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The Poetry of the Ordinary

Deadline for submissions: Jan 13, 2020
Exhibition closing is now moved back four weeks
Juror: Sarah Sudhoff
Prints due: Feb 20, 2020
Exhibition: March 5 - April 25, 2020

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391 53385 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
ALB88465 11288 juror
Matthew Albritton
Glove #7
ALD46283 91663 juror
Peter Aldrich
Entrances at 256
BOR89796 93144 juror FIRST PLACE
Erin Borzellino
BRE37074 06509 juror
Hayfer Brea Rodriguez
Untitled 4
CEB15811 29771 juror
Claudia Cebrian
The Tube
CHA46418 30118 juror HONORABLE MENTION
Skott Chandler
Water Closets, Glacier Lagoon
CHR60475 09945 juror
Ally Christmas
Tails & Snow
CON21845 05892 juror
Mike Conley
Curves, Shadows, Lines
CUT10198 74191 juror
Lisa Cutler
White Dress
DOB86959 40249 juror
Parrish Dobson
Ice Tappers
DXX60904 79497 juror
Yseult D.
Gone with the Mist
EHL74063 85588 juror
Barbara Ehlers
Governors Island NYC
FOS01155 56361 juror
Kim Foster
GEL05828 71934 juror
Dennis Geller
The Creator
GOO37775 05454 juror
Ellen Goodman
GUV46619 17719 juror
Pelin Guven
Bird Cages
GUI39087 94967 juror
Nicholas Guilbert
Ginkgo Leaves
HAR54195 34228 juror HONORABLE MENTION2
Kip Harris
Hôtel des Académies, Paris
HET34987 36891 juror
Dru Hetrick
Auto Service
HOL83317 62842 juror
Joseph O. Holmes
West Seventeenth Street
HUG63264 45341 juror
Jennifer Hughes
So I Could Dream
KEI53161 31008 juror
Lauren L. Keim
Guest Room
KEL25781 72842 juror
John E. Kelly
KEN15113 27855 juror
Richard K. Kent
New Holland & Franklin, 1st Series, 8X (from Lessons in Recursion)
LES59047 14717 juror
Trent Lesikar
Iron Guard Oilfield Housing - Ranch Road 761, Pecos, Texas
LEV39317 10912 juror
Bonnie Levinson
Paris Metro
LYL80862 74306 juror
Kevin Lyle
There 12600
NIL23495 80975 juror
Dale Niles
Boy Toys
OSD43871 34854 juror HONORABLE MENTION
Karen Osdieck
PAL14154 04968 juror
Liz Palm
REI75364 35775 juror SECOND PLACE
David Reinfeld
Manifest Wind #1
STE05549 92866 juror
Steve Stenzel
Lutheran Church Being Moved
ZIN33405 86205 juror
Andrea Zinn
Still Life with Tulips
ARM40589 26902 juror
Frank Armstrong
Milroy, Indiana
BAL21942 32153 juror
Dana Ball
Piano in Morning Light
BAW99711 92429 juror
Kat Bawden
Cushions, No Couch
BEC51858 47447 juror
Danielle Beck
Beyond the Veil
BOR89796 24641 juror
Erin Borzellino
Monday Night
CEB15811 01072 juror
Claudia Cebrian
The Bag in the Rain
CHA39803 69259 juror
Ed Chaney
Everyday Sanctuary
CHR60475 73227 juror
Ally Christmas
Not a Permanent Fix
CLA73281 95128 juror
Robin E. Clark
Grandfather's Walking Stick
COL20964 66005 juror
Deborah Cole
Bhutan Creativity On Break
DON29924 92773 juror
Haakon Donnelly
Lost Horse Saloon
EHL74063 72865 juror
Barbara Ehlers
Shelter Vancouver Island
ELK10725 16684 juror
Sam Elkind
W H 19
FIS86201 23455 juror
Louis Fischer
Gold Miner's Locker Room
FOR89309 62615 juror
Nancy Forde
Seven Decades
GEL68323 20457 juror
Amy Abels Gelb
GOL23859 62322 juror
Steve Goldband and Ellen Konar
Hung Up
GOL38643 72357 juror
Terri Golas
The Message
GOL91621 24164 juror
Vivien Goldman
GUV46619 22487 juror
Pelin Guven
Mother and her baby #1
HAU07195 91515 juror
Pierre Hauser
History Class, the Day Schools Reopen After the Ebola Epidemic
LAU47324 76143 juror
Tracy Laulhere
LES59047 54262 juror
Trent Lesikar
First Street, McLean, Texas, 2019
LEV39317 02731 juror
Bonnie Levinson
News Peppers of Bhutan
LYL80862 34532 juror
Kevin Lyle
There 16651
NIE37261 82526 juror
Robert Nielsen
OSD43871 90282 juror
Karen Osdieck
PAN87544 95882 juror
Catherine Panebianco
Hard Day at the office
PIE27853 32133 juror
Anne Piessens
Small Planet
RAM61767 14435 juror
Angela Ramsey
Hangin Tough
RIC10435 44048 juror
Marcie Rich
Late afternoon portrait with headscarf
SIM83695 06286 juror
Katalina Simon
Time With Bunica
SLE02225 33319 juror
John Slepian
STE36678 26547 juror
DJ Steinmetz
All That's Left
STO56565 04881 juror
Sue Stone
Untitled, from Embodiment—Salvaging a Self
TIA03129 20201 juror
Angi Tianzhu
Faded Memory
TUR80541 51298 juror
Mary Turner
Pink Cyclamen
WIL51317 82137 juror
Mike Williamson
Station Underpass
WYA32697 10404 juror
M. Laine Wyatt
Barber, DeLand, FL

