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August 1 - September 1, 2018

Environmental Portraits

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ALL15258 38675 juror
Mariette Pathy Allen
Miguel at a Barber Shop, Havana, Cuba, 2013
AMP77844 42717 juror
Juan Pablo Ampudia
ARA71935 31282 juror
Alpana Aras-King
Reflecting Candice
BEE99614 68451 juror
Gary Beeber
Mona, in Her Room (Pink Bathrobe)
BOS88399 17444 juror
Daniel Bosler
Venice Beach Fly Girl
BRO91052 20153 juror
Joan Lobis Brown
Women of an Uncertain Age: Indomitable Baby Boomers Challenging Cultural Norms
BRU88289 00496 juror
Anja Bruehling
Brick Workers - Young Girls
CHA90955 66573 juror
Jo Ann Chaus
Party Dress
DEN57995 64307 juror
Ellen Denuto
Tony Vacarro in His Archive
FIL27206 58154 juror
Kev Filmore
Say Cheese Dad
FOR43759 79286 juror
Morgan Ford Willingham
you are (part of me still)
GAR66883 24689 juror
Felipe Garza
Hide and Seek
GRE65902 37117 juror
Richard Greene
HAN22465 50274 juror
Zachary Z Handler
they are of threaded glass
HOL32605 47416 juror
Don Holtz
The Cattleman
JEA92498 71497 juror
Leslie Jean-Bart
Hollis King, Art Director and Collector of Photo Books
JOH52725 83396 juror
Tom M Johnson
Christiane Leach
HUA97475 21453 juror2
Shine Huang
Carry the Ocean: Gabriel
HOL05398 99529 juror
Janet Holmes
Is This My Beautiful House? from the series "Why Would Anyone Rescue a Chicken?"
HOV68222 92561 juror
Juror's Award
Aimée Hoving
Out of the Blue
MIR72068 09123 juror
Debbie Miracolo
REI75364 11338 juror
David Reinfeld
Work for Play
ROS02957 76719 juror
Susan Rosenberg Jones
On the Terrace
RUD30102 20265 juror
Maureen Ruddy Burkhart
Balancing Act
SIM36601 95484 juror
Katalina Simon
STO56565 30984 juror
Sue Palmer Stone
TAM26286 49838 juror
Bruno Tamiozzo
Portrait of a Little Girl
TER01846 92094 juror
Director's Award
JP Terlizzi
The Puzzle, from the series "The Cedars Run Silent"
VEL98278 36697 juror
Diana Velasco
TEL88426 97594 juror4
Susan May Tell
Anthony Bourdain
WAL67812 75188 juror
DB Waltrip
WAT60948 67962 juror
Cyndy Waters
Phoebe Home with Her Chicken, Mathare Valley, Nairobi, Kenya
WEI02918 02918 juror
Sandra Chen Weinstein
The Migrant
WOL08241 41554 juror
Beata Wolniewicz
Madam J.
ZOU57479 01087 juror
Michele Zousmer
Irish Traveller Children
ARC04982 40315 juror
Roger Archibald
Blue Gum Queen Candidates
BAT50929 39908 juror
Jamie Campfield Bates
BEN18474 94363 juror
Sara Bennett
BON63738 84451 1 juror
Phillip Bond
Ranger, Khankh
BRO12166 59711 juror
Quinn Russell Brown
Author David Shields in Front of His Own Books Inside His Office
COO47831 12063 juror
Ginger Sisco Cook
Morton, Cochran County, Texas, Bill's Cafe, Bill Benham, Owner
DOR47337 83718 juror
Nina Weinberg Doran
Untitled, Bovina , NY
DUR47626 31317 juror
Diane Durant
April, 1986
EPS15188 53503 juror
Adele Epstein
Veterans of the Revolution - II
FER81079 01701 juror
Christopher N. Ferreria
Chuck, West Hollywood, California (Home is Where One Begins)
FER85482 03129 juror
Henry Fernando
Cuscuenos 2
GUV46619 94178 juror
Pelin Guven
At Home
HAR54195 82662 juror
Kip Harris
Drill Bit Merchants, Mumbai
HOB35863 07269 juror
Mark Hobson
HOB35863 35878 juror
Mark Hobson
HOL32605 40936 juror.DonHoltz
Don Holtz
Dave with Dave
HOV68222 42096 juror
Aimée Hoving
KUS03046 35652 juror
Gioia Kuss
Photographer Self-Portrait
LEG19686 76168 juror
Gaye Leggat
Rural Viñales
MAL65298 22609 juror
Tara Malone
Social Club
MAY53994 47245 juror
Mary E. Mayer
MOR70436 72748 juror
David Morel
Santiago Hipster Barber
NIE24274 07699 juror
Charlotte Niel
OXT93991 57447 juror
David Oxton
Diane on Bed
RAY44911 53577 juror
Debmalya Ray Choudhuri
Letters from the Bay
RIL82666 74902 juror
Jeremy Rill
ROW57128 66626 juror
Russ Rowland
SAR92553 42941 juror
Joshua Sarinana
SIV41578 51009 juror
Denis Sivack
You've Got Mail
SOL85792 52285 juror
Bob Soltys
Michael Pearson
STR15383 24536 juror
Nolan Streitberger
Catching Nugget
TOK32768 80139 juror
Erin Tokarz
She is Comfortable Here
WAT32163 65014 juror.selfAdamWatkins
Adam D. Watkins
WEI02918 86361 juror
Sandra Chen Weinstein
Celine and Catherine
WIC90571 11258 juror
Stephen Wicks
Traveling Circus Dwarf, Ohio
YOU28092 86795 juror
Beamie Young
Tough Guys
ZHA16417 92284 juror
Shaoyi Zhang
Dongfeng Liu

