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Prints, Mats, and Frames

Professional Printing

We offer professional-quality printing at a very reasonable cost — eliminating the challenges and expense of shipping for distant photographers. Matting and framing are free for the duration of the exhibit if the printed image area conforms to our standard mat windows.

All prints are made in a color-controlled environment using Canon large-format printers, Eizo monitors, and custom ICC profiles.​​​​​​​

Suitable black and white images are generally printed using carbon-based Piezographic inks, capable of producing great detail, particularly in shadow areas. Toning, from very warm to very cool, is easily accomplished to match your file. 

Paper Options

We offer your choice of three papers. A print on any of these papers is $39.50 to $42, depending on paper choice. 

Canson Baryta Prestige (semi-gloss)
A smooth baryta gloss, acid-free alpha-cellulose and cotton white paper base that evokes the look and feel of traditional Baryta Gloss darkroom papers. Coated with barium sulphate. 340 gsm, and distinctly heavy-feeling. Sparkling white and archival. Superb d-max and color gamut.

Canson Baryta Photographique (satin gloss)
Similar to Canson Baryta Prestige in specs, and currently our favorite paper. It’s very slightly warmer and has a beautiful satin sheen. 310 gsm. Choose Baryta Prestige if you want the image to jump off the paper; choose Baryta Photographique for a slightly less forceful performance, while still possessing the d-max and gamut of Baryta Prestige.

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag (smooth matte)
For many, this is the standard by which other matte papers are judged. 100% cotton rag, white, lignum- and acid free, 308 gsm, with smooth texture, a wonderful cottony hand-feel and a deep black D-max.

Hahnemuhle Museum Etching (textured matte)
A heavy weight (350 gsm), natural white, cotton rag art paper. Its noticably textured surface with fine felt structure add depth and a three-dimensional effect unlike any other paper. It’s acid- and lignum free and contains no optical brighteners. As one reviewer put it, “Museum Etching has strength in its sheer weight, but also the subtlety to whisper every nuance of suggestion, both form and color. This is the holy grail of papers for the discerning artist who wants his images to be incomparable and exquisite.” 

Epson Hot Press Bright (smooth matte)
100% cotton rag, archival, smooth, white, fine art matte paper. Heavy hand feel, 330 gsm, acid and lignum free; contains optical brighteners. A favorite go-to paper for many years.


File Specs for Printing

We can accept TIFF, PSD, or JPG files for printing. If possible, please upload a file that is:

  • Either TIFF or PSD (Photoshop) file. Layers flattened if applicable.
  • Preferred color space: Adobe RGB or sRGB. ProPhoto exceeds the gamut of all printers; we recommend you convert to Adobe RBG or sRBG.
  • Bit depth: 16 bit is preferable. 8 bit is OK.
  • Resolution: in general, send us the largest file you have. It should be at least the dimensions of the final print area at 240 ppi (pixels per inch).  300 ppi is even better.
  • Maximum file size for upload is 250MB. 

The image should be adjusted as you want it to appear in the final print. We will match what you send to the extent possible. Sufficient resolution is the most important quality of your file.

Use the link below to log in and order prints.  You will 1) specify mat window, or 2) order a custom mat window, and 3) tell us the price you'd like to put on the print, and (4) tell us what we should do with the print after the exhibit, should it not sell.

ORDER PRINTS AND MATS HERE (you'll need to log in on the way)

We do custom printing of portfolios and exhibition prints unrelated to PhotoPlace Gallery.  Contact us about your needs.

Standard & Custom Mats

To help artists minimize costs and to encourage submissions from distant photographers, PhotoPlace Gallery will mat and frame juried work free of charge for the duration of the exhibition, as long as the image fits in one of our standard window sizes. All of our mats are white 16 x 20, with widow sizes as follows 

10" x 15"
11-1/2" x 11-1/2" square
10-1/2" x 13-1/2"

If we are making the print, we will size the image with absolute minimal cropping to fit these windows. If you are providing the print, please make the image about 1/8” larger than these sizes, or make it smaller to allow for a white border and/or signature. Please do not size your print to the exact size of the window. It will not be usable without cutting a custom mat.

If your image doesn’t work in one of the standard windows above, you may send your print matted, order a custom mat when you order a print or, if you are shipping us a loose print, you may order a mat on the Gallery Exhibitor Shipping Form (you'll need to log in on the way). The cost of a custom archival mat is $25. If you would like your print returned, we'll include the mat with the print.


Free framing is available to all exhibitors.

All frames that we supply are 16 x 20 black metal. Mats are white, to fit in 16 x 20 frames. Both mats and frames are free for the duration of the exhibit, whether you supply your print or have us produce your print.

If you would like to send a matted, framed print, it must be a 16 x 20 black metal frame with white or off-white mat, covered in glass or acrylic. We are happy to discuss other treatments and welcome a limited number of larger sizes or unusual presentations, but you must clear them with us first. Really. Please do not send anything in a non-standard frame without prior approval — we might not be able to hang it. Just send us an email or use our contact form.

If you are shipping us a print (loose, matted, or framed), please complete a Gallery Exhibitor Shipping Form and submit it online. It contains vital information: selling price, gallery label information, and more. If you would like your work returned, you must include a prepaid shipping label with your work (or label plus US postage), in the event your work does not sell. We will not be responsible for work without a prepaid return label 14 days after the exhibit is taken down.