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January 10 - February 2, 2019


Prints of most of these images are available for purchase. Please inquire.
All photographs are the copyright of the individual artists and may not be reproduced without their permission.

AZA18131 11094
Tanvir Azad
Mask No. 03
BAR88167 12224
Katinka Barragan
Kjaere Gud, jeg har det godt (Dear God, I am well)
BAW99711 02579
Honorable Mention
Kat Bawden
That Time in Joshua Tree
BEN00108 62525
Laura J. Bennett
Plate IV: Trajectory of Labor
BRO98698 49759
Judy Brown
Head in Hand
CHA90955 47909
Jo Ann Chaus
COU00509 83356
Guylaine Couttolenc
Fare well I
CUD67055 46297
Nicole Cudzilo
DAR83584 38169
Michael Darough
DAV04441 75258
Honorable Mention
Harvey Davidowitz
My Parent's Bedroom
DEB65129 11509
Allison DeBritz
Fucked Up Belfie
FER68514 08841
Josefina F. Moran
FIN23459 42079
Matthew Finley
FRE89856 33654
Jason Freeman
More Than That
FRI10527 95946
Kristey Fritz-Martin
GOL09028 39343
Danielle L. Goldstein
Room 701, from the series "Transience"
HOO05044 58454
Bruce G. Hooke
The Icy Road
JEO80872 27865
Diana Nicholette Jeon
The Sinking and The Fear
KAS58473 47528
Kristina Kashtanova
LAW85391 79787
Honorable Mention
Philip Lawrence
Self Control
LIE80465 78451
Erik Lieber
Speaking With My Father's Voice
MAR04679 21808
Erica Kelly Martin
Mother Dreaming
NIL23495 54239
Dale Niles
PEN56206 72895
Director's Award
Kelli Pennington
Mirror Reflection
RUS30275 25727
Don Russell
Self Portrait 1
SCH17194 59118
Honorable Mention
Andy Schirmer
Disorder (head bowed)
SMI89376 34283
Stacie Smith
Not Your Soldier
TER01846 10541
Juror's Award
JP Terlizzi
Ralph and Douglas, from the series A Double Life
TOM12832 31123
Kristen Tomkowid
Xmas 2017
ULD09735 93144
Lacy Golden Davis
"Mother", from In Bloom
WEL33387 15557
Allison Welch
The Reflecting Pond
WHI75006 53357
Marisa S. White
WOO01312 35275
Laura Wood
YOD76907 02442
Joanna Knox Yoder
ZHO22025 22584
Yutian Zhou
Dressing for Success
BOR68295 27221
Ketil Born
loading ideas
BOU33511 55141
Elena Bouvier
Power Suit | 9:365:2018
BRE08532 90207
Jeannette Breward
Out Of Place
BUT79747 47993
Ronald Butler
"Indra's Net"
CHO95922 62422
Gina Cholick
Untitled from Looking Out Looking In
COO47831 62676
Ginger Cook
Pain of childhood
DAN71157 79403
Jessica Daniels
DAV72039 12082
Gwendolyn Anne Davies
Self-Portrait: Untitled
FER85482 21017
Henry Fernando
Yin & Yang
FRI44673 03779
Ellen Friedlander
GOR26721 01558
Melanie Gordon
GRE20857 73696
Anna Grevenitis
regard, 08-13-2017
HER72716 52817
Andrew Hersey
I Am Not Nearly as Despicable as You've Been Led to Believe
JEN13418 01839
Lauren Jenkins
KAI67477 62841
Marinda Kaiser
KES00632 05037
Paul Kessel
KIM29669 31449
Valerie Yong Ock Kim
What's Left of Breath, Kua Bay 2015
LIN18349 09042
Briney Lindemuth
LUN95121 46929
Sigfrid Lundberg
Me in an oval mirror among my ancestors
MAI01748 89589
Jennifer Maiotti
MAN31193 00577
John Manno
MAT46369 10781
Emily Matyas
I Am My Ancestors; In America; Fixing Nopales Pads
MAY76735 55933
Lily Mayfield
Seven Months of Sleep Deprivation
MCC10776 67745
Lisa McCord
Lisa with Santa Pinata, Pacific Palisades
MOU11209 21557
Samuel Moulin
OLI75112 88034
Maria Oliveira
OXT93991 55663
David Oxton
PAL14154 92685
Liz Palm
PEN56206 53921
Kelli Pennington
ROD42686 49557
Alicia Rodriguez Alvisa
From The series "You are There Are You There There You Are" (2)
ROL55013 48227
Candice Rollerson
Adulthood - Age 29 to 32
RUD03456 25355
Natasha Rudenko
Hiding #2
SAL16801 89023
Danielle Saler
Shewolf? Me too.
SIN94797 65993
Kelly Sinclair
SKA54184 43978
Brian (BK) Skaggs
2012_in a town that maps forgot
SPI65244 41322
Danielle Spires
Mother and child
SRI35135 40975
Madhura Srinivas
Prakriti 03
STE17517 09345
Ruth Steinberg
self portrait 3
SYD49613 60961
Stephanie Sydney
Self Portrait in Reno
TOU27663 41726
Jaclyn Touchstone
Untitled (Childhood Bedroom)
WHI75006 51749
Marisa S. White
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
WIN34658 16918
Shawn Winebrenner
Cowardice Gets You Nothing
image1 1

