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Found Objects

Deadline for submissions: May 16, 2022
Prints due: Jun 13, 2022
Exhibition: June 23 - July 22, 2022

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ALV83516 11376 jjuror
Rebekah Alviani
AND69053 95604 juror
Robert Anderson
Dog Finds, Nebraska Farm
BEA84395 79586 juror
Kay Beausoleil
BED62451 38559 juror
Elaine Bedard
BOI46653 25087 juror
Rachel Boillot
Tragic Romance (Evelyn's Song)
BUT79747 57314 juror
Ronald Butler
Rippling Around a Wheel
CAU70326 04444 juror
Matt Cauthron
Lemon Tin
CEB15811 35046 juror
Claudia Cebrian
CEB15811 48253. juror
Claudia Cebrian
Long Hair
DIX41917 01175 juror
Mark S Dixon
Tap and Die
DIX41917 94133 juror
Mark S Dixon
Never Enough
GOO41686 18969 juror
Neil Goodwin
Abandoned Car, Navajo Nation, New Mexico
FRI74102 57191 juror2
Dennis Fritsche
After the Ball
HAB07377 40967 juror
Judy Haberl
HAZ08379 97084 juror
Barbara Hazen
Thirty Years
HER84441 30212 juror
Dennis Herman
Deep Sleep
KAR81609 08853 juror
Lynn Karlin
Ice Cream Scoops
KEL25781 16661 juror
John E Kelly
Boat Dock
KEL64357 80778 juror
Constance Keller
Into the Woods
KIE71605 63161 juror
Leslie Kiefer
Found in the Woods
LEV95583 03149 juror
Mark Levinson
Red Ladder
MAR17954 99588 juror
Allan Markman
Still Life with Pick Axe and Pine Cone
MCI42521 94964 juror
Kathleen McIntyre
The Fly II
MOR99268 16043 juror
CE Morse
Olds Trunk Badge
PAL93074 15448 juror
Kelley Palmer
Throw Me a Ladder
PED98271 79707 juror
Louise Pedno
PRI28414 58489 juror
Lawrence Pritchard
Lost Note
RIC26625 00848 juror2
Jim Richards
Driftwood, New Zealand
RIC57136 92624 juror
Susan Richman
Pink Trike
SPR49474 81789 juror
Eric Spry
When I'm Old
PIL07506 16506 juror4
Ave Pildas
3 Kings and a Fence
SUL51385 58782 juror
Shaun Sullivan
Bone Camillia Salt Shaker
SYP89379 01358 juror
Allan Syphers
Boiler Door
THI41393 92481 juror
Romain Thiery
Requiem Pour Pianos 33
TIT00983 37615 juror
Liz Titone
Still Life, Youngsville
TRI19281 11958 juror
Leanne Trivett
Wonderland 6
WAT69182 06957 juror
Charlotte Watts
Casa de Ave Sagrada
WIL32674 47439
Terry Wild
WYA32888 12515 juror
TaQuan Wyatt
Chained to Appearence
YOU28092 38866 juror
Beamie Young

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