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The Quiet Landscape

Deadline for submissions: Jul 24, 2017
Prints due: Sep 01, 2017
Exhibition: September 13 - October 7, 2017

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391_53991 - web
Geoffrey Agrons / Synecdoche
BAR56593_55949 - web
David Bartlett /
Western Ring Road I, Iceland
BAT08947_36685 - web
Fabio Batocchi /
Pian Grande - Italy
BEN81849_39906 - web
Director's Award
David Bendiksen /
La Vallee Blanche, Chamonix
Wall, Walk, Fence
Debra Bilow /
Wall, Walk, Fence
BLA36095_14835 - web
Steve Blackwell /
Windmill in Snowy Field
CAN24703_60255 - web
Jessica Cantlin /
La Plage 1
CAV14519_77583 - web
Richard Cavagnolo /
Untitled, from the series "Hometown U.S.A."
CHE61091_96413 - web
Jessica Chen /
Ripples In Still Water (2015)
CLA12665_66502 - web
Ryn Clarke / A Fog Drifts In
CLU81442_65255 - web
Christine Cluff /
Popham Beach
DEU88998_25077 - web
Tom Deupree /
White House Ruins, Canyon De Chelly, Arizona
FOS53515_28032 - web
David Foshee / N 29 ° 59 ' 47.871" W 82 ° 57 ' 54.772" / 20' 14:37 20°C 3 minutes
GEE08523_28166 - web
Conrad Gees /
Bosque "Magico" de la
Habana: Untitled XV
GOK42819_32999 - web
Nadide Goksun /
Along the Bronx River
HAL54795_07048 - web
Norm Halm /
Death Valley, California
HAN30193_24683 - web
Dave Hanson / Monument Valley
HAR47427_27451 - web
Donald Harbison / Hampton Court
Leonard Hellerman /
Tobacco Sheds in Snow
HIX29869_01039 - web
Donna Hixson / Tire Stacks 1
HOL41953_13871 - web
Jack Holmes / Raven
HOY56578_79022 - web
Scott Hoyle / Winter Melt #7
ILA12568_00117 - web
Andy Ilachinski /
Isle of Skye 4
Houghton Garden, 2010
Daniel Jackson / Houghton Pond
KAT97995_52985 - web
Rick Kattelmann /
Wheeler Crest
LOC13132_34011 - web
James Lockwood /
Train, Black Rock Desert
MIT74687_96813 - web
Kevin Mitchell / Untitled
MOL54766_46648 - web
Marcia Molnar /
Tree in Fog
NAI57111_34274 - web
Chris Nail /
Santa Fe National Forest
NEF33592_16133 - web
Rebecca Neff /
yoming High Desert
Dungeness, England
Cole Peters / Dungeness, England
RUB41478_93763 - web
Marian Rubin /
Dancers on the Lake
SCH69086_86505 - web
Gerd Schneider / Airport
THO17117_78751 - web
Russ Thompson / Hind
VID66649_75302 - web
Honorable Mention
Arlene Vidor / Salisbury
VIL18913_38389 - web
Jurors' Award
Adrienne Villar /
Plant Whisperer
ZAW94702_28896 - web
Leah Zawadzki /
Sunday Morning
BAS59803_98925 - web
Lee W. Bass / My Backyard
Doug Bauman / Gorge Views
BEE99614_12825 - web
Gary Beeber /
Suburban Landscape,
Early Sunday Morning
BER34816_99093 - web
David Bernstein /
Off Route 3
BER71587_71311 - web
Sarajane Berge / Curves
BUR79592_93293 - web
Andy Burgess / Tunnel
CAL22025_56223 - web
Stefanie Calkins Wolfe /
Little Pieces of Heaven
CHA46418_09659 - web
Skott Chandler / The Cloud
CHE27516_92873 - web
Krista Cheney /
Hvalnes Black Rock Beach, Iceland
COA30577_60377 - web
Mark R. Coatsworth /
Broken Fence and
Barren Fields
CRU40149_54477 - web
Walter Crump / Island Fog
DEL55094_81922 - web
Chelle Delaney / Cedars
ENG38752_39766 - web
Suzanne Engelberg /
Oceanscape No. 3
GOO95686_75821 - web
Seth Harper Goodwin /
Acadia National Park, Maine
GRE45954_33958 - web
Natalie Fay Green /
Winter in Corolla
GUI39087_62455 - web
Nicholas Guilbert /
Six The Hard Way
Death Valley, Zabriski Point #3
Dan Hayes /
Zabriski Point #3
HOD99567_80545 - web
Sue Anne Hodges /
Ship Harbor Reflections
HOL56611_14504 - web
Bootsy Holler / Hope, 2004
HUL29379_41162 - web
Jodie Hulden / The Small Clearing
KEE11379_37399 - web
Marie Keech / Foggy Morning 1
LAN13256_21919 - web
Jefferson Caine Lankford /
Resilience Reflected
LAN96141_96835 - web
Kim Lane /
Casting into the Stillness
Jing Lin / Untitled
White Sands
Deborah Loeb Bohren /
Dunescape #1
MAR87273_24103 - web
Michael P. Martin /
Bering Avenue, Salton City
MIL16393_58173 - web
Yvonne Miller Nixon /
Grayton Beach II
NEM85572_67136 - web
Alexandra Nemeth /
Blue Bird Morning Song
NIK44647_13196 - web
Salar Niknafs / In Absence #2
PAL14154_87683 - web
Liz Palm / Fishing
PAR22383_90543 - web
Jane Paradise /
East End, Provincetown
PRI04198_30135 - web
Jennifer Pritchard /
Deserted Summer
RAM38191_10731 - web
Mike Ramsey /
White Egret in Fog
RID33756_85719 - web
Kristianne Koch Riddle /
SCH72971_70768 - web
James R Schlessinger /
Salisbury, NH
SEA35763_58014 - web
Charles Andrew Seaton /
TAY14014_23102 - web
Paul Taylor /
WIN20308_47786 - web
Ritch Winokur /