Juror: Elizabeth Avedon
Gallery exhibition: August 1 - September 1, 2018

Juror's Statement

“In a short story, environmental portraits are the setting, the part of the tale that establishes mood and creates a backdrop for the narrative to begin.”
     — Polly Gaillard, Arts Writer

The call for “Environmental Portraits” created a wide range of images entered; traditional, contemporary, young and old, ancient and modern, unique cultures presented from different perspectives. 

I want to thank every photographer who put themselves and their work out there for this call. There were almost two thousand images submitted and it was my honor to become very familiar with each of them. As I slowly began to see a “show” come together - some images moving the narrative along in a unique way - I believe in the end the images chosen are a compelling group, collectively taking each of us on a personal journey of our own.
     — Elizabeth Avedon

Call for Entries

An environmental portrait is an image made in a place where the subject lives, works, rests, or plays. This setting adds tremendously to the story of who the subject is—their trade, their passion, their fears, or simply how and where their time is spent.

We seek images in which an environment interacts with the subject to create a storied whole — images in which our interest is piqued and we are introduced to the unique world of the subject, enhancing our understanding of another being.

All methods of capture and processes are welcome.

We are very pleased that Elizabeth Avedon will be jurying and curating this exhibition. She will select approximately 35 images for exhibition in the gallery, and 35 for our Online Gallery Annex. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and the Director’s Award will each be entitled to a personal portfolio review by Ms. Avedon.

About the Juror

Elizabeth Avedon is an independent curator, photography book designer and writer. As former Director of Photo-Eye Gallery, Santa Fe, Art Director for Ralph Lauren Media, and Creative Director for The Gere Foundation, Elizabeth has received awards and recognition for her exhibition design and publishing projects, including; “Richard Avedon: In the American West” for the Amon Carter Museum, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, and The Art Institute of Chicago; and curating several exhibitions at New York’s Leica Gallery. She has been a contributor to L’oeil de la Photographie / The Eye of Photograph since 2014, profiling events and notable leaders in the world of Photography.

Along with leading advanced photo-editing and book design workshops in Vermont, Chicago, and Santa Fe, Elizabeth continues to participate in many portfolio reviews including the New York Times Lens Review, Review Santa Fe, FilterPhoto Festival, Photolucida and both the Icelandic Photography Festival 2018 and Landskrona Foto Festival 2017 Review in Sweden. She was on the jury for the 8th Edition of the Carmignac Photojournalism Award in Paris in 2017, and juried the 22nd Annual Peter Urban Legacy Exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography. She is also an instructor in both the BFA Photography and Video and Masters in Digital Photography programs at the School of Visual Arts, New York.

In 2017, Elizabeth received a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Griffin Museum of Photography’s Focus Awards.