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June 7 - July 8, 2017

Honoring Trees

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

PET14992_27819- website
Christopher Petrich /
Of The Sky -- Late Evening
Contrail Over Nebraska Cottonwoods
E311 Freeway – Emirates Road | Dubai, UAE.
Robert Harding Pittman /
E311 Freeway – Emirates Road |
Dubai, UAE
Russ Rowland / City Bloom
SCH95168_97351- website
Vitor Schietti /
Tree of a Lucid Dream
TRE94353_51255- website
Robert Treat / Volcan#4
WES23825_33333- website
Kurt Westbrook /
Atlas of Trees
Who's Home
Fred Zafran / Who's Home
CAR13079_40901- website
Valerie Cargo /
Tree Interrupted,
Inside Looking Out
Chinese Tallow

Mark Collins / Chinese Tallow

DIP53239_20148- website
Corinne DiPietro / Insomnia (Diptych)
DIP53239_84576- website
Corinne DiPietro /
Twig | Winter Solstice (Diptych)
Processed with Blackie
Shāna Einhorn /
May The Long Time Sun
Shine Upon You
FIS86162_05828- website
Kathleen Fischer /
Mesquite Trees and Sundog
Frank Fuerst / Bones and Sinew
GOF47755_71299- website
Steve Goff / Tree of Life #5 i>
Norm Halm /
Dead Joshua Tree, Las Vegas Nevada
HAR83289_26572- website
Bill Harbin / Sugar Maple
HIL20746_22548- website
Karen Hillier / Law, Texas
HOC64299_58063- website
Ken Hochfeld /
The Forest's Lyrical Imitation
of My Emotional Confusion
JAC05762_86472- website
Kam Jacoby /
Door County, Wisconsin
LED35083_63708- website
Alan Leder / Fog and Light
LOV20641_60364- website
Cary Loving / Sway
MAS44661_15479- website
David Massolo /
Trees at Versailles
MCC02461_53644- website
Pete McCutchen /
Forrest Mandala 3
OOM82641_04929- website
Ansel Oommen /
Quercus Cerris (turkey oak)
AYU97524_15916- website
Zia Ayub / Untitled
BAI24769_77631- website
Sue Bailey
Japanese Snow
BAR56593_10547- website
David Bartlett / Louisville
BAS59803_29922- website
Lee Bass / Hidden Pines
BAS59803_50362- website
Lee Bass / The Lovers
BER69349_98658- website
Alan Berkson / Library Tree
BIN94089_61635- website
Heather Binns / Tie One On
BOL98839_51478- website
Scott Bolendz /
Last Stand (Beach of Ghosts Series)
Doomed Trees
Angela C. Brown /
Three Plus Four
BUN50679_23022- website
Nancy Stalnaker Bundy /
Tangled Shelter
ARI18692_81415- website
August Arikawa /
Izanagi Shrine - Awaji Island, Japan
ATW20909_48932- website
Robert Atwater /
Waiting For Leaves.
Santa Catalina, Panamá
BAX10572_60486- website
Matté / Realm of Light III
BEL72387_46232- website
Jan Bell / Trees in Morning Fog
BLE05817_33117- website
Teresa Bleser / Protected
BOL98839_59881- website
Scott Bolendz /
Untitled (Autumn Waters series)
BUF12087_64601- website
Michael Bufis / Morning Fog
CAS59063_23328- website
Steven Castro /
Oak Tree Study
Lorraine Castillo /
Come Inside
Donald S. Clark /
Lake Bijou, Composition #3
COR19491_00055- website
Katy Lopez / Alone
DOY82799_73202- website
Barbara Ford Doyle /
Barrier Beach Erosion #1
DUT92223_29193- website
Pierre and Cathy Dutertre / Fright
FRI74102_28656- website
Dennis Fritsche / Getting a Foothold
GAL30699_12395- website
Patricia Galagan /
Juniperus Mortuus
GAR19951_34482- website
Terri Garland /
Song Birds, near Baton Rouge, LA
GUN22379_54815- website
Tod Gunter / Twisted
GUT56496_50123- website
Aubrey Guthrie / Balboa Park
HAF78861_11138- website
Rob Haff / Majestic
HAR15147_59697- website
Debra Harder / Italian Cypresses
HES27698_26031- website
Sheryl Hess / Tree Huggers
HIL20746_12339- website
Karen Hillier / 3-Up
HOC64299_44629- website
Ken Hochfeld / Mystery's Joy
HOW90993_53692- website
Patricia Howard /
Palm Trunk Cocoyoc
HUL29379_47306- website
Jodie Hulden / Invitation II
KAN99724_24661- website
Priscilla Kanady /
A Concert of Commonality
LAN75881_35154- website
Lonnie Landrey / Civil Twilight
LAZ46876_82975- website
Melissa Lazuka / First Blooms
LEU81015_65221- website
Catherine Leung /
Divine Nature #05
LOV19683_32987- website
Travis Lovell / Country Road
MAU83301_65474- website
MIT71929_98037- website
Deborah Gray Mitchell /
Phoenix Mountain, China, #3
PAL13802_58556- website
Peg Palaskas /
Cayman Wind in the Palms I (Spring)
PAR34882_75684- website
Amy Parrish / Untitled
POD81551_79627- website
Shweta Poddar / Magic Tree
PRI04198_03488- website
Jennifer Pritchard / Crooked Tree
RHO32064_17957- website
Mary Rhodomoyer /
Through the Wood, Marker I, 2015
RHO32064_91674- website
Mary Rhodomoyer /
Through the Wood, The Curtis Loop, 2014
SCH43816_75593- website
Les Schmidt / Armament
SCH72971_03042- website
James R Schlessinger /
Brothers Island Windthrow
SCH95168_22452- website
Vitor Schietti / Ipe's Soul
TRE94353_18418- website
Robert Treat / Volcan#3
Joan Zachary /
Inner Soul Revealed
ZAF22108_77626- website
Teresa Zafon / Lonely
You within/within you
J.M. Golding /
You within/within you

