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A Color Moment

Deadline for submissions: Jan 14, 2019
Prints due: Feb 21, 2019
Exhibition: March 7 - April 6, 2019

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ALE78606 58434 juror
Andi Alexander
The Midwife Stands On A Step Stool
BLO69219 41857 juror
Xavier Blondeau
Presence obscure - untitled 11
BOW40029 74934 juror
Bruce Bowman
Magic Castle Hotel, Los Angeles, Ca
BUL26541 47111 juror
Karen Bullock
The Rainiest City
BUN50679 28771 juror
Nancy Stalnaker Bundy
Pier Perception #1
BYK88048 66843 juror
Ekaterina Bykhovskaya
Yellow swirl
CAO84423 34891 juror
Luning Cao
My Own World
CER77656 98546 juror
Alejandro Cerutti
S Ciullo replacement
Mary Ciullo
First Snow
COL15415 18615 juror
Mark Collins
Home On The Range
COO07482 33194 juror
Jim Cook
Shades of Red and Northern Blue
COR12872 58717 juror
Ross Corsair
DON82031 71172 juror
Alexandria Donovan
MV Window
DUS68668 00172 juror
Suzette Dushi
New York Moments
ELL76941 55656 juror
Daniel Elliot
Woman Smoking
FEE71576 40984 juror
Jane Feely
Fall Flowers
FER85482 41951 juror
Henry Fernando
Cartagena Colours 2
GEN41945 53863 juror
Susan Genaro
Afternoon Chore
GUR90299 07017 juror
Ángel Gurría-Quintana
Cleaning (Cambridge, UK)
HAC54564 96612 juror
Linda Hacker
HEN44052 13802 juror
Anne Henning
JAC31836 83978 juror
Candice Jacobus
Yellow Umbrella for a Rainy Day
KES00632 56225 juror
Paul Kessel
American Unsplendor/Coney Island
KOS09097 94239 juror
Armin Kososki
Eastern State Penitentiary
LAP71133 49359 juror
Richard Lapping
Gold Leaf
LAR57701 92391 juror
Noreen Larinde
MAR10543 13178 juror
Stephen Marc
Untitled (Tempe, AZ)
MUR27343 67934 juror
Paul M. Murray
NIG45298 21103 juror
Paolo Nigris
Winter beach
OS67556 73195 juror
Melissa O'Shaughnessy
34th Street, New York, 2017
PAL14154 00449 juror
Liz Palm
The Red Dress
PEE34387 48581 juror
Laurie Peek
Yellow Door, New Street, Nyack, NY
RIN72953 52983 juror
Madeline Ring
Dressed for the exhibit
RUC42102 45784 juror
David Ruck
SCH20208 54217 juror
Jeff Schlegel
Old man holding fruit (Nepal)
SHE46485 46139 juror
Li Shen
Sheets, Varanasi
SHU85025 87935 juror
Carl Shubs
Orange with Black and White
STA95551 29177 juror
Tom Stahl
Observatory hut and the northern lights, Iceland
WEB21585 16431 juror
Natalie Weber
Safety First
YAT81302 16232 juror
Maggie Yates

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