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December 5 - December 28, 2019


Juror: Anne Berry
Prints Deadline: Nov 21, 2019

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391 04586 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
Moving Under Skies
AXE61709 89315 juror
Nancy Axelrod
Boy Playing with Tire
BAI59468 26709 juror
Elizabeth Bailey
BEA74491 74251 juror
Lisa Strout Beard
The Blacktop
BOW97943 37534 juror
Jessica Bowser
Chaya and the Flamingo
CHA82716 58393 juror
Robi (Anirudha) Chakraborty
My Young Cousin
CLA17533 77925 juror
Bill Clark
In the Hole
COO48558 22357 juror
Ron Cooper
CUS61087 55053 juror
Sarah Cusimano Miles
Not So Much a Whisper, No. 1
DAL83124 96795 juror
Jenna Dallaire
Devil's Punch Bowl
DAV65454 00581 juror
Sherri Davis
A Boy And His Plane
DUD68017 52012 juror
Patricia de Ocio Dudley
Homage to Graciela Iturbide
FEL82308 02297 juror
Sara Feld
Varanasi, India
GIL74725 14729 juror
Lara Gilks
Lion Gives Flowers
HAR32713 98196 juror
Charlene Hardy
HIL20746 71463 juror
Karen Hillier
Child's Play, Bunny
HOV68222 59382 juror
Aimée Hoving
JON29836 91521 juror
Adrian Jones
Bunny Boy
KEI49433 74551 juror
Karen Keith
MAA41099 47365 juror
Robin Maaya
Wednesday with Ruby
MAD40466 69358 juror
Ann Dinwiddie Madden
Tank Boys
MCC23799 47854 juror
Cathlin McCullough
The Things Henry Collects
MCG96734 46219 juror
Juan Manuel McGrath Reyes
MIL08732 78024 juror
Kate Miller-Wilson
The Antler
OCO57765 37301 juror
Ellen O'Connell
Jungle Gym
ROA45603 92275 juror
Jan Kåre Roald
SCH67139 92315 juror
Michael Schenker
Sarjagag Girl
SEX32646 02021 juror
Jessica Sexton
Theo, Playground
SMI73445 03119 juror
Chaddy Dean & Wyatt Dean Smith
Captain Brown and Sidekick
TAM10006 47158 juror
Jessica Tampas
THI53661 59558 juror
Isabelle Thibault
Into My Soul
WAL09773 41265 juror
Karey Walter
E with Piebald
WAL22067 77233 juror
Anne Walker
Mother's Day
WAL29233 69863 juror
Jennifer Walker
Small Discoveries
WIN20308 79247 juror
Ritch Winokur
BEA74491 41258 juror
Lisa Strout Beard
BUC28848 60725 juror
Nadir Bucan
Nursel, Ladybirds, and Rooster
CHA82716 46596 juror
Robi (Anirudha) Chakraborty
The boy and his dog
CHI87492 57396 juror
Crystal-Anne Chijindu
Gazing and Grazing
CLA79784 45905 juror
Donald S. Clark
Young Katie in Sheep Fank
COO48558 12142 juror
Ron Cooper
Homework Break
DAL83124 45418 juror
Jenna Dallaire
DAV65454 55342 juror
Sherri Davis
Girl On A Swing
DUD68017 17515 juror
Patricia de Ocio Dudley
untitled 2
GIL74725 21287 juror
Lara Gilks
untitled, from the series 'masked'
HAR32713 76836 juror
Charlene Hardy
Super Powers
HOR43636 55432 juror
Ryotaro Horiuchi
Gypsy Girl in Red Ribbon
HOV68222 06822 juror
Aimée Hoving
Head in the Clouds
HUG31735 42088 juror
Erin Hughes
JON29836 26001 juror
Adrian Jones
7th Grade Graduation
KAM90054 13221 juror
Javid Kamali
KAR48822 38577 juror
Mel Karlberg
Fashionista on First
KEI49433 43884 juror
Karen Keith
KOT75096 89134 juror
Michelle Kott
About A Boy #18
KRA70199 24152 juror
Georg Krausch
A Boy and His Ox
KUS98478 78244 juror
Julia Kuskin
MAA41099 28154 juror
Robin Maaya
Ava's Nest
MAD40466 33754 juror
Ann Dinwiddie Madden
MAR14762 85733 juror
Jenn Martin
MEY71414 08562 juror
John Meyering
7 going on 8
MIL08732 18374 juror
Kate Miller-Wilson
The Prince
NIL23495 40934 juror
Dale Niles
The Apple
PET41186 96271 juror
Jelisa Peterson
Sidekicks, Ilha de Moçambique
REI75364 84351 juror
David Reinfeld
The Playground #2
ROA45603 75384 juror
Jan Kåre Roald
RUB81473 25359 juror
Marian Rubin
SCH67139 81388 juror
Michael Schenker
Mekong Girl
TAM10006 83631 juror
Jessica Tampas
THI53661 52106 juror
Isabelle Thibault
WAL09773 49835 juror
Karey Walter

