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Deadline for submissions: Jun 29, 2020
Now closed to submissions
Juror: Ann Jastrab
Prints due: Aug 06, 2020
Exhibition: August 20 - September 25, 2020

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ACH20345 10907 juror
Debra Achen
At King Tide #3
ARC04982 80026 juror
Roger Archibald
Western Slope
ASH20247 51237 juror
Cameran Ashraf
Sand Dunes and ATV Tracks, Utah
BUR51744 94154 juror
Dave Burwell
Yellowstone 5
CAN24703 73445 juror
Jessica Cantlin
CON21831 16114 juror
Matt Connors
Enwraptured 15
DAV98479 15862 juror
Jim Davis
Contemplating the Wall
DEL13273 26188 juror
Donna DeLone
ELK10725 33441 juror
Samuel Elkind
FEI16449 41059 juror
Deena Feinberg
717am | Sept 4 2018
FER53644 79726 juror
Juror's Award
Jim Ferguson
Wide Range 32
FON21687 60396 juror
Judy Fong
Platinum Forest
GLA19128 05933 juror
Carole Glauber
Twilight, Mitzpe Ramon
HEN46078 16837 juror
Brian Henderson
Rise #2
HOF92355 65382 juror
Ken Hoffman
Bisti Badlands - Stone Wings 2
ILA12568 69671 juror
andrew ilachinski
Isle of Skye 2
IVO85756 79663 juror
Jane Ivory
Strange Illusion 2019
KAR40298 28637 juror
Costas Kariolis
S For Simplicity
KAU22135 45376 juror
Margaret Kauffmann
Prayer Image Star Shower
KLI99297 31486 juror
Karen Klinedinst
WInter Marsh
KOW08268 74863 juror
Peter Kowalchuk
Come On Down!
LEI15022 42273 juror
Cynthia Leigh-Nussenblatt
Clouds Cubed
LEV78441 18089 juror
Stu Levy
Amphitheater, Choprock
LIC24826 39331 juror
Alain Licari
Mineros, Bolivia
MUR27343 46366 juror
Paul M. Murray
Sunrise in the Lemaire
NEW04966 89848 juror
Bob Newman
Brooklyn Chapel At Sunset, Greenwood Mississippi
PIE27853 86996 juror
Anne Piessens
Salt Marsh II
PLA52178 14725 juror
Marie Plakos
Barriers and Beyond
ROT04727 96727 juror
Anna Rotty
Terra XII
SCA66919 94378 juror
Michael Scandling
SCH37689 44988 juror
Jill Schwartz
SCO59058 13881 juror
Director's Award
Susan Scott
Puffy Things
SHE95607 34675 juror
Fran Sherpa
Annapurna Sunset
STE76074 42404 juror
Darcie Sternenberg
Dogwood Forest
STO24104 68333 juror
Wendy Stone
Birds and Trees
TER63451 04489 juror
Michael Teresko
Large Shrubbery
TRE75054 61849 juror
Ken Trevor
Young Crops Under Storm Clouds
WHA69744 69451 juror
Mary Whalen
Arbor Day
WIN12275 06118 juror
Thomas Winter
Cemetery Tree
WIN42529 56052 juror
Damon Wing
Bridge to the Milky Way
AGR01391 13347 juror
Geoffrey Agrons
Après la Guerre
BAB93734 21447 juror
Steve Babbitt
Burned Trees
BAI24769 78556 juror
Sue Bailey
Night Trees: Bryant Park Spring
BAN77501 44477 juror
Russell C. Banks
Loch Trail, 2017
BAR56593 37946 juror
David Bartlett
Petoskey/Three Trees
BEN36451 10709 juror
A. Bender
Storm Over Gasadalur
BER12298 60533 juror
Michael Berry
BRA12367 10189 juror
Stephen S T Bradley
BRO55069 40414 juror
Angela C. Brown
Truro Cottages in Winter
BRY58258 93932 juror
Susan Bryant
Gulf Storm
BUC68999 97234 juror
Lynne Buchanan
Looking Toward the Melting Arctic Circle
BUO09142 77552 juror
Mary Buonanno
Dune Shack 1
BUR79847 33481 juror
Suzy Burleson
Faith of Our Fathers
CIA01197 30501 juror
Simon Ciappara
Tree Tunnel in the Rain
CIU24372 83346 juror
Mary Ciullo
Emerald City
DAV96324 44022 juror
Marcella Davis
Winter Traverse 2
DEL65048 75413 juror
Anthony Delgado
Divided Landscape with Cows
DWE89965 99794 juror
Richard Dweck
FEI16449 88612 juror
Deena Feinberg
740am | Apr 9 2019
FER53644 50499 juror
Jim Ferguson
Wide Range 15
FIS86162 00633 juror
Kathleen Fischer
The Road to Panamint
FIS86201 39171 juror
Louis Fischer
Little America
FON21687 00038 juror
Judy Fong
Diamond Dust I
GOL37423 23476 juror
Keith Goldstein
Manhatta Rain
HAL54795 52538 juror
Norm Halm
Amboy Crater, Winter, Mojave Desert
HON06228 33009 juror
Michael Honegger
Into the Clouds
IRA24796 77077 juror
Judi Iranyi
Smoky Mountain
KAR95765 42491 juror
Daniel Kariko
Last Camp, Isle Dernières, Louisiana
KIR30721 13177 juror
Tom Kirkendall
Redwoods in Fog
KOM15999 46912 juror
Mia Komel
KUS98478 19478 juror
Julia Kuskin
MAL56628 93298 juror
Ed Malcik
I'm Sorry
MAR78674 24347 juror
Greg Markstrom
Gunflint Fire
MCK37479 68854 juror
Jim McKinnis
Aurora on Mountain
MEC70276 30265 juror
Fran Meckler
Stone Tree
MEC70276 81937 juror
Fran Meckler
Mongolia's Highway
NEW04966 81874 juror
Bob Newman
Frenier's Landing, Laplace LA
PRI01186 53041 juror
Janet L. Pritchard
Intake Pipe, Canaan, VT
SCO59058 37213 juror
Susan Scott
Beyond the Years
SKO61156 58216 juror
Gail Skoff
Fantiscritti mountain
SPR53087 04551 juror
Brion Sprinsock
Salton Sea
SWA30632 92881 juror
Wayne Swanson
Skyways #1
TER63451 17983 juror
Michael Teresko
TES46162 07033 juror
Mark Testa
NY Fog
TOR20429 80356 juror
Jorge Morse
Sueños de Cuarentena
TRE75054 75661 juror
Ken Trevor
Homeward Bound
VER07817 47756 juror
Eddy Verloes
Only Birds Are Free
WOL45473 88675 juror
Marjorie Gillette Wolfe
Sepiessa Ice
YOU19331 23355 juror
Donn Young
Three Mile Island
ZER17099 88186 juror
Forrest Zerbe

