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Portals: Windows, Mirrors and Doors

Deadline for submissions: Dec 12, 2022
Juror: Laura Moya
Prints due: Jan 12, 2023
Exhibition: January 26 - February 24, 2023

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

Portals2023 Installation18
Steve Anderson
Portals2023 Installation05
Marc Apers
Portals2023 Installation04
Robert Atwater
Portals2023 Installation15
Jeffery Becton
Portals2023 Installation34
Susana Berdecio
Portals2023 Installation08
Bruce Byers
Portals2023 Installation22
Jo Ann Chaus
Portals2023 Installation03
Norma Córdova
Portals2023 Installation02
Sandra Dalton
Portals2023 Installation25
Michael Duncan
Portals2023 Installation19
Kathleen Fischer
Portals2023 Installation28
Elaine Heron
Portals2023 Installation27
Sue Anne Hodges
Portals2023 Installation13
Susan Isaacson
Portals2023 Installation12
Seth Jones
Portals2023 Installation31
Scott Lapham
Portals2023 Installation10
Krysia Lukkason
Portals2023 Installation23
Nancy Mack
Portals2023 Installation09
Laura Malaterra
Portals2023 Installation32
Lawrence Manning
Portals2023 Installation01
Yana Mostitsky
Portals2023 Installation17
Florian Nidecker
Portals2023 Installation20
Don Porter
Portals2023 Installation11
Lawrence Pritchard
Portals2023 Installation06
Eric Renard
Portals2023 Installation14
Cozette Russell
Portals2023 Installation35
Jean Schnell
Portals2023 Installation26
Pip Shepley
Portals2023 Installation33
Reginald Single
Portals2023 Installation36
Jonathan Stoller
Portals2023 Installation21
Lacey Terrell
Portals2023 Installation24
Raphael Warshaw
Portals2023 Installation07
Rowene Weems
Portals2023 Installation29
Elizabeth Wiese
Portals2023 Installation16
Zili Zhang
Portals2023 Installation61
Portals2023 Installation49
Portals2023 Installation50
Portals2023 Installation51
Portals2023 Installation52
Portals2023 Installation53
Portals2023 Installation54
Portals2023 Installation55
Portals2023 Installation56
Portals2023 Installation57
Portals2023 Installation58
Portals2023 Installation60
Portals2023 Installation62

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