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Honoring Trees

Deadline for submissions: Apr 24, 2017
Juror: Laura Valenti
Prints due: May 26, 2017
Exhibition: June 7 - July 8, 2017

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Christopher Petrich /
Of The Sky -- Late Evening
Contrail Over Nebraska Cottonwoods
Robert Harding Pittman /
E311 Freeway – Emirates Road |
Dubai, UAE
Russ Rowland / City Bloom
Vitor Schietti /
Tree of a Lucid Dream
Robert Treat / Volcan#4
Kurt Westbrook /
Atlas of Trees
Fred Zafran / Who's Home
Valerie Cargo /
Tree Interrupted,
Inside Looking Out

Mark Collins / Chinese Tallow

Corinne DiPietro / Insomnia (Diptych)
Corinne DiPietro /
Twig | Winter Solstice (Diptych)
Shāna Einhorn /
May The Long Time Sun
Shine Upon You
Kathleen Fischer /
Mesquite Trees and Sundog
Frank Fuerst / Bones and Sinew
Steve Goff / Tree of Life #5 i>
Norm Halm /
Dead Joshua Tree, Las Vegas Nevada
Bill Harbin / Sugar Maple
Karen Hillier / Law, Texas
Ken Hochfeld /
The Forest's Lyrical Imitation
of My Emotional Confusion
Kam Jacoby /
Door County, Wisconsin
Alan Leder / Fog and Light
Cary Loving / Sway
David Massolo /
Trees at Versailles
Pete McCutchen /
Forrest Mandala 3
Ansel Oommen /
Quercus Cerris (turkey oak)
Zia Ayub / Untitled
Sue Bailey
Japanese Snow
David Bartlett / Louisville
Lee Bass / Hidden Pines
Lee Bass / The Lovers
Alan Berkson / Library Tree
Heather Binns / Tie One On
Scott Bolendz /
Last Stand (Beach of Ghosts Series)
Angela C. Brown /
Three Plus Four
Nancy Stalnaker Bundy /
Tangled Shelter

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