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A Sense of Place

Deadline for submissions: Jul 18, 2016
Prints due: Aug 27, 2016
Exhibition: September 7 - September 30, 2016

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Mildred Alpern / Corner Room
BAI24769_52656 for website
Sue Bailey
CHA46418_80645 for website
Skott Chandler / Enter
CHA50127_63023 for website
Louisa Chalatashvili
From the photo series
"The other space"
COR64538_70355 for website
Charles Corda
Cemetery Road,
Lark Harbor, Newfoundland
CRA78936_77149 for website
Cindy Crane
What Does It Feel Like
To Be Here II #4
DIN64276_73536 for website
Nick DiNatale / Hampton, NH
EUG30506_67706 for website
Luca Eugeni
At the end of the world
EVA90726_22205 for website
D. Clarke Evans
Josephine Reaves,
1st Lt Army Nurse Corp,
FAR14468_06236 for website
M. David Farrell, Jr.
Interactions at a Laundromat
FIL80953_75634 for website
Vanessa Filley / Going Down
GRA47241_06584 for website
Kevin Q. Gray
Buffalo, January 12, 2015
HAL65789_52413 for website
Angelee Hale
Untitled, from
"Expanding Suburbia" Series
Room with chair, North Carolina.
Lawrence Hamel-Lambert
Empty Room
HAS06456_10821 for website
Laily Hassan
novice monk reading book
inside an ancient temple
HIR64962_28057 for website
Pimprae Hiranprueck
KIN75034_01257 for website
Mark Kinnaman / Private Road
Rest Area
Steve Knight / Rest Area
KRA70199_39407 for website
Georg Krausch / Butterhill
LED35083_50181 for website
Alan Leder
Night Lights (San Miguel)
MAT71673_08491 for website
Nate Mathews / Green Window
MET80302_21856 for website
Greg Mettler / Scratch Chair
MON56318_98908 for website
Emmanuel Monzon
Urban Sprawl Bellevue-Night
PEP10871_22985 for website
Anna Pepe
In the back of beyond
REN69012_87288 for website
Eric Rennie / Tickets
untitled, 2010
Miriam Romais
untitled, The Sound of Stone series
ROY13644_16365 for website
Carla Royal
Slow Boat to Nowhere,1
SAW41259_55501 for website
Mark Sawrie / Fake Bed
SCH59814_95522 for website
Lissette Schaeffler
By the Hour-Untitled 4
SKO00813_33463 for website
Seline Skoug / Dreamin
SOK65432_34635 for website
Ursula Sokolowska
Ford Street, Pilsen,
Chicago, 2011
STE40321_40132 for website
Lisa Marie Stevens / Wind Farm
TOR28068_05344 for website
Mary Tortorici
Clothesline, Sinking Valley, KY
VIN17055_36468 for website
Robin Vincent / Empty Chair
WIL39364_15492 for website
Dylan Wilson
Chocolate Plantation
WIL93036_09672 for website
Annette Willis / Home on the Range
WIN55966_19065 for website
Nick Winkworth
Here Comes The Sun
YDE16165_69289 for website
Peter Ydeen
I Want a Yellow House with
a White Picket Fence
Open Gate
Darlene Yeager-Torre
The Open Gate
MCK11604_99768 for website
Vicki McKenna / Beach Afternoon

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