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December 16, 2014 - January 9, 2015

The Traces Left Behind

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Geoffrey Agrons - Kensington, CA Xenharmonic DIRECTOR'S CHOICE AWARD
Ashley_Bob_4Boiler Room
Bob Ashley - Sacramento, CA Boiler Room
Marianne Bastyr - Chatsworth, CA Oil
Carrie M. Becker - St. Louis, MO Snowed In
Gloria DeFilipps Brush - Duluth, MN 8541
David Burnett - Newburgh, NY Katrina, New Orleans; A Child's Clothes
Eric Burrows - Coffs Harbor Jetty, NSW, Australia Sextonville Tennis Club
John Comito - Heartland, TX Chipman's
Stephen Crompton - Tampa, FL Jamestown Mall #2
Matthew Derezinski - Kirksville, MO Water Spirit
Doering_Mary_2Traces Left Behind
Mary Doering - Brewster, MA Untitled
David Gardner - San Francisco, CA Crazy Horse. Black Hills, SD
Glenn Gilchrist - Williston, VT Daily Commute - Abandoned Granite Quarry, Barre, VT
Grubb_George_3Bluie East Two 3
George T. Grubb - New York, NY Bluie East Two - World War II Abandoned Military Base #3
Andrew Ilachinski - Springfield, VA Impermanence
Kam Jacoby - Los Alamos, CA Bendasher Home Central Avenue and Legge Avenue, Lompoc, California circa 1910/2008
Morrow Jones - New Hartford, CT Quiet Desperation
Kelly Ketner - Alto, NM school's out
Kozel_Nick_5Found #3, Minneapolis, 5214
Nick Kozel - St. Paul, MN Found #3, Minneapolis, 5/2/14.
Amy Kwalwasser - Round Rock, TX Lion Belize
Ladendorf_Joan_2Caught 2
Joan M. Ladendorf - Hanover Park, IL Caught 2
Lehrer_Sherwin_2Ancient Woman
Sherwin Lehrer - Dedham, MA Ancient Woman
Cary Loving - Richmond, VA Revive
Anthony Marchetti - Minneapolis, MN 7700-8, BR
Colin May - Marshfield, MA Untitled
Deborah Orloff - Sylvania, OH Mar 65
Christos J. Palios - Baltimore, MD Report to Foreman
Perry_Rich_5Alabama Chair
Richard Perry - Lowell, MA Alabama Chair
From the series "ANONYMIZATION":  Tercia Real master-planned com
Robert Harding Pittman - Newton, MA Tercia Real master-planned community (abandoned) | Murcia, Spain from the series "ANONYMIZATION"
Emily Poulin - Chesapeake, VA Fairmount Historic District Richmond, Virginia
Puffer_John_7Tower - Knox County
John Puffer - Vincennes, IN
Tower: Knox County, Indiana
Clair Robins - Leicestershire, England Bleach, Butter, and Bananas
Dani Salvadori - London, England Perfectly Preserved
Eric Schneider - Philadelphia, PA Upheaval
Liz Swain - Medfield, MA Just Hanging
Haley Tucker - Oakland, CA Slight
David Allen Walker - Dekalb, IL Deposits, Philadephia, Pennsylvania
David Wensel - Geneva, IL White Space - Brach Candy Factory Chicago IL
Kirk Williams - Odessa, TX Spiral Near Abiquiu, New Mexico
Lauralyn Andrews - Redmond, WA Pure and Natural Water of the Nile
Lauralyn Andrews - Redmond, WA Medina Journal (Marrakech)
Charly Bloomquist - Walla Walla, WA Grounds For Investigation 0021
Steve Burkett - Centennial, CO Education Might Help
Carr_Patrick_4Barber Guide
Patrick Carr - Evanston, IL Barber Guide
Tricia Collier - Lincoln, MA ATM
Mark Collins - Dallas, TX Dear Joe Bill
Tom Deupree - Venice, FL Untitled
Erickson_Janelle Mill Ruins
Janelle Erickson - Lino Lakes, MN Mill Ruins
Foster_Thomas_1The Olson House
Thomas S. Foster - Friendswood, TX
The Olson House
Dennis Fritsche - Plano, TX Footfall
Jody Goode - Naples, ME
Goodwin_Neil_1Abandoned Naval Base, Vieques, P.R
Neil Goodwin - Cambridge, MA
Abandoned Naval Base, Vieques, P.R.
Griffith_Susan-4Architecture in Paper
Susan B. Griffith - Cleveland Heights, OH Architecture in Paper
Rhonda Griscti - Yardley, PA The Blues
Karen Hillier - Bryan, TX Unforgotten, grandfather's toilette, weft
Jann Huizenga - Santa Fe, NM Passage
Iranyi_Judi_5Bam Iran
Judi Iranyi - San Francisco, CA Bam, Iran
Keleher_Siobhan_1Facial Lingual Lingual Facial
Siobhan Keleher - Denver, CO Facial Lingual Lingual Facial
Jim Kohatsu - Long Beach, CA Final Reel
Phoebe Lickwar - Fayetteville, AR Succession, Benton County, AR
Michael Mastro - Mobile, AL 405 Dauphin Street
Peter McMahon - Philadelphia, PA Graffiti Wave
Menapace_Rick_5Canal ruins, Port Providence, PA
Rick Menapace - Collegeville, PA Canal ruins, Port Providence, PA
Tom Morin - Houston, TX Untitled206, from the series "Chalkboards"
John Moyers - Bristol, VT Bldg680
Dana Mueller - Somerville, MA Camp Lee at Fort Lee Military Base near Peterbsurg, Virginia 2009
Window of an abandoned house in Bernard ME
Ellen Powell - South Burlington, VT Abandoned House 1
Denise Ross - South Beach, OR Consensus
Emmet Sandberg - Green Lake, WI Transfer hoodie
Paul Smits - Besozzo, VA Room with a view
Todd Stewart - Norman, OK Untitled, From the Griffin Project (Photographs from a former mental health care facility)
Steve Stokan - Flower Mound, TX
Bagley Seed Corn
Lacie Weisz - Moorhead, MN Untitled
Nick Winkworth - Menlo Park, CA Divergence

