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Deadline for submissions: Jul 18, 2022
Juror: Jeff Curto
Prints due: Aug 15, 2022
Exhibition: August 25 - September 23, 2022

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ALL05308 65647 for juror
Laura Ally
AND76964 19547 for juror
Laurel Anderson
Back in 5
BAR59865 04449 for juror
Terry Barczak
BEA84395 88235 for juror
Kay Beausoleil
BEN50148 97697 for juror
Elisa Benedetti
Historic Overtown
BER69349 09879 for juror
Alan Berkson
Oh That Magic Feeling
BIS49876 91782 for juror
Shweta Bist
It's Called a Weeping Cherry
CAS50786 42245 for juror
Lydia Cassatt
Dancing Tulips
CHE03359 84836 for juror
The Cut of Tulips
COR01596 30809 for juror
Jaclyn Cori
Born on the Same Day, from the series "Chapter 2"
DIE19303 41679 for juror
John Diephouse
Cracking Under Pressure
DIN39154 78322 for juror
Jeremiah Dine
Anne-Marie, 2013
DIN99344 89267 for juror
Ted Dinkel
Early Buds
DOS85934 71747 for juror
Rajan Dosaj
DragCon #1
FOX08972 33064 for juror
Diane H Fox
Forest Life, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Geneva, Switzerland
FRI74102 38119 for juror
Dennis Fritsche
Recently Renovated
ISH45632 63093 for juror
Yoichi Ishida
Untitled, from the series "Trichromatic Landscapes"
KAY99245 75103 for juror
Elizabeth Kayl
KIR53266 40482 for juror
Stephanie Kirk
Aidan and Nick Comment
KON92942 66568 for juror
Cindy Konits
LOV19683 26627 for juror
Travis Lovell
Evaporation Pond
MAC18243 28922 for juror
Nancy Mack
The Thin Red Line
NAU28328 19213 for juror
John Patrick Naughton
Flora #4
ONE90852 35429 for juror
Thomas R. O'Neal
The Disturbance
PIC77369 46599 for juror
Ann Piché
PON22097 25845 for juror
Ricardo Pontes
See the Ripple
RAZ70532 36129 for juror
Rania Razek
Changing Seasons
REN69012 99264 for juror
Eric Rennie
Iced Over
SAL05792 16803 for juror
Curtis Salonick
The Face of Beauty
SAU73614 08838 for juror
Susan Saudek
The Baker
SCH68895 90604 for juror
Joanne Scherf
SCH93645 79052 for juror
Robert Schultz
Japanese Maple
SIE87802 22241 for juror
Anastasia Sierra
STE15718 98194 for juror
Pamela Steege
Slippery When Wet
STO84593 48963 for juror
Jonathan Stoller
Water Bearer
THO73858 37695 for juror
Ashton Thornhill
Green Shutters
TOP70591 96741 for juror
Gary Topper
Oaxaca Wall
WEB21585 00325 for juror
Natalie Weber
Waiting for the Catch
WIS68896 42142 for juror
Lisa Wisniewski
ZOU57479 84307 for juror
Michele Zousmer
Red Innocence

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