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Deadline for submissions: Dec 07, 2020
Prints due: Jan 15, 2021
Exhibition: January 29 - February 19, 2021

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

BAR63817 33481 juror
Louise Barbee
Opening Up
BAU05218 66282 juror
Karin Bauer
Autumn Leaves #07
BLA31665 72999 juror
Jeff Blakely
Cyanotype Bougainvillea Bracts
BLO05008 72294 juror
Vision from my Window
CAD72306 80758 juror
Honorable Mention
Catherine Caddigan
Sugar Maple
CAV62882 13145 juror
Dean Cavalier
DAV98479 30885 juror
Jim Davis
Exploring the Universe
EHR02596 27321 juror
Director's Award
Deb Ehrens
Golden Moment
FIE26277 20673 juror
Jo Fields
Onion Grass
FOX41875 72573 juror
Pamela Fox
Fallen Flower
FUR19328 68502 juror
Kathleen Furey
Purple Poppy
GAN72708 23542 juror2
Hank Gans
Heart of an Orchid
GER15323 59314 juror
Zoltan Gerliczki
Broken Celebrity.02
GIB36794 62416 juror
JP Gibson
GLE33571 34446 juror
Honorable Mention
Leslie Gleim
GLI30325 17412 juror
Karsten Glien
Blue With Antennas
GOI78846 60717 juror
Laura Goin
GUI88491 72569 juror
David Guidas
Hanging Pod
GUT41015 16994 juror
Barry Guthertz
Lilypads In Autumn
HEL53287 25946 juror
Janique Helson
Window Light on Flowers
HER63044 82881 juror
Juror's Award
Kari Herer
Botanical no.0538
HOL82742 72743 juror
Susan Holtz
IRA24796 91522 juror
Judi Iranyi
LED00715 02927 juror
Alan Leder
Nicho With Bouquet
LEV39317 92884 juror
Bonnie Levinson
Garden Party Surprise
LOB96086 78425 juror
David Lobato
Dogwood Blossoms
MOY94251 72425 juror
john d moyers
Life Finds A Way
ORD89726 05438 juror
Lori Ordover
Decomposed Dance
ROS69414 72462 juror
Pat Rose
Still Life With Roses & Raffia
SEA89408 02909 juror
Tricia Seabold
For the Love of Lilac
STE76074 12897 juror
Darcie Sternenberg
STO12596 74127 juror
Sidney Stone
GoWest Roadtrip Flower #5
TUR97322 06372 juror
Jim Turner
VAN07425 08514 juror
Honorable Mention
Debra Van Swearingen
Field of Wildflowers
VIL44135 12283 juror
Chris Villiers
WAP30977 35345 juror
Amy Wappler
WAT69182 03121 juror
Honorable Mention
Charlotte Watts
How Small Is My Boat - Overlooking Lee Vining Creek
WHI83656 09985 juror
Suzanne Theodore White
YAT81302 08918 juror
Maggie Yates
Loving the Curves
YOU28092 87659 juror
Beamie Young
AGR01391 61404 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
Infrastructure Week
AND69053 60959 juror
Robert Anderson
Reed Reflection
BAR59865 39209 juror
Terry Barczak
BER25273 56063 juror
Bruce Berkow
Sprouting Moss
BIS21813 93666 juror
Bonnie Bishop
Floating Aspen Leaf
CHA15086 49022 juror
Sally Chapman
CHA90802 04013 juror
Rupert Chambers
Calla Lily
CIC15781 75103 juror
Claire Ciccarone
In a Muck
FUR19328 10944 juror
Kathleen Furey
GAN72708 52522 juror
Hank Gans
HAL54795 52793 juror
Norm Halm
Cholla Cactus, Mojave Desert
HAR83289 01494 juror
Bill Harbin
Cotton Flower
HEN74705 49581 juror
Carol Henry
Desert Mallow III
HUN83078 83555 juror
James Hunt
The Color In The Grass No. 5
JOH96764 08976 juror
Nancy A. Johnson
Orchids In Manor House, Sweden
JON29836 01685 juror
Adrian Jones
JON44133 04523 juror
Morrow Jones
JUR32864 07337 juror
Marcy Juran
Milkweed Pods
KIR39244 07242 juror
Karen Kirkpatrick
Disguised As Solitude
LED00715 66785 juror
Alan Leder
La Niña
LEV53959 83907 juror
Patricia Barry Levy
Contained Elm
LEW21746 39952 juror
Paul Lewis
Mineral / Vegetal
LON76239 71854 juror
John Long
Hosta Flowers
MAH96638 89716 juror
Rodney Gene Mahaffey
The Water Lilies
MCC48769 76035 juror
Ruth McCully
Water Lily Stem
MEL26242 82746 juror
James Meldrum
Tropical Splendor
MUS32608 62617 juror
Mark Muse
Wind-thrown Spruce, Dolly Sods Wilderness
PAL74311 37456 juror
Peg Palaskas
Center Of Attraction: Blue II
PER74856 44997 juror
Laszlo Perlaky
Shadow Play
PER87523 72247 juror
Zoe Perry-Wood
Cherry Tom, Single
PUC76972 81545 juror
Barbara Puchta
A Dream
QUI48403 75518 juror
David Quinn
Anemone Hidden Beauty
REE02511 96308 juror
Steve Reeves
SHA94245 39278 juror
Jaclyn Shannon
Forest Landscapes
SPI22953 83239 juror
Lev L. Spiro
The Edge Of Light
STA03636 08123 juror
Julie Stauffer
Pond Series 3
STR63832 41636 juror
Bradley Strong
Renewal By Rain 2
STR85711 34681 juror
Sarah Strickler
Coming Up For Air
THO10491 63693 juror
Colleen Thompson
Cinnamon Caps
WEI84944 52211 juror
Joan Weiss
Leaf Under Ice
BAU05218 66282 Install
BLA31665 72999 Install 1
BLO05008 72294 Install 2
CAD72306 80758 Install 3
CAV62882 13145 Install 4
DAV98479 30885 Install 5
EHR02596 27321 Install 7
FIE26277 20673 Install 7
FUR19328 68502 Install 8
GAN72708 23542 Install 9
GLE33571 34446 Install 10
GLI30325 17412 Install 11
GOI78846 60717 Install 12
GUI88491 72569 Install 13
GUT41015 16994 Install 14
HEL53287 25946 Install 15
HER63044 82881 Install 16
HOL82742 72743 Install 17
IRA24796 91522 Install 18
LED00715 02927 Install 19
LEV39317 92884 Install 20
LOB96086 78425 Install 21
MOY94251 72425 Install 22
ORD89726 05438 Install 23
ROS69414 72462 Install 24
SEA89408 02909 Install 25
STE76074 12897 Install 26
STO12596 74127 Install 27
TUR97322 06372 Install 28
VAN07425 08514 Install 29
VIL44135 12283 Install 30
WAP30977 35345 Install 31
WAT69182 03121 Install 32
WHI83656 09985 Install 33
YAT81302 08918 Install 34
YOU28092 87659 Install 35
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1Botanical banner 0121

