almost all submissions to this show is a genuine attempt at sense-making on the part of the artist. It takes time and patience to achieve that. It also takes the cautious and sparing use of props and editing and “cleverness”. But the joy of achieving a successful image and the joy of seeing it are worth the years of poking around in the dark.

For an image to appeal to me it has to make me want to spin a story around it. It has to incite curiosity and wonder and surprise. It has to incite questions more than give answers.

To touch the viewer and awaken in him a story that's already there, in his heart, we have to tread lightly and stay ambiguous as opposed to obvious in our intent. That is what connects us – the stories we all have in common because we are all human. It is also what can make an image successful.

Thank you for trusting me with your images. It is an honor and a pleasure and I have seen a lot of work that genuinely touched me and made me spin my own stories around them.

          —   Ralph Hassenpflug

Special congratulations to Juror’s Award recipient Jennifer Wannen and to Director’s Award recipient Nadide Goksun. Both are entitled to a portfolio review by Ralph Hassenpflug. Congratulations as well to Honorable Mentions Karen Bauer and Yves Harnois.|

Call for Entries

One of the greatest challenges for any artist is to depict deeply personal details about their lives, perspectives and experiences in the world. Whether an artist expresses these attributes via vast landscapes, captured moments or happenstance findings, the result conveys an authentic universality that connects every viewer on some level. At their best, these connections seem to arise from some collective unconscious that we all share, even across generational, gender and cultural divides.

For Personal Narrative, we seek images that suggest this collective unconscious. All capture methods and processes are welcome.
Images © Ralph Hassenpflug. Click to enlarge.  

Personal Narrative Hassenpflug 2
Personal Narrative Hassenpflug 4
Personal Narrative Hassenpflug 9
Personal Narrative Hassenpflug 5

We are very pleased that Ralph Hassenpflug will be jurying and curating this exhibition. He will select approximately 35 images for exhibition in the gallery, and 35 for our Online Gallery. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and the Director’s Award will each be entitled to an online  portfolio review by Mr. Hassenpflug

All 75 selected images will be reproduced in the exhibition print catalog and remain permanently on our website, with links to photographer’s URL. Gallery exhibition September 12 to October 5, 2019

Personal Narrative Workshop Sept 14-15

Ralph Hassenpflug will present a two-day Personal Narrative workshop on September 14-15, from 8:30 to about 6pm both days. It’s suitable for all photographers who have command of their equipment. You will need a laptop for editing and a thumb drive or two for transferring images. Cost is $195. 

We’ll begin with a shared review of your work (either a portfolio or “best of”), along with a conversation about what gives your work purpose and meaning. Throughout the workshop, we'll be focused on creating personal, genuine work. Each day there will be 2 or 3 assignments that you will go out and shoot and bring back to class to review and discuss.

As time allows, we’ll touch on all manner of subjects related to personal and professional development.

The workshop will be held at PhotoPlace Gallery, 3 Park Street, Middlebury, Vermont. Please email with questions or to reserve your spot.

About the Juror

Ralph Hassenpflug is an internationally acclaimed photographer who has shown his work in New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Berlin, Budapest, Halifax and Moscow, among many other places. His beautiful, dreamlike images to tell the story of his personal journey inward to explore connections, symbols, and mysteries leading to the discovery of our innate capacity for the sacred.

He works out of his studio in Camden, Maine, where he lives with his co-conspirator and muse Kathryn Oliver and his dog Buddy. From his studio he offers archival prints of his work and individual online tutoring for fellow photographers. He also offers photography workshops in the US and Europe.

His work is represented by Italian Vogue and LensCulture.