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Man in the Landscape

Deadline for submissions: Aug 15, 2016
Prints due: Sep 23, 2016
Exhibition: October 5 - October 28, 2016

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

BRA19738_87214 for website
Fred Brashear / Breadcrumbs
BUR12257_50725 for website
Michael Burks / Orange Cables
DAY20036_14502 for website
Brian Day / The Time Traveler
ELL53325_96238 for website
Bart Ellison / Footprints on the Dunes
END97368_78255 for website
Michael Endy
Hess Tank Farm, Perth Amboy NJ
FRI74102_88361 for website
Dennis Fritsche / Caddo Rainbow
GAF24478_95868 for website
Nicholas Gaffney / Behind JC Penney #15
GLI67779_31429 for website
Vinvent Glielmi
Bloomingdale, IL, 2015
GRE05258_07222 for website
Paul Greenberg / Connor Park, Dallas
Bob Gwaltney / Backstop
HEI24537_27665 for website
Alexander Heilner
Las Vegas, Nevada
HER72716_47989 for website
Andrew Hersey
Watching for Signs of Life
HIX29869_56574 for website
Donna Hixson
Highway, Searchlight, Nevada
HSI17231_78828 for website
Robert Hsiung / IMG 2788
JOL73267_75151 for website
Keri Jolley / Screen Door, near McPherson, South Carolina
KAM10402_36502 for website
Maurice Kamins / Suburbia
KED95874_62756 for website
Jurgen Kedesdy
Cherry Blossom Run, Somerville, MA
shot with an iphone, photography series shot only with iphone, b
Pam Korman / Water Memory No. 2
UPM Log Yard
Tim Lamey / UPM Log Yard
MEL82733_55508 for website
Carolyn Meltzer / Arrivals
MEN10286_74714 for website
Leo Mendonca / South Africa-0002
MOY94251_00102 for website
John D Moyers
East Bay, South Shore, Long Island
NOB82985_41022 for website
George Nobechi
Monument Valley Visitor Center
PET87423_39593 for website
Tim Peterson
Badwater Basin, California
PHI93756_91633 for website
Jeff Phillips
Vinyl Tarp and Blue Sky, 2014
PRI01186_73063 for website
Janet L. Pritchard
Madison Ranger Station
REE61438_44095 for website
Vicki Reed / Tired Lanscape
RIC10651_27197 for website
Jim Riche / Try Us
SAN44914_65297 for website
John Sanderson
Egmont Key, Florida
STE55445_87916 for website
John Stetson
Balloon Flight to the Stratosphere
Losing Face, from the series "Empty Signs"
Kathleen Taylor / Losing Face
THE09994_41528 for website
Dwight Theall / Sol in Terra
WIN55966_14625 for website
Nick Winkworth / Forest
ZAH38426_77457 for website
Bob Zahn / Jazzy's Camp, Slab City
KRA70199_66788 for website
Georg Krausch / Stroll 1

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