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February 7 - March 2, 2019


Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391 72999 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
The Sick Room
AGR01391 88533 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
Ruins Jumièges
AND97893 88993 juror
Amy Anderson
BEE99614 45333 juror
Gary Beeber
Tiny shelter, Sylvester Manor, Shelter Island, NY
BEN18474 50033 juror
Sara Bennett
BLA36095 66154 juror
Steve Blackwell
Swingset in the Shadow of a Mountain, Iceland
BLO69219 39808 juror
Director's Award
Xavier Blondeau
Nuit indienne - untitled 03
BON97731 70371 juror
Judy Bondesen
Magnifique Hemmingfor
BUL26541 30943 juror
Karen Bullock
Your Light Will Come
CRU40149 58244 juror
Walter Crump
DAN52822 78116 juror
Dotty Danforth
Blue Retreat
FIT64486 19611 juror
Lisa Fitch
Secret Retreat
GOK42819 81457 juror
Nadide Goksun
KAR48822 65406 juror
Mel Karlberg
Window light
KAS58473 00145 juror
Juror's Award
Kristina Kashtanova
KRE66815 14718 juror
Deb Kreimborg
LON34247 20555 juror
Harry Longstreet
Drinking Alone
MAN45099 58754 juror
Linda Jane
MAU83301 60146 juror
Bill Mauzy
Hazel's Porch
MAU83301 74415 juror
Bill Mauzy
Norman's Dream
MOY94251 75988 juror
John D. Moyers
comfort in the mundane and the mystical... stari grad, croatia
RID33756 39113 juror
Kristianne Koch Riddle
In Your Arms
ROB05993 23616 juror
Nigel Roberts
Seeking Enlightment
ROB05993 65512 juror
Nigel Roberts
RUB81473 87797 juror
Marian Rubin
Take My Hand
SWI35128 66053 juror
Ulana Switucha
Forest Spirits
TRI26952 00348 juror
Chris Triebert
Stone Tent, Vermont
WAT69182 17518 juror
Charlotte Watts
The Path To Ravens' Woods
WAT69182 96041 juror
Charlotte Watts
Made of Dawn Light, Navaho Summer Shelter, Canyon de Chelly
WEI02918 32733 juror
Sandra Chen Weinstein
Double Light
AGR01391 68605 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
Big Big Love II
ALE78606 48334 juror
Andi Alexander
BEE99614 55505 juror
Gary Beeber
Sanctuary, Sylvester Manor, Shelter Island
BEN18474 60833 juror
Sara Bennett
BLO69219 23404 juror
Xavier Blondeau
Nuit Indienne No. 4
BOR68295 66376 juror
Ketil Born
sanctuary 1
BUL26541 38531 juror
Karen Bullock
Open Doors
DOR47337 37514 juror
Nina Weinberg Doran
Untitled 3
FAN95416 43376 juror
Ning Fan
Element Within
FAN95416 59009 juror
Ning Fan
Mutual Protection
FAU69622 90046 juror
Jan Fašungová
The Forest. Her Forest.
HOD36585 86786 juror2
Brian Hodges
Ubud, Bali
HOD36585 96417 juror
Brian Hodges
Gulu, Uganda
HOL05398 55109 juror
Janet Holmes
Penelope's Place (Why Would Anyone Rescue a Chicken?)
HOL05398 70651 juror
Janet Holmes
On the Road with Chicken Little (Why Would Anyone Rescue a Chicken?)
HOL32666 81779 juror
Karen Holmes
Adela's Window
HOL32666 87512 juror
Karen Holmes
Karen's Window
HON06228 74595 juror
Michael Honnegar
The Red Shoe
KAT97995 51016 juror
Rick Kattelmann
Gompa in Sichuan
KEF12293 22572 juror
Teo Kefalopoulos
sanctuary of St. Nicholas
KEF12293 55207 juror
Teo Kefalopoulos
LAD53236 00475 juror
Thomas Ladd
Sheep Pasture Garden, North Easton, MA
LIL32701 46082 juror
Petra Liljestrand
NIG06261 12698 juror
Megan Niger
PAL88771 19824 juror
Rik Palm
RID33756 91266 juror
Kristianne Koch Riddle
Let if Flow
RUS95022 35221 juror
Richard Anthony Russo
Forest Sanctuary
SIM36601 79956 juror
Katalina Simon
WAT69182 16351 juror
Charlotte Watts
In The Days of Frost, Seek A Minor Sun

Juror's Statement

The images presented here honor and celebrate refuge, spirituality, peace: sanctuary. In a time when so many of us feel unsafe, these images are a little beacon of beauty and hope. And, there are other layers of meaning here. Beyond the image content, the creative practice itself can be thought of as a sanctuary. As I viewed the submitted images, I got the sense that many of the photographers consider their practice a “safe space”—a space to experiment, to give voice to issues they care about, to create the world they’d like to live in.

I was most drawn to images that expressed the theme with a depth of emotion and a very fine attention to form. As photographer/philosopher Robert Adams once said, form is beautiful because it gives us the sense that the world transcends chaos. What better way to express our them? Sanctuaries help us transcend chaos, after all.

As I write this, I’m in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can’t help being keenly aware of the power of sanctuary in this city. Synagogues, mosques, and Catholic churches sit amid bombed-out buildings and bullet-strafed facades. Everyone over 30 carries significant war trauma. And yet, there’s peace and beauty close at hand, just as there is in most places, if we only shift our attention to see it. I want to thank the photographers who submitted their lovely work to this exhibition, for helping us see the world in this way. 

About the Juror

Laura Valenti is the founder of Light Atlas Creative, an online platform for transformative photography education. She teaches interactive e-courses, supports emerging photographers in her creative mentoring program, speaks to photo groups, and curates exhibitions for galleries and photo festivals around the world. At core, her work is about helping photographers find their true voice as artists, so they can make their most personal, meaningful, and wholehearted work. 

Laura has been a photographer, curator, arts director, and educator for about 20 years. She worked for 15 years in the nonprofit art world, most recently as Outreach Director at Photolucida – an organization that works to build connections between photographers and the gallery and publishing worlds. Before that, she was Program Director and co-Curator at Newspace Center for Photography, where she also taught black-and-white darkroom. She often serves as a professional reviewer at various portfolio review events, where she helps photographers fine-tune their vision and promote their work with more confidence.

Call for Entries

A place of refuge and peace: Shelter, haven, retreat, hideaway, asylum, sanctum, wilderness, cloister, refuge.

A cozy living room, a child in mother's arms, a magical spot in the woods where animals tread. 

What is your own notion of  of "sanctuary"? All capture methods and processes are welcome.

We are very pleased to welcome Laura Valenti as juror for Sanctuary. She will select up to 35 images for exhibition in our Middlebury, Vermont gallery, and up to 40 more for our permanent online gallery. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and Director’s Award will each be entitled to a portfolio review with Ms. Valenti.

Information about our printing service and free matting and framing here.

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Bob Newman 2
© Bob Newman
Meredith Abenaim 1
© Meredith Abenaim
L Valenti 1
© Laura Valenti
C Watts small
© Charlotte Watts