Juror's Statement

With a record number of images submitted for "The Traces Left Behind", narrowing the selection to 75 was tremendously difficult. It was a pleasure to see how different artists chose to approach the subject and responses ranged from literal to abstract and spanned a broad range of aesthetic approaches. I found influences of some of my favorite artists: Eugene Atget, Clarence John Laughlin, Edouard Baldus, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Troy Paiva, and Bernd and Hilla Becher, to name a few. Some entrants chose to approach the subject via landscape or architectural photography, others through triptych, scanning of old photographs and objects, constructed images, and collage.

The photograph is itself a trace. In Camera Lucida Barthes observes the photograph as a portal to a moment which has already collapsed in on itself: "From a real body, which was there, proceed radiations which ultimately touch me, who am here; the duration of the transmission is insignificant; the photograph of the missing being, as Sontag says, will touch me like the delayed rays of a star." Each of these images tells its own story, about the subjects and those that shaped them, but also about the artist's reaction to and perception of the individual moment they captured. While there were many other images from the entrants that I would have liked to include also, in my selection I tried to capture a cross section of different approaches and styles, from the intimacy of a lost balloon trapped beneath a skylight and its implications about one child's story, to a sweeping view of a valley filled with rusting barrels and its ominous portent about the echoes of our civilization itself.

I felt each of them had something important to say and were worthy of reflection.

- Matthew Christopher 

About the Juror

Over the last decade Matthew Christopher has photographed the decay of American infrastructure, the aftermath of economic dysfunction, and the dimming of the American dream. He has exhibited widely in the United States in solo shows entitled The Age of Consequences, The Things We Left Behind, and Dismantling the Dream.

Matthew lectures and conducts frequent workshops. A monograph, Abandoned America: The Age of Consequences, was published in 2014.

Call for Entries

Whether abandoned or discarded, lost, preserved, or memorialized, the objects and places that are evidence of our histories inspire photographs. From an abandoned crumbling factory to a greasy pizza box left curbside, from an Incan ruin to a matted soft toy washed up at water's edge, initials carved in a tree, a soiled pile of personal effects waiting beneath an overpass… These are the clues to the treasure map of humanity. The humans who left them are palpable.

We are drawn to capture these things photographically before they rot or crumble or disappear entirely. They are evidence of the passage of time and, ultimately, of our mortality.