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Deadline for submissions: Apr 05, 2021
Juror: Jeff Curto
Prints due: May 13, 2021
Exhibition: May 28 - June 18, 2021

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

21X17565 45513 juror
Streetmax 21
AGR01391 93465 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
Night Walk In Cozenza
BAC18777 66285 juror
Lee Backer
Rocks, Bandon Beach
BER63583 88495 juror
Susana Berdecio
Windswept To Fog
BLO69219 33152 juror
Honorable Mention
Xavier Blondeau
Nuit Indienne - Untitled 01
BOY57451 92843 juror
Rebecca Boyd
BUO09142 13017 juror
Mary Buonanno
BUS91351 93821 juror
Juror's Award
Eileen Busby
CHA90955 96119 juror
Jo Ann Chaus
Daisy's Grill
DAV98479 37776 juror
Jim Davis
Morning Splendor
FAU11036 35183 juror
Nancy Faulds
Oil Cans
FIN95341 01421 juror
Ted Fines
Yellow Door
FIO32726 97885 juror
Louise Fiore
West Hunterdon Lanes
FIS86201 08905 juror
Louis Fischer
Falling Rivets
FOR85445 89111 juror
Chantal Fortier
FRA95284 51571 juror
John Fraser
Overlapping Rectangles
GRA02256 09043 juror
Director's Award
Mathias Grate
Untitled, from the series "Before Silence"
HAY05593 18468 juror
Derek Hayes
Yesterday's Bedroom
HER72716 76857 juror
Andrew Hersey
The Seasonals
JAC70591 82382 juror
Bethany Jacobson
Man On Phone, New Hampshire
KAR50221 52055 juror
Ted & Nune
KUS98478 88855 juror
Julia Kuskin
Chin on Hand
LAW81755 71897 juror
Neil O. Lawner
Looking At An Ancestor?
LOU32602 15635 juror
Amélie Louys
The Cathedral of The Sea
MAN07427 59989 juror
Lawrence Manning
On The Road
NEL03974 32568 juror
Ed Nellis
NIG69057 74857 juror
Honorable Mention
Matt Nighswander
Dunkin' Donuts, Chicago, from the series "Chained"
ODO19206 01357 juror
Gail Marie Odom
Sweetheart of The Rodeo
PAR81861 73251 juror
Honorable Mention
Maja Parker
PRA43433 73917 juror
Lisa Praster
Crack of Dawn
ROT97105 79166 juror
Honorable Mention
Dennis Roth
Good Morning
SIL96986 18139 juror
Richard Silver
The Moment
SMI45965 53349 juror
TR Smith
Mother at 97
STO55341 03785 juror
Steve Stokan
SUB78857 77893 juror
Tracey Suba
It's All Up Hill

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