Juror's Statement


A quiet landscape can manifest in many forms. What an absolute pleasure it was to travel through these images, from desolate beaches, to snowy fields, to mountain peaks, to quiet streams.

The caliber of work was outstanding, which made our job extremely difficult. Many an image inspired spirited debate as to whether or not it would make the final cut. We agonized over our choices and attempted to make a selection that represented a broad range of styles and subject matter. Our personal style and taste leans towards pictures that are able to make ordinary scenes feel extraordinary, and so many images we reviewed did just that. Thank you all for taking us on a journey across the quiet landscapes of the world. We truly enjoyed reviewing all of your work.

- Jacob and Alissa Hessler

About the Jurors

Jacob Hessler
A graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography, Jacob has spent over a decade working in both the commercial and fine-art photography worlds. Shooting for diverse clientele, he approaches studio lighting with a scientific aptitude. Jacob is currently collaborating on “Boundaries,” a fine-press book project with the inaugural poet Richard Blanco, pairing Hessler’s images with Blanco’s poetry. “Boundaries” will be released in 2017 by Two Ponds Press. Jacob and Alissa regularly conduct landscape workshops at Maine Media Workshops.

Alissa Hessler
With a diverse background in art direction, marketing and creative project management, Alissa has had successful careers working on both the creative agency side and the client side. When not running client projects and co-teaching workshops, she continues building and expanding her Urban Exodus project, documenting creative urbanites who left the concrete jungle for greener pastures. She just finished writing and photographing her first book “Ditch the City and Go Country”, which will be launching in July of 2017, distributed by Macmillan Press.

Call for Entries

Embrace the minimal. All genres of landscape are welcome: natural, urban, industrial, and abstract, including any capture method or process.

Recipients of the Juror's Award and Director's Award will be entitled to a portfolio review by Jacob and Alissa Hessler.

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