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Deadline for submissions: Jan 16, 2023
Juror: Rebecca Senf
Prints due: Feb 16, 2023
Exhibition: March 2 - March 24, 2023

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Parenthood2301 Installation05
Laura Ally
Parenthood2301 Installation26
Talya Arbisser
"The Paternal Shave" from the series, "A Visual Diary: Saba & Savta"
Parenthood2301 Installation34
Jennifer Fox Armour
Do As I Do
Parenthood2301 Installation09
Lottie Bolster
Heat of the Moment
Parenthood2301 Installation16
Kate Branstetter
Parenthood2301 Installation24
Edgar Cardenas
First Official Portrait (Abi 2 weeks old)
Parenthood2301 Installation17
Alice Chapman
Parenthood2301 Installation07
Anne M. Connor
Resting with the Menagerie
Parenthood2301 Installation04
Brian Condron
Grooming, Canada 1979
Parenthood2301 Installation13
Brett Davis
Sayaka Breastfeeding Toko 3
Parenthood2301 Installation10
Ricky Day
Kendahl and Chase: Fertile Ground
Parenthood2301 Installation08
Stephen Dreiseszun
Parenthood2301 Installation06
Alexandra Duprey
Birthday Bath
Parenthood2301 Installation14
Judith Ebenstein
Parenthood I
Parenthood2301 Installation03
Alex Eischeid
Parenthood2301 Installation28
Susan Harding
Cooking with Great Grandma
Parenthood2301 Installation19
Roxanne Huber
Selfportrait with Dali at one month old. October 2020
Parenthood2301 Installation20
Kate Izor
Parenthood2301 Installation33
Takako Kido
Feels So Good
Parenthood2301 Installation23
Stu Levy
Artist's Proof and Consequences, or What It's Really Like
Parenthood2301 Installation15
Elizabeth Clark
Libert Red Handed
Parenthood2301 Installation02
Leslie Lyman
Parenthood2301 Installation12
Alejandra Moral
Parenthood2301 Installation18
Kristine Nyborg
Loose Tooth
Parenthood2301 Installation29
Toni Pepe
The Time She Spends
Parenthood2301 Installation01
Robert Renfrow
Father and Daughter Homesteaders
Parenthood2301 Installation30
Francois Robert
I Remember
Parenthood2301 Installation27
Rebecca Ross
The Last Time I Cut Dad's Hair
Parenthood2301 Installation22
Kevin Russo
Parenthood2301 Installation11
Gordon Stettinius
Walker & Henry, 2002
Parenthood2301 Installation31
Julia Vandenoever
Parenthood2301 Installation32
Anne Vetter
Douglas and Dad Wrestling in the Bay, 2022
Parenthood2301 Installation21
Rowene Weems
Their World
Parenthood2301 Installation25
John Wilkens
"It was like that when I got here."
Parenthood2301 Installation35
Parenthood2301 Installation36
Parenthood2301 Installation37
Parenthood2301 Installation38
Parenthood2301 Installation39
Parenthood2301 Installation40
Parenthood2301 Installation41
Parenthood2301 Installation42
Parenthood2301 Installation43
Parenthood2301 Installation46
Parenthood2301 Installation47

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