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Gary Hart

Gary Hart is a professional landscape photographer, writer, and teacher. Gary╒s images and articles appear frequently in ╥Outdoor Photographer╙ and other magazines, and his book of images, ╥The Undiscovered Country,╙ was sold in bookstores throughout the United States. Gary is also an active member of Sony Imaging╒s elite Sony Artisans of Imagery team. His regular blog was recently ranked Number 6 in Feedspot's list of the world╒s Top 100 Nature Photography Blogs.

For more than a dozen years, Gary has shared his more than four decades of photography experience in photo workshops in Yosemite (winter, spring, and fall), the Grand Canyon, Hawaii╒s Big Island and Maui, New Zealand, Death Valley, California╒s Eastern Sierra, and the Columbia River Gorge. These popular workshops always sell out, some more than a year in advance.

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