Juror's Statement

In his book The Practice of the Wild, poet and essayist Gary Snyder points out that “wild” is most often defined by what it is not. So, it is undomesticated, untamed, uninhabited, uncultivated, uncivilized. What if, he writes, we instead define it by what it is? Through this lens, “wild” becomes: self-propagating, flourishing, pristine, exuberant, original, self-reliant, ecstatic, free. Seen in this more positive light, nature has agency and power – a sense of dynamism that reminds us to take note, to honor the wild places we’re still lucky enough to have.

The images selected for this exhibition are poetic, evocative, and deeply interpretive. They masterfully capture some of the spirit of their subjects, rather than simply telling us what things look like. This attention to mood and emotion brings the scenes alive and inspires us to care. I hope the exhibit serves as an invitation to celebrate the wild beauty of trees and to contemplate what we stand to lose in the relentless drive for environmental dominion. As Edward Abbey so poignantly reminds us, “Love of wilderness expression of loyalty to the earth, the earth which bore us and sustains us, the only paradise we shall ever know, the only paradise we ever need, if only we had the eyes to see.” 

- Laura Valenti

About the Juror

Laura Valenti is a photographer, curator, educator, and arts director. She works as Outreach Director at Photolucida, a nonprofit that works to build connections between photographers and the gallery and publishing worlds. She also worked for many years as Program Director and co-Curator at Newspace Center for Photography. She teaches online courses that focus on helping photographers identify sources of inspiration and reach photographic goals. She also lectures about photography and the creative practice. Laura enjoys working with emerging photographers to develop their skills as well as their creative voice.

Laura also curates photography exhibitions around the country and internationally, including recent exhibits at the Center for Fine-Art Photography, Photographic Resource Center, and RayKo Photo Center. She recently curated "Place: Framing the Oregon Landscape," a major northwest landscape photography exhibition for the Oregon Historical Society. A documentary portraiture exhibition Laura curated was shown at the last Lishui International Photography Festival (China).

Laura frequently serves as a juror for photography competitions in the U.S. and abroad including for Center's Director's Choice Awards, Photo District News, The Oregonian, Critical Mass, Rangefinder Magazine, LightBox Photographic, and more. She has also served as a reviewer at various portfolio review events, such as Houston FotoFest, Review Santa Fe, and Photolucida, as well as a number of international reviews. 

In addition to her photography work, Laura is also a longtime student of Zen. She has a deep interest in the intersection of mindfulness, spirituality, and the creative practice. She lived in Asia for fifteen years and now calls beautiful, rainy Oregon home. Her degree is from Reed College.

Learn more about Laura's photography, teaching philosophy, and online creativity programs on the Huffington Post, or visit her website

Call for Entries

This is a call for images that celebrate trees in all their forms, all their locations, and all their seasons. All methods of capture and processing are welcome.