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Portals: Windows, Mirrors and Doors

Deadline for submissions: Nov 13, 2023
Juror: Roula Seikaly
Prints due: Dec 21, 2023
Exhibition: January 5 - January 26, 2024

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ABD68553 92195 web
Sophia Abdul Sater
Phraya Nakhon Cave
AKB74727 90911 web
Liliia Akbasheva
AKE17808 12216 web
Joseph Akerman
The Only Way Out is Up
ALL37577 65475 web
Chris Allen
Wild Ride
AND69053 75072 web
Robert Anderson
AND76964 04334 web
Laurel Anderson
Chicago 2019
AND76964 79956 web
Laurel Anderson
Alaska 2018
ARC04982 07536 web
Roger Archibald
AVE11585 06689 web
Ruben Avendano
The Davis House 1840
BEL43924 76609 web
Jaime Belden
BIT05446 34552 web
Stephen Bitel
BOS42444 40118 web
John Bostwick
Off the Wall in Santa Fe
BRA67581 02943 web
Barbara Braman
The Other Side of the Curtain
BUC25097 29834 web
Sally Bucko
Myanmar Buddha
BUR71938 45297 web
Leah Bury
Reflections 3
BUT79747 94001 web
Ronald Butler
Mood Found on 10th Ave Today
COL91179 30067 web
Patricia Colombraro
Into the Light
COO48558 12298 web
Ron Cooper
Los Vecinos
CRU88582 94624 web
Amanda Cruise
Waking Dream (while in Rome)
CUR18046 24319 web
Frank Curran
CUR18046 57442 web
Frank Curran
ERL33571 15967 web
Barbara Erlandson
Kolmanskop School Veranda
EVE21449 91175 web
Lisa Eveleigh
FRE78842 98986 web
Peter Freymark
Light and Dark
GRE45193 70367 web
Jharana Greene
HAR97096 28434 web
Ellen Harasimowicz
HEA78647 76983 web
Reed Hearne
Window Seat
KAR05173 34784 web
Joy Kardish
The Bed
KAY99245 30355 web
Elizabeth Kayl
Back to the Titanic
KNO99197 86106 web
Carolyn Knorr
Reflection of Madeleine
KWA48921 67279 web
Lorraine Kwan
Puddle Portal
MAT44848 69863 web
Taylor Mathues
When You See Me Again, It Won't Be Me
MCE58624 75024 web
Patricia Mcelroy
2 Doors 1 Dress
MER07035 46276 web
Lisa Merrill
Stay a While
MEU84527 07267 web
Galit Meushar
NAD74073 30261 web
Ken Nadle
Packed in Bus, Nicaragua 2018
NAD74073 91994 web
Ken Nadle
Man in Window
RAN55602 72253 web
Sander Randall
STE77794 64604 web
Roshaun Stephenson
WEE08378 95152 web
Charter Weeks
San Francsisco Buildings

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