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Quiet Landscape

Deadline for submissions: Apr 17, 2023
Prints due: May 25, 2023
Exhibition: June 8 - July 6, 2023

Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

ALB71967 78181 web
Gail Albert
Adirondacks I
AND69053 10119 web
Robert Anderson
BED58304 14536 web
Jacqueline Bedell
Misty Morning
COM37352 61126 web
Karen Commings
Autumn Leaves
DON05564 94829 web
Michael Donnelly
Sunrise - Westhampton, New York
DYK20169 56588 web
Shannon Dykstra
Quilted Land
FRE78842 42641 web
Peter Freymark
Evening Dunes
GLE33571 98857 web
Leslie Gleim
Early Morning Mauna Loa
GRA87987 58459 web
Veronica Gray
Field of Dreams
GRE29416 66018 web
Kent Green
HOL82742 71586 web
Susan Holtz
Summer Splendor
KAM19029 66172 web
Sher Kamman
Lightness of Being
KIP75641 97985 web
Amanda Kiplinger
Autumn Clinging
KOS00576 27387 web
John Kosmer
Old Country
KRO26562 29797 web
Patrick Krohn
Chairs at Poinsett
LAD53236 18259 web
Thomas Ladd
Sheep Pasture Garden, Easton, MA
LET81116 19039 web
Jonathan Lettvin
Bluestem Trail
MCC48769 64092 web
Ruth McCully
The Pond at Daybreak
MCK37479 39922 web
Jim McKinniss
Midnight #6
MOL54766 05703 web
Marcia Molnar
Mysterious Path
MOO90495 98745 web2
Paul Moore
Blind Brook, Rye NY
MYE71685 12813 web
Wendy Myers
Behind Closed Curtains
ONE90852 56398 web
Thomas R. O'Neal
Break In The Rain
OSH94289 25493 web
Lynn O'Shaughnessy
On the Wings of Angels
PET74125 41062 web
Susan Petterson Lyddon
PIN09519 70521 web
Paula Pink
POI21543 85884 web
Dianne Poinski
Winter Morning
PRO34244 26182 web
Lukáš Prokůpek
Morass of Běšťady
RAD65737 00074 web
Elaine Radiss
Reimagining Lily Pads
SEL01148 17244 web
Gerald Seligman
Lily Pads, Ooms Pond, Chatham, NY
SET18926 86903 web
Amit Sethi
Private Picnic
SMI42892 27136 web
Shapleigh Smith
Snow Fence
STA63818 86292 web
Chip Standifer
Not All Parasites Are This Obvious
STA83104 16409 web
Costina Stan
Solace and Solitude
TAD60037 72426 web
Charlie Tadlock
Untitled (from Whiskey Ditch)
THO16241 11179 web
Amanda Thompson
Sunrise Silhouette of Canada Geese
WAC38966 92662 web
Peter Wach
Sandusky Marsh, Ohio, May 16, 2020
WEB60422 88782 web
Rachel Weber
After Rain
WHI37575 24618 web
Polly Whitehorn
Sabino Canyon Winter 2022 #1
WIL79698 91284 web
Frances Williams
Flying in the Golden Light

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