Juror: Aline Smithson
Gallery exhibition: January 10 - February 2, 2019

Juror's Statement

As someone who avoids being in front of the lens, I'm not exactly sure why I love the genre of Self-Portraiture so much. Perhaps it is because it allows for a truth-telling of sorts, or a glimpse into a photographer's psyche. I also have to acknowledge the bravery it takes to expose oneself, and in the end it brings us all a little closer as we relate to the stories being told. This exhibition has work that ranges from poignant and personal to humorous and magical. It was a complete pleasure and privilege to spend time with so many approaches to revealing self.  

As a juror, I look for work that delights and transports me. I look first at the quality of the image. Is it in focus, is it unique, shot with intention, and has the photographer committed to the concept? I also look for an element of beauty and a surprise. I consider the exhibition as a whole, where it is important to showcase a range of work that meets the criteria. In this case, I had to forgo dozens of images of hands over faces and self portraits in window reflections, bird cages and white nightgowns, as I could only select a few to round out the show. Keeping this in mind, when submitting to a call for entry, think outside the box and bring something fresh and new to the conversation.

For the Juror's Award, I selected a powerful diptych, one image a portrait of a relationship, and the other, a page torn out of a notebook sharing with the viewer a heart breaking story of living half truths, bringing up for the rest of us, the roles we play and the masks we wear. I appreciated the honestly and revelatory gesture of the work, reminding me the power of simply telling our stories. For the Director's Award, I was drawn to the complexity of this image. The artist submitted a number of excellent photographs, but this was a wonderful duality of our inner and outer selves.

Congratulations to those whose work made it into the exhibition in the gallery or online, but for those I sadly could not include, thank you for sharing your work with me. You have no idea how difficult you made my job or how close your work came to being selected. Finally, thank you to James Barker and the PhotoPlace Gallery for this wonderful opportunity to spend time with so much good work.

               —  Aline Smithson


Call for Entries

A self-portrait can be a mirror that reflects both how we see (by the creative choices we make) and how the world sees us (or how we want the world to see us). Unlike a casual “selfie,” which requires nothing more than the physical presence of the subject, a good self-portrait holds nuanced clues about who the subject truly is.

Let your self-portrait tell us something about you. All capture and processing methods are welcome.

We are very pleased that Aline Smithson will jury and curate this exhibition. She will select approximately 35 images for exhibition in the gallery, and 35 for our Online Gallery Annex. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and the Director’s Award will each be entitled to a personal portfolio review by Ms. Smithson.

Submissions: $35 for up to 5 images, $6 each additional image.

Information about our printing service and free matting and framing here.

Click on images to enlarge.

Brandy Trigueros 1
© Brandy Trigueros
Klein Sandra LifeIsAFrailMoth2
© Sandra Klein
Smithson SelfPortraits Camera
© Aline Smithson

About the Juror

Aline Smithson is a Los Angeles-based artist best known for her conceptual portraiture and a practice that uses humor and pathos to explore ideas of childhood, aging, and the humanity that connects us.  She has exhibited widely, including over 40 solo shows at institutions such as the Griffin Museum of Photography, the Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Shanghai, Lishui, and Pingyqo Festivals in China. In addition, her work is held in a number of public collections and her photographs have been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times, The New Yorker, PDN (cover), the PDN Photo Annual, Communication Arts Photo Annual, Eyemazing, and Silvershotz magazines.

Aline is the founder and editor-in-chief of “Lenscratch”, a daily journal on photography. In 2012, Aline received the Rising Star Award through the Griffin Museum of Photography for her contributions to the photographic community. In 2014, Aline’s work was selected for the Critical Mass Top 50 and she received the Excellence in Teaching Award from CENTER. In 2015, the Magenta Foundation published her first significant monograph, “Self & Others: Portrait as Autobiography”. In 2016, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum commissioned Aline to a series of portraits for the upcoming “Faces of Our Planet” exhibition. In the fall of 2018, her work will be exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery in London.