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Deadline for submissions: Feb 10, 2020
Exhibition dates are now moved back four weeks
Prints due: Apr 16, 2020
Exhibition: April 30 - May 30, 2020

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391 19359 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
Hospice (The Eastern Light)
AND54863 39514 juror
Jan Anderson-Paxson
Into the Fog-4
ANO97377 05286 juror
Mitchell Anolik
Tuscan Cypress
ASH69706 92325 juror
Richard Allen Ashmore
ATT12902 46327 juror
Gianluca Attoli
The dream is always the same #2
AVA13741 16909 juror
Bob Avakian
White Barn
BEL43924 63606 juror
Jaime Belden
Trees and Lily Pads
BEA64419 14361 juror
Ann Beard
Ready to Party
BOS72087 89239 juror
Meg Boscov
November Beech
BOW94312 76856 juror
Sally Bowker
BRE55531 27906 juror
Linda Breakey
Lake Simcoe
CHA75327 19866 juror
Larry Chait
Japanese Tree
COL15415 80687 juror
Mark Collins
Juniper At The Corner
DAN75317 90812 juror
D. Dangott
Mother Tree
DUE12113 42837 juror
Peter Dušek
Tree and Three Posts
FIS86201 95387 juror2
Louis Fischer
Caddo Lake Cypress 8
FLE15862 61061 juror
Cynthia Fleury
Cypress in the Vineyard
FLO31441 86978 juror
Pat Floyd
GAL80732 44496 juror
Domenica Galluccio
Curls & Swirls
GER43379 66093 juror
Adam Gerlach
Lake Merritt Trees, Study 1
GER89012 19198 juror
Kathleen Gerber
Astro Bisection
GLI30325 30535 juror
Karsten Glien
GLO77249 04982 juror
Marcia Glover
KHU65752 44219 juror
Virginia Khuri
HAR90857 02438 juror
Adrienne Bale Harvey
KLI99297 40119 juror
Karen Klinedinst
The Golden Years
LEV93112 16986 juror
Shifra Levyathan
Trees 06
NIL23495 04353 juror
Dale Niles
The Entrance
POE01022 91776 juror
Colin Poellot
Central Park
RUS95022 35581 juror
Richard Anthony Russo
Winter, Colorado
SCH90942 56269 juror
Elliot Schildkrout
Connemara 2
STA96534 69663 juror
Arlene Stanger
TRA74739 08126 juror
Donna Tramontozzi
Rain and Spanish Moss
VAN07425 72314 juror
Debra Van Swearingen
Cypress Grove
WAG70595 55521 juror
Gary Wagner
WEE33943 91828 juror
Rowene Weems
Dreaming in Pink
WIJ78806 35807 juror
Annette Wijdeveld
Dialogue with Silence
ZAR65875 53643 juror
Kate Zari Roberts
Dusk Next To A Cottonwood
AGR01391 46611 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
AND54863 84831 juror
Jan Anderson-Paxson
Into the Fog - 6
ATW20909 02957 juror
Robert Atwater
Dawn in the New World
AVA13741 91036 juror
Bob Avakian
In My Backyard
BAI51897 11688 juror
Valda Bailey
BEA64419 39001 juror
Ann Beard
Roots of Life
BER36298 56768 juror
Mimi Bernardin
Paris Tree
BOW94312 11551 juror
Sally Bowker
BRO06118 35757 juror
Alan Brown
Youngest of Seven
BRO98698 36347 juror
Judy Brown
Lake Waban Variance
BUR35427 29942 juror
Marilyn Burch
Trees in Fog
CIU24372 14152 juror
Mary Ciullo
CLA27499 32742 juror
John Clarke
Branches in the Fog
COD64338 09762 juror
Julia Cody
Brooklyn Tree Night Shutter
CRO77553 85131 juror
Marilyn Crocker
Spring Flood
ETL42147 58836 juror
Jacquelyn Etling
Winter Reflections
EVA63038 27259 juror
Stacy Smith Evans
First Light
EWI46727 91638 juror
Gifford Ewing
West Thumb, Geyser Basin Yellowstone NP
FIS86201 22555 juror
Louis Fischer
Big Cypress Bayou
GER89012 47943 juror
Kathleen Gerber
Casting a Long Shadow
GLI81244 78243 juror
Socrates Gliarmis
What the Trees Do When We're Not Looking
GOR74695 14497 juror
Cali Gorevic
HAR38785 12338 juror
Mike Harrell
Suwannee Canal
HOY56578 74888 juror
Scott Hoyle
See Me Forest
KAT97995 27922 juror
Rick Kattelmann
KEE03983 10695 juror
Terrence Keeney
KLI99297 59926 juror
Karen Klinedinst
Along Winter's Bay
KNI83338 81255 juror
Julia Knipschildt
MAC47097 42703 juror
Kiera MacKenzie
Parallel Lives
KNO99197 33853 juror
Carolyn Knorr
Walking With Muir
MAR00793 56095 juror2
Carol Marshall
MOT38485 25068 juror
Judy Pearl
The Huddle, from the Soul of Trees Collection
NIE02586 68666 juror
Georg Niedrist
In Praise of Autumn
NIL23495 90571 juror
Dale Niles
SMI40149 42747 juror
Lee Smith
Gray Oak
TAT00861 88889 juror
Ray Tatyrek
Country Lane
TUR80541 57166 juror
Mary Turner
Bamboo Tree and Vine
WAC38966 02716 juror
Peter Wach
Austrian Pine
WET10319 96057 juror
Janice Wetzel
Park in Winter
WIE27623 60354 juror
Wayne Wiens
Japanese Maple

