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Myths, Legends, and Dreams

Deadline for submissions: Jan 15, 2018
Prints due: Mar 23, 2018
Exhibition: March 7 - March 31, 2018

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

APP78268_79728- juror
Robin Ay / Nightmare
BAR68996_71762- juror
Ben Barnes / Cage
CHA67232_04304- juror
Marianna Chambard /
Broken Lullaby
CLA05008_84548- juror
John H. Clarke /
Pulling Both Ways
COL91179_54067- juror
Patricia Colombraro /
Breaking Away
Rob Crossno /
Fallen Warrior Room
CRO78035_84584- juror
Vernie Croghan / REM2
DEG22535_18248- juror
Gina DeGideo /
05/01 - Grasping
EDE42225_27131- juror
Anne Eder / Untitled,
from the series "Tales From The Fells"
FAI75036_17567- juror
Catherine Fairchild /
Little Jack Horner, aka Snacker
EPSON scanner image
Kev Filmore /
My Escape, from 21 Magnolia Rd.
FIN30134_86294- juror
Adam Finkelston /
FRA78464_55793- juror
Alexa Frangos / The End
GRA84574_88553- juror
Niki Grangruth & James Kinser /
Ophelia (after Millais)
HEB01573_61218- juror
Pato Hebert /
Oscillator in Scott State Park
HUG22659_53829- juror
Heather Hughes /
Kindred Spirits
JON44133_26669- juror
Morrow Jones / Breaking Light
KAP49374_81034- juror
Tod Kapke /
What does the cat know?
LIN17046_05226- juror
Jing Lin / Dreamer
LIT43043_55117- juror
Joshua Littlefield / Snap
MAR05655_02073- juror
Kimberly Maruska /
Prolonged Commitment
MAR13599_00407- juror
Vicky Martin / Cotton Candy
MAR13766_25812- juror
Lynda Martin /
The Epiphany - Divine Intervention
MAR13766_76759- juror
Lynda Martin /
Something Calls for You
MCC78309_22168- juror
Molly McCall / Chance
Hubris and Hamartia ~ Allies and Enemies
Teresa Meier /
Hubris and Hamartia - Allies and Enemies
MOR41477_44791- juror
Chet Morrison /
Singing to the Moon
Russ Rowland /
Force of Nature 5
SEL61914_43547- juror
Talbot Easton Selby /
Spell #0716
SIM13115_99408- juror
Heather Ross /
SUT90382_82221- juror
Sonia Suter / Flight
SZK20902_81265- juror
Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart /
Cactaceae Horribilus
Sal Taylor Kydd /
VAN39574_02759- juror
Norma van der Horst /

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