Juror's Statement

What a wonderful experience this was—spending time surrounded by beautiful, creative, expressive and often surprising photographs of the plants that fill your world and the unique ways in which you see them, connect with them and share them with others.

And what a challenging experience it was. With a large number of entries, first impressions were important, but the selected photographs had staying power, as well. They not only captured my gaze and sense of curiosity, but kept me coming back. One of the greatest challenges in photographing plants and flowers is getting beyond the beauty of the subject to create a photograph that is powerful in its own right. And yet, mastery of composition, form, lighting and exposure isn’t enough either. I sought images that had that something extra—that expressed a mood, captured a moment in time, told a story or showcased the unique character of a plant. Some are elegant, others are joyful, many are tender. Some are powerful in their simplicity; others proved their ability to wrangle nature’s chaos into an organized composition. Some are very quiet; others are an explosion of color. They run the gamut from romantic to scientific to artistic to cultural. The sheer diversity drove much of my decision making when it came to selecting images for the two galleries.

In choosing award winners, I returned to the call for entry. The photographs had to put the plants first—to capture their spirit or unique characteristics; to show how they help create a sense of place; or to embody the deep, emotional connections we have with them.

Thank you to all for sharing your work, your world, our world. There is so much to be said for slowing down and taking a closer look at the beauty around us.

     — Lee Anne White

 Juror’s Award, Kari Herrer—This quiet still life will sneak up on you. There is beauty in its simplicity; mood created through lighting, composition and choice of props; and emotion evoked through a sense of gesture in the stem and the unexpected turn of the flower. It is both botanical and symbolic in nature, open to interpretation by all who pause and look deeply.

Director’s Award, Deb Ehrens—Milkweed pods are a favorite of photographers, but frustratingly difficult to photograph. This photograph shows us with great clarity, beautiful lighting and finely textured detail all the reasons that make us want to try.

Honorable Mentions

Leslie Gleim—An intimate view of tendrils doing what they do best, and what most of us miss when passing by plants.

Debra Van Swearingen—This image has such a powerful sense of place. It captures both a mood and moment—a treat for the eye and the soul.

Catherine Caddigan—A subtle use of layering and digital mastery that celebrates the maple leaf throughout its stages of fall transition.

Charlotte Watts—There is so much longing in this photograph. It reminds us not only of the relationship between water and plants, but of water and all life.


Call for Entries

Wild or cultivated, plants of all kinds help define a landscape, give it a sense of place, delight the senses, and connect us to the natural world.

For Botanical, we’re looking for images created in the landscape, garden or studio that capture the spirit and character of plants, as well as our intimate connection to the plant world. All capture methods and processes are welcome.

We are very pleased that Lee Anne White jury the exhibit. She will select approximately 40 images for exhibition in the Middlebury gallery, and 40 for our Online gallery. All selected images will be published in the exhibit catalog.

Information about our printing service and free matting and framing here.

Banner image: Lee Anne White
Click images to enlarge.

Richard Russo RUS95022 35581
Richard Russo
lw 171130 sand 236 1 13x19p entrada wcr
Lee Anne White
Charlotte Watts WAT69182 94034
Charlotte Watts
lw 170814 dahlias b 582 stack small
Lee Anne White

About the Juror

“I create intimate portraits of place—the terrain, plants and indigenous elements that give a landscape character. I am drawn by a sense of mystery, quietude and emotional connection with place, and seek to reveal both the unexpected and overlooked in nature’s details.”

Lee Anne White is a fine art photographer whose work is rooted in the landscape. In addition to exhibiting and publishing her work, she teaches landscape, botanical and creativity workshops for Maine Media Workshops and Madeline Island School of the Arts, as well as on Amelia Island and in New Mexico. She has photographed and authored numerous books on landscape architecture and garden design, is the former editor-in-chief of Fine Gardening magazine, and has photographed feature stories for dozens of magazines including Garden Design, Better Homes and Gardens, Landscape Architecture and Sunset. Lee Anne earned a master’s degree in creative studies at the State University of New York/Buffalo State and a bachelor’s degree in journalism and commercial art at Brenau University.

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