Juror's Statement

In the seemingly endless bright blue skies of California, a cloud is a surprise. I stop sometimes when I see one and marvel at it and wonder how it got here. This, from someone who grew up in upstate New York in a place where lake effect snow is a given and no one asks what a Nor’easter is. I’m also a person who lived in a place where the ocean froze, OK, more than one place where the ocean froze, one of those places being northern Maine where the fog was more opaque than the fog that comes tearing over the hills of San Francisco in June. All this is to say that when I was jurying this landscape show, I found myself drawn to clearing summer storms, wandering clouds, frozen vistas, trees broken by a sideways snowy wind, all the drama of weather that twenty years in the West has withheld from me. But the West also brought another kind of drama, a landscape with towering mountains, jagged cliffs, blazing deserts, scorched earth, and endless skies. Perhaps my selections for this show are a merging of my past and my present, my nostalgia for the East and its brutal winters and wet, humid summers, and my love for the West with its grand places.

I had a lot of difficulty whittling down my gallery selections to just 40 and the online annex gallery to just 50. Really, I felt strongly about both sets of images, and in my dreams, there would be a space large enough to exhibit all of them and I could be taken on a journey from the most gritty industrial landscapes to the most sublime natural landscapes. Selecting just two images for awards was also a challenge. There were a handful of artists who submitted multiple images or bodies of work that I would have liked to include in their entirety. This not being possible, I award two of these artists the Juror’s Award and the Director’s Award respectively. One, Jim Ferguson, for his humorous and unique way of looking at the land, the other, Susan Scott, for the silence that is anything but quiet in her landscapes. I hadn’t seen either of these artist’s images before and these were exciting discoveries for me.

Congratulations to all the artists. It’s a phenomenal show with many pictures that I wish I’d taken myself! Keep letting the land call to you, especially in this unprecedented time. Now would be a great time for a John Muir quote, but perhaps a walk in the woods will suffice.

     — Ann Jastrab

Call for Entries

The best antidote to self-isolation: Landscape!

Wide open spaces, urban environments, with people or without, traditional, contemporary, minimalist — however you see the world outside, we’d like a taste of it!

All capture and post-processing methods are welcome.

We are so pleased to welcome Ann Jastrab back to jury this landscape exhibition. Ann will select 40 images for exhibition in our Middlebury, Vermont gallery and another 40 for our Online Gallery. All 80 images will be reproduced in the exhibition catalog. 

Information about our printing service and free matting and framing here
Banner image: Kay Beausoleil

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Peterman Mark 3SleepingBearDunes juror
Mark Peterman
BEL72387 65994 website juror
Jan Bell
MAY58606 55531 web
David Mayhew
ERB99435 57629 juror juror
Carol Erb

About the Juror

Ann M. Jastrab is the Executive Director at the Center for Photographic Art (CPA) in Carmel, California,  which evolved from the renowned Friends of Photography established, established by Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock and Cole Weston in 1967. While respecting these West Coast traditions, CPA is also at the vanguard of the future of photographic imagery. Before going to CPA, Ann was the gallery manager at Scott Nichols Gallery in San Francisco where she incorporated contemporary artists with the living legends photography.

Ann also worked as the gallery director at RayKo Photo Center in San Francisco for 10 years until their closure in 2017. She has curated many shows in the Bay Area while simultaneously jurying, curating, and organizing numerous exhibitions for other national and international venues outside of San Francisco. She has reviewed portfolios for a multitude of organizations including the Seoul International Photography Festival in Korea, Fotofest, Photolucida, GuatePhoto, PhotoNola, Review Santa Fe, Medium, Palm Springs Photo Festival, Filter, PhotoAlliance, and Lishui International Photography Festival in China as well as being a juror for Critical Mass. 

Besides being a curator, Ann Jastrab, MFA, is a fine art photographer, master darkroom printer, and teacher as well. 

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