Juror: Anne Berry
Gallery exhibition: December 5 – December 28, 2019
Exhibition prints due: November 21, 2019

Juror's Statement

Culling just 70 images from well over a thousand is not an easy task. I am excited about this collection of work but sad to leave behind so many worthy submissions. I thank all the photographers who submitted to Childhood and remind those not chosen how subjective and difficult the selection process is.

Every photograph in this exhibition makes the viewer stop to look closer. Perhaps it is effective use of color or composition or the subject’s arresting gaze or a poignant gesture. No distracting elements or colors distract from the subject. Objects common in photographs of children, swings, animals, toys, speak to previous work while staying consistent to the photographer’s vision and language. All the work I selected for awards went beyond the single image, making it difficult to decide which image to include in the exhibition and giving me a glimpse of the photographer’s overall vision. Juror’s Award winner Jessica Tampas’s images are about the intensity of the gaze. The composition, the shallow depth of field and the lack of color draw our attention to the eyes, confronting us and making us wonder.
— Anne Berry

Call for Entries

“Children are not like us. They are beings apart: impenetrable, unapproachable. They inhabit not our world but a world we have lost and can never recover. We do not remember childhood -- we imagine it. We search for it, in vain, through layers of obscuring dust, and recover some bedraggled shreds of what we think it was.”  — Penelope Lively,  Moon Tiger

We are interested in seeing  images that reflect memories of childhood, whether through allusion to your own experience, or your current experience with a child.  All capture and processing methods are welcome.    

We are very pleased that Anne Berry will curate this exhibit. She will select up to 35 images for exhibition in the Middlebury, Vermont gallery, and another 35 images for the Online gallery. All 70 images will appear in the exhibit catalog. While the Gallery exhibit is open, the Online selections will be projected in a continuous loop in the gallery.

Information about our printing service and free matting and framing here.

About the Juror

“My work is about the transitory nature of the physical world and the enchantment and power of the natural world, often reflected through the eyes of animals or children. Whether photographing people or animals, I capture what they wish to give, not what I construct. A sense of myth, ritual and mystery binds these images together. I’m drawn to wilderness places, children and animals. I’m influenced by literature, especially by the Romantic poets, T.S. Eliot, and Flannery O’Connor. My photographs are about the mystery that lies beneath the mundane.”

Anne Berry is an artist from Atlanta, Georgia. She is best known for photographs of children and animals that capture the enchantment and power of the natural world. She earned an MA in literature from The University of Georgia and a BA in art and English from Sweet Briar College. In 2013 and 2014 Critical Mass included her work in their Top 50 Portfolios. Anne has had solo exhibitions at the Centre for Visual and Performing Arts in Newnan, GA, The Lamar Dodd Art Center in LaGrange, GA and The Rankin Arts Center in Columbus, GA. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including The Fox Talbot Museum in Lacock, England, SCAN Tarragona in Spain, The Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, and the Ogden Museum of Southern Arts in New Orleans. Books include Through Glass (North Light Press, 2014) and Primates (21st Editions, 2017). Anne’s work is featured in National Geographic Proof, Feature Shoot, The Flannery O’Connor Review, Hufffington Post and Lens Culture, among others. Anne is a founding member of the Pigs Fly Photography Collective, and she runs Pigs Fly Retreats with Lori Vrba. In 2017 The Dishman Museum of Art and The Greensboro Project Space hosted their traveling exhibition, Intrusions of Grace. Anne lives in Newnan, GA and is represented by Catherine Couturier Gallery in Houston, TX.

See some of her work and learn about Pigs Fly Retreats here.