Juror: Wendi Schneider
Prints due: March 19, 2020
Exhibition: April 2 – April 25, 2020

Juror's Statement

It was an enriching and anguishing adventure to winnow down the inspired photographs for the Trees exhibit. I was transported to alternate worlds as I visited each entry multiple times. Seeking various interpretations of species, seasons, processes, and feelings, I was often faced with tough choices - not only between the artist’s own submissions, but with similar visions of other entrants. I included work from those displaying a strong voice throughout their entries, and also from those with more varied submissions, perhaps offering a path for future exploration. Ultimately, I returned to those that most resonated with a poetic eloquence. Admirable work was omitted with regret, and some chosen images moved back and forth from Gallery to Online to create a diverse and cohesive exhibition.

Narrowing down the award winners was difficult, as there were others worthy of honors. It was especially challenging to separate the Juror’s and Director’s Awards as the images touched me deeply in different ways. Both elicited sighs upon first and subsequent viewings.

The Juror’s Award goes to Geoffrey Agrons for Hospice (The Eastern Light), a tender and evocative image of an ailing woman, ostensibly gazing at trees through her windows. Offered with sensitivity and exquisite tonality, the photograph inspired musings of her momentary respite from confinement, her wandering mind of memories, and hopes for the grace she may have found there.

The Director’s Award goes to Richard Ashmore for Adrift, an ethereal, lush and mysterious reflection of trees interspersed with rich, scattered autumn leaves. It’s a stunning composition with subtly woven focus and color that beautifully represents the whole of the exhibit.

Honorable mentions go to Karen Klinedinst, Dale Niles, and Rowene Weems for their imaginative articulations.

I’m deeply honored to have been chosen to jury this exhibition and for the privilege of viewing the large number of submissions. Keenly aware of the vulnerability of having work juried, I’m grateful to have been entrusted with your achievements and hope to see where your hearts take you in the future.

     — Wendi Schneider

Call for Entries

In this exhibit we honor trees in all their states: majestic specimens or struggling seedlings, in summer plumage or winter austerity, grown in nature or nurtured by man. Where do you find inspiration in trees? What is it about trees that moves you?  All capture methods and processes are welcome.

Click images to enlarge. All ©Wendi Schneider. 

wendi schneider around the corner juror
wendi schneider island juror
wendi schneider the truth of winter branches
wendi schneider the wisdom of trees juror

We are very pleased to welcome Wendi Schneider as juror for Trees. She will select 35 images for exhibition in our Middlebury, Vermont gallery and another 35 for our Online Gallery. All 70 images will be reproduced in the exhibition catalog. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and the Director’s Award will each be entitled to an online  portfolio review by the juror.


Information about our printing service and free matting and framing here

About the Juror

Wendi Schneider is a Denver-based visual artist illuminating impressions of grace with photography and precious metals to preserve vanishing beauty in our vulnerable environment.

Inspired by a background in painting, art history and the lush beauty of Memphis and New Orleans, she turned to photography in the early ‘80s and subsequently moved to New York, where she photographed for advertising, book covers and Victoria magazine in addition to her fine art work.

In 2012 she began her ongoing series “States of Grace”, engaging digital imaging to capture, layer and print her images, then applying gold or silver on verso to infuse the artist's hand and suffuse her treasured subjects with the spirituality and sanctity of the precious metals.

Schneider’s work has been exhibited, awarded, and published internationally and is held in permanent collections at the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Memphis Brooks Museum, the Center for Creative Photography, Auburn University Library, the Try-Me Collection, and numerous private collections.

She is represented by A Gallery For Fine Photography in New Orleans, Catherine Couturier Gallery in Houston, and Galeria Photographic in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and sits on the executive board of the Colorado Photographic Arts Center.

See her website here.

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