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Life in the Time of Covid-19

Juror: TBD. Entry deadline: open-ended. Cost: free

Document these times

While the virus runs rampant around the world, photographers have the opportunity to document this life-altering event in a very personal way: how it affects your family, your work, your community, your own daily existence. Even if you are not free to leave your home, there is much to tell.

Recognizing the importance of documenting the profound, worldwide impact of the virus, PhotoPlace Gallery is making an open-ended call for submissions to a photographic record of your personal experience. The timeline is open, and your contribution of an unlimited number of images is completely free. You may submit images as often as you’d like until it’s over.

After the first wave has passed — when the infection rate is rapidly subsiding and some degree of normalcy returns— we will of course mount an exhibit in our gallery, knowing that we lack the space to do justice to adequately tell the whole story. Our hope is to combine the images we have gathered with other organizations, and find a place to hang a much larger exhibit. Because we are in early days, those details are unknown.

What’s important is that, among all the ways you are thinking about this world event, you start thinking of it photographically, and add the best of your work to this collection. You can start right now.

As always, you retain all rights to your work. We reserve the rights to use selected images on this website and in social media promotion, and that’s it. Should your work be part of a larger show down the road, we’ll discuss those uses with you.

Preferred image size for submissions: 2100 pixels on the long edge at 300 ppi. Find complete submission information here.

"Working on this project each day during walks has been the one consolation of this surreal time!"  — Geoffrey Agrons


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