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Mary Ann Lynch

Mary Ann Lynch, born Mary Ann Bruchac, "bought" her first camera with Popsickle wrappers when she was ten, a country kid ordering things by mail in Greenfield Center, New York. Her role model as a photographer was her Uncle Milt in Connecticut, who photographed every family occasion. Like him, Lynch trained her eye on family & daily life. The spirit of place would remain a constant subject as her photographic sensibility matured. 

After graduating in English from Cornell University, she married Jack Lynch, the boy back home, and they headed to California. In the midst of student protests & the Black Panthers, the civil rights & anti-war movements, hippies, the first Human Be-In & psychedelic everything, she sharpened her political and creative skills, campaigned for Bobby Kennedy, and completed a Master's in English at the University of California at Berkeley. 

Opting for teaching instead of a doctorate, she took a job teaching English at the University of Hawaii, arriving there in 1968--just nine years after statehood. There followed an explosive decade with Lynch teaching and working in photography, film, media, and as a writer. And then it was time to move back East to Greenfield to raise their two children, Margot and Zack, closer to their extended family.

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