Juror: Sarah Sudhoff
Prints due: February 20, 2020
Exhibition: March 5 – March 28, 2020

Juror's Statement

Thank you to all the artists who submitted work to The Poetry of the Ordinary. It was truly an honor and pleasure to review so many wonderful photographs. I thank you for your dedication to the medium, participation in our community, and for sharing the way in which you see and feel the world.

Thank you also to PhotoPlace Gallery for entrusting me to jury the The Poetry of the Ordinary exhibition. It was an extremely challenging endeavor to whittle down from a very large number images representing a full spectrum of ordinary moments, to the selected images included in the Gallery and Online exhibitions.

I approach any jurying assignment with serious consideration of content, composition and craft at the forefront of my mind. For this exhibition, my intention was to create a cohesive, thoughtful and engaging exhibition encapsulating the rhythms of our ordinary lives. 

I first reviewed all the submissions without assigning value. The images that resonated with me most and stirred an emotion whether it was laughter, joy, peace, longing, or contemplation, I went back to first and selected. In the next phase, I chose images which lingered in my mind and I found myself excited to see again and again. In the final phase, I included the selection of images which were playful, unique or risky interpretations of the theme.

For the Juror’s Award, I selected an image that embodies for me a domestic, decisive moment: a young girl, balanced on the edge of the pink bathroom sink, reaching for the faucet. While this image captures a simple moment in the life of this child, her parents are witnessing their daughter’s growing independence. In addition, the artist submitted an entire portfolio of images which all had a strong sense of composition, attention to light and unique points of view. I only wish I could have included more of her work. For the Director’s Award, I chose a wonderful image of a flowing plastic green curtain and green balloons. The image immediately registered for me a sense of wonder and playfulness. The simple gesture of wind activated the photograph.

Congratulations to the three artists selected as Honorable Mentions. Their images all had a strong sense of intention, unique perspective, and a thoughtful use of color and light.

I hope this selection of images causes you to slow down and soak in what we all might unconsciously take for granted — the spill of light across a surface, our shared desire to connect with someone, the found or constructed still life, and the spaces in which we all want to move through and experience ever so slowly. 

     — Sarah Sudhoff

Call for Entries

“Joy comes to us in moments — ordinary moments. We risk missing out on joy when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary."      —Brené Brown

As photographers, we have developed skill in seeing beneath the surface of our subjects, and often find in them the beauty, poignancy, and poetry that exist in ordinary moments. For this exhibition, we seek the simple poetic elegance of the ordinary. All captures and processes are welcome.

Click image to enlarge.

COL73801 70448 credited
© Ashleigh Coleman
McKenna Vicki 3BeachAfternoon with credit
© Vicki McKenna
NIL23495 31925 credited
© Dale Niles
AGR01391 50217 credited
© Geoffrey Agrons

We are honored that Sarah Sudhoff will be the juror for The Poetry of the Ordinary. She will select 35 images for exhibition in our Middlebury, Vermont gallery and another 35 for our Online Gallery. All 70 images will be reproduced in the exhibition catalog. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and the Director’s Award will each be entitled to an online  portfolio review by the juror.

Information about our printing service and free matting and framing here

About the Juror

Sarah Sudhoff is a visual artist and educator, and the Executive Director of the Texas Photographic Society. She was previously the photo editor of Texas Monthly and Time magazines, Executive Director of Houston Center for Photography, and owner of Capsule Gallery in Houston. Sudhoff holds an M.F.A. in Photography from Parsons School of Design and a B.A. in Journalism and Photography from the University of Texas at Austin. She taught photography at Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches; Trinity University, San Antonio and the Art Institute of San Antonio.

Sudhoff’s work interweaves themes of gender, science, and personal
experience through photographs — staged and found — as well as through performance, installation, and small-scale sculpture. Artist grants from The Louis
Comfort Tiffany Foundation (2013) and the Houston Arts Alliance (2019 & 2017) have furthered her career. Her artwork has been included in exhibitions throughout the U.S. and abroad, including recent exhibitions and performances at Health Museum Houston, Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Denver; Texas Vignette, Dallas; Satellite Art Show, Austin; Experimental Action, Houston; Cindy Lisica Gallery, Houston; Galveston Arts Center, Galveston; Pioneer Works, Brooklyn; Gray Duck Gallery, Austin; Filter Photo Festival and Roots & Culture, Chicago; and the DongGang International Photo Festival in South Korea. She has participated in artist residencies at Artpace, San Antonio, and the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, Bloomington, IN.
Sarah Sudhoff's website

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