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Deadline for submissions: Dec 11, 2023
Prints due: Jan 19, 2024
Exhibition: February 2 - February 23, 2024

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AGR01391 14799 web
Geoffrey Agrons
El Bambú
ALB92661 36351 web
Aden Albert
Recede (The Fog, #3)
ALL09241 63613 web
Bonnie Allen
Fog at Glassmine Falls
ALT70646 78484 web
Christopher Altamari
Park Bench
AND69053 18411 web
Robert Anderson
Tree Reflected
AND69053 47108 web
Robert Anderson
AND76964 57225 web
Laurel Anderson
Sirisha, 2018
BER71587 89097 web
Sarajane Berge
On the Metro
BET47518 29831 web
William Betcher
Black Eye 1860's
BLO69219 32421 web
Xavier Blondeau
BOT04471 77828 web
Liza Hennessey Botkin
Lone Rider
BRO98698 88214 web
Judy Brown
Merry in the Morning
BUC25097 35607 web
Sally Bucko
Portrait of a Young Woman
CHA82716 58377 web
Robi(Anirudha) Chakraborty
CIR43211 86788 web
M. Ciro
Dark Murmurs
CLE69647 61235 web
Rainbow Sage
The Pier
COO48558 40954 web
Ron Cooper
Basket Weaver
COO48558 70521 web
Ron Cooper
The Folks Next Door
COS09134 58246 web
Daniel Cosentino
Here Is Your Letter (‚ïù)
COZ79289 95896 web
Steve Cozad
Building 960, Marin Headlands
CUI29486 18432 web
Mingdi Cui
Chinese Traditional Shadow Play
DAI58796 64195 web
Brian Dailey
Outside the Box 2
DAV98479 41571 web
Jim Davis
DEM75008 27412 web
Denise Demong
Untitled, from 'Bellefonte Kids, 1970'
EBE27024 24451 web
Judith Ebenstein
Subway Busker I
EBE27024 82769 web
Judith Ebenstein
Subway Busker IV
FUL94758 59415 web
Sally Fuller
Modern Restrooms
GAN72708 38903 web
Hank Gans
Alvaro's Loft
GOD63709 17382 web
Stephanie Godinez
Certain Shade of Gray
GRE29416 43507 web
Kent Green
Southern Belles
HAR71863 33888 web
A. Harvey
God on the Wall
HAR97096 72492 web
Ellen Harasimowicz
Moken Diver
HIP09176 65448 web
C. K. Hipkins
Three Generations
POL85105 03025 web
Bill Polkinhorn
PON37665 26213 web
Roger Pondel
TAF52104 30563 web
Cynthia Taft
Old McSorleys
TOR58275 90442 web
Joe Tortorici
Alley Team
TUR97322 67686 web
Jim Turner
He Always Tried to be a Good Boy
WAR28841 78774 web
M. Christyanne Ward